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    Summary There are many backpacker

    s who choose to start their adventure in some of the greatest cities in the world. Our business resides in the midst of Sydney city, and provides accommodation to backpackers who are looking forward to exploring the city.   According to the latest backpacker statistics from TRA (Tourism Research Australia) it is said that Australia remains a massively desirable country to visit. Young travellers are excited to explore the Australian culture, see the cuddly animals such as koalas, wallabies and kangaroos and experience our great lifestyle at famous beaches such as Manly beach, Bondi beach. Not to mention the new work opportunities for those who crave to learn new experiences while travelling at the same time.   There are quite a lot of backpacking businesses in Sydney that are already running, however only a handful are available in the middle of the city where it is the most convenient. These include, Sydney Central YHA, City Central Budget Accommodation,

    Sydney Central Inn and Sydney Central Backpackers.

    All of these competitors offer prices ranging from approximately $20 - $136 per night. Most of this information is conveniently available on famous hotel search engines such as Wotif and Google maps. !1 

    Due to the drop in Australian dollars, there has been a 4% increase in the total numbers of backpackers compared to last year. The total numbers of backpackers in Sydney are 606,000 with an average spend of $5,295 per person. This shows that the low Aussie dollars is doing great for tourism as well as it being great for the backpacking business. 

    A brand new hotel, opening in Sydney has its benefits as well as some struggles

    . Our main plan is to introduce cheaper prices and special deals for backpackers. We will need to build our reputation, through great service, clean rooms and beds, and cheaper prices. Our goals are to become one of the best backpacking accommodations in Sydney within a year time. Environmental analysis The marketing environment factor will be the Sydney CBD location.  Our target market is the backpacker.

    A backpacker is someone between 20 and 30 years old,

    who likes traveling, experiencing, having fun and meet people. He wants to have the cheapest prices for an accommodation at the middle of the city, and as much facilities and discounts as possible. Our current marketing objectives and performance are a hostel always full with good criticisms and image to build a nice reputation that will make the difference between our hotel and another one. !2 

    Political factors  Major political factors may affect the hotel is the danger of terrorism, international relations and political climate in a popular tourist destination. Here is the biggest threat to the terror attacks or military conflict may disrupt international air travel, or travel to scare people away from. Increase international tensions and radical new terrorist events may in the future. of course, any fall in will reduce the demand for hotel rooms.

    Economic factors  The main economic factors

    will affect