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    MKT3017 Marketing Plan Assignment Help

    MKT3017 Marketing Plan Assignment Help

    MKT3017 Marketing Plan Assignment Help

    1.0 Introduction

    This report discuses the organisation and industry background, products overview, situational analysis, segmentation, targeting and positioning analysis. Also it argues market mix, marketing strategic, mission and objectives of the Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc.

    2.1 Organization background

    Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc. is one of the most popular company in fruit juice industry based In US which offers a wide range of fruit juice products such as Cranberry original Juice, Cranberry Mixed Juice Drinks, Juice Max and non fruit juice products such as Cranberry sauces, Cranberry cordial Juice drinks and fresh Cranberries. The company was formed as an agricultural cooperative business with the help of three Cranberry growers from New Jersey and Massachusetts. In the year of 1974, the grapefruit growers of Florida joined with the organization. Now, the company has become a strong competitor with the help of 46 grapefruit farmers and 630 cranberries comparing with the other fruit juice companies in US. This particular report mainly reflects on the marketing plan of Atlanta Quench Cranberries Inc. The report also focuses on the identification of the internal as well as the external market environment so that the marketing plan can be developed by the marketers. It also reflects on analysis of the competitive position of this company in this business environment so that the competitive position of the company can be determined comprehensively. (Perfect Custom Papers, 2015).

    2.2 Industry background

    The history of carbonated soft drinks which is an important beverage today, can traced back to the mineral water from natural springs. The bubbles in spring water come as a result of carbon dioxide. This observable fact was the basis of invention of fizzy soft drinks, like coke. The first drink that was non carbonated to be ever marketed, probably appeared in the 17th century [1600 – 1700], in France. It was basically water sweetened with honey, with a dash of lime. In India too, a version of this drink, called Nimbu-Paani, has been in existence for a significant length of time. (The Misty Look Theme, 2016) The cranberry is a slender, trailing native North American shrub (vaccinium macro-carpon) that grows in moist, sandy soil. The fruit berry is small, red, quite tart, and high in vitamin C. The berries are used either fresh or in processed foods such as juices, jams, and jellies. The cranberry is one of only three fruits native to North America. There are about 1,200 cranberry growers in North America and cultivation occurs only in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington State. Today, at least 200 billion cranberries are harvested each year and the annual sales exceed $1.5 billion dollars. Of that, Ocean Spray Cranberry Growers Cooperative markets 90% of the annual yield in the United States. (Advameg, Inc., 2016)

    Macro environment

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    Micro environment

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    Products overview

    The products and services are the key aspect of any business organisation which helps to improve the sustainability of the organisation. Atlanta Quench Cranberries Inc. offers a massive range of products for achieving the satisfaction from its different levels of customers. The company has developed its products in accordance with the requirements of the customers for maintaining strong relationship with the customers. The company has developed various low caloric and less sugar health drinks for the health alert people. The company also has developed dried fruit snacks for attracting the wide range of customers. The main product of the company is the Cranberry fruit juice but it also offers diversified foods and drinks such as dried cranberries for attracting the different levels of customers. The quality of the fruit juice is very high and with the help of finest recipes the products are made. The harvesting standard of the company is also very high for producing products and services for the customers. The freshness and the tasty of the fruit juice is the prime concern of the company which helps to attract the different customers (Bradley, 2003).

    The products of the company and its features are given below:

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    The company wants to develop its products and services in UK market in order to expand the growth of business. In the year of 2013 the company agreed with Gerber, which are the distributer and manufacturer of the brand Atlanta Quench Cranberries Inc. in UK. The Gerber is one of largest fruit juice Supplier Company in UK which has collaborated with the Atlanta Quench Cranberries Inc. (admin, 2015)

    In order to develop the marketing plan for an organisation, it is important to identify the market that could be helpful for developing sustainability growth of the company. The UK market is niche market with virtual monopoly that can help to develop the growth of juices products and services (Ferrell & Hartline, 2005).

    The people of UK are very health conscious so, quality of fruit juices should be ensured by the company in order to promote market. The competitors in the field of food and beverage industry also have been increased in UK which needs to be considered during marketing planning. I order to achieve competitive advantages with other fruit companies in UK the Atlanta Quench Cranberries Inc. should focus more on the qualities and ingredients of the juices. The company should target the dieters in order to expand its growth in the UK market. The company also focuses on the calories, obesity related issues and carbohydrates for developing its products that can help to target the health conscious people in UK. (Ferrell & Hartline, 2005)

    3.0 Situational Analysis of a strategic marketing plan

    According to Kristie Lorette (2016), a situational analysis often is called the foundation of a marketing plan. A situational analysis includes a thorough examination of internal and external factors affecting a business. It creates an overview of the organisation that will lead to a better understanding of the factors that will influence its future.

    By using market research, a situational analysis will spot on potential customers, projected growth competitors and a reasonable assessment of a business, which involves targeting the specific objectives in the business and categorising the factors that will support or hinder those objectives. This assessment is often called a SWOT analysis. (Lorette, 2016)

    SWOT Analysis of the Atlantic Quench Cranberries Inc.

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    The market segmentation has been introduced as a broad concept of marketing plan which helps to target the market. The analysis of market segmentation in the marketing plan helps to effective targeting and positioning of the products for developing growth of the company. The demands and recent trends of the customers can be analyzed through the help of segmentation of the market. The perception, buyers’ behaviour, taste, preferences and needs of the customers can be identified through the help of market segmentation. The segmentation of target market can be broadly categorized into four types such as behavioural factor, demographic factor, psychographic factor and the geographical differences (Mullins & Walker, 2013). For this particular marketing plan, the overall UK fruit juice market can be segmented into two types such as psychographic factor and the demographic factor.

    The both demographic and psychographic factors for developing the fruit juice products in UK market are summarized below:

    Demographic Segmentation:-

    The demographic factors that may influence the growth of juice products of Atlanta Quench Cranberries Inc are gender, age and lifestyle. The company should target the different age group of people who are health conscious and focuses on dieting. The company also should target the group who are focusing on the nutritional value in the food. Lifestyle also plays a significant role that can influence the behaviour of the customers. The company should target different lifestyles of people by developing the attracting PET for the customers. Most of the juice products are made for the dieters so the company targets the female customers who are focusing on their diets. The company also should target the children who are mostly attracted by the advertising or any other promotional campaigning. (Mukherjee, 2014)

    Psychographic Segmentation:-

    The company uses the innovative approaches for packaging of the fruit juice products and services that may attract the customers. Sometimes attracting advertising and promotional events of the fruit juice f the company can influence the psychographic behaviour of the customers of UK. The children below 14s are mostly attracted by the packaging strategy of the company. Different types of recyclable packaging of the products such as cartons, cans, glass and PET bottle can attract the different customers that may influence on the buyers’ behaviour of the customers. The camping slogan and message in the products also can attract the different customers that may influence the behaviour of the customers (Pride & Ferrell, 2010).


    After analyzing the segmentation of the market, targeting is the next stage which helps to target the suitable customers for developing growth of the products. The effective target market analysis helps to minimize several complexities in product development. With the help of proper target the customer satisfaction can be achieved. The target market is determining after identifying the segmentation of the market. The company wants to develop its fruit juice products as well as non fruit juice products for enlarging its growth in the fruit juice market of UK. The target market of the Atlanta Quench Cranberries fruit juice is the various customers ranging from the health conscious people to the average customers. High quality of ingredients are used in the fruit juice that can reduce obesity problem and calorie so, it the target the different ranges of people. The young generation consumers belonging in the group from 15- 30 are mainly targeted because they can attract from innovative design of bottle or innovative advertising campaign. Atlantic Quench produces fruit juice products that contains less sugar the diabetic patients and also for those who are interested to maintain diet. (Proctor, 2000).


    Positioning is the last stage of STP analysis which helps to identify the needs of the customers specifically (Westwood, 2011). The purchasing decision of the customers mainly depends upon the positioning of the market. The company Atlantic Quench actually positions its products by making innovation in the packaging design where the fruit juices are packed in either in cans, glass, or in polyethylene. They also position it by making the fruit juice tasty with differentiation in the flavours by which the customers can be attracted from different segments of the market. The product is positioned also by making the fresh fruit juice consider as an health energy drink as well. (Westwood, 2011)

    Marketing Mix:-

    Marketing mix is one of key aspect of marketing planning for developing a product of a company. The marketing mix helps to understand the value of the customers and that is very important for creation of the value for the consumers through the help of developing products and services. With the help of marketing mix the company can create message for achieving the customer satisfaction. The target customers are selected for developing marketing mix in the marketing planning. The marketing is the combination of 4Ps factors such as product, price, promotion and place. (Mind Tools Ltd, 2016).

    The marketing mix for developing the fruit juice products of Atlanta Quench Cranberries are listed below:


    In order to develop the marketing plan the company needs to consider the three levels of products that are used to be targeted the customers such as core product, actual product and the augmented product (Wood, 2003). The actual product of the Atlanta Quench Cranberries is the fruit juice product that can give various health benefits such as reduces obesity, reduces calorie and less sugar for the diabetic consumers. The children can also buy the products because it contains natural ingredients and vegetables. The actual product is the cranberry original juice with high quality of flavors and ingredients. The fruit juice products ensure high quality of standards which is the actual product of Atlanta Quench Cranberries fruit juice. The augmented products can be referred as the extra benefits and value added services of the products. The customers who are dissatisfied with the products can give feedbacks to the help line numbers that can help to develop customer satisfaction. (Wood, 2003).


    The Atlantic Quench Cranberries should develop its advertising campaigns and promotional strategy in order to achieve the customer satisfaction. Different types of innovative and creative advertisement strategy should be developed so that it can help to promote the soft drinks as well as the fruit juice. The advertising campaign should be focused on the health benefits such as reduces obesity, reduce calorie etc so that it can help to promote its fruit juice products among the target customers (Chaudhuri & Das, 2001). The brand name should be focused so that it can help to influence the purchasing behaviour of the customers. The different types of brand strategies which should be used for marketing of the fruit juice of Atlanta Quench Cranberries are summarized below:

    -Individual brand strategy

    -Generic brand strategy

    -Manufacturer’s brand strategy

    The Atlanta Quench Cranberries Inc brand can be used for developing the brand strategy of different fruit juice products. The televisions and magazines should be used for promoting the campaigning of the fruit juice products of the company.


    In order to develop the marketing plan of fruit juice in UK, the various distribution channels and stores should be taken into considered. The company should maintain a own distribution channel for supplying products in different retail outlets, convenience stores, super markets and departmental stores. The number of warehouse system should be increased so that it can help to maintain the supply chain management system in an effective manner. The distribution network of the company should be strong so that it can maintain the balance of demand and supply in each store. (Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2003).


    The pricing strategy plays the significant role in developing marketing plan of a product. The pricing strategy should be set in accordance with the pricing strategy of the competitors so that it can help to achieve competitive advantages with its competitors. The company should set the pricing strategy of fruit juice in accordance with the pricing strategy of its competitors. (Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2003)

    Marketing strategy

    The marketing strategy for developing marketing plan is very important which helps to identify the continuous changes of the taste and perception of the customers. The fruit juice producing company wants to develop its market structure in the niche market with strong objectives. The company mainly produces the fruit juice products for the health conscious people of UK which can ensure different types of health benefits such as reduces of obesity and maintain the level of calorie (Fleisher & Bensoussan, 2003). In recent days the people of UK are becoming more health conscious so; in order to develop the marketing strategy of Atlantic Quench Cranberries should develop the products that can contribute to the health issues.


    Atlantic Quench Cranberries’ mission is to make sure it retains the successful aspects of the old Atlantic Quench, such as the juice making and innovative new product efforts. Develops the new product innovations across multiple trade channels in the future, and increases its profitability.


    Atlantic Quench Cranberries’ objective is to increase the profit up to 21% by April 2019.

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    From the overall study it is evident that for the development of a powerful and strategic marketing plan for Atlantic Quench for the next three years the identification of the target market and the positioning of the products need to be identified with the changing marketing conditions and the buying behaviour of the customers in the domestic market. It also concludes that the company needs to provide importance on the suppliers as well the buyers so as to get a competitive edge over the other companies operating in the market.


    Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association, Inc, 2016. History of Cranberries [Online] Available at http:[ Accessed date: 02/03/2016] Advameg, Inc., 2016.

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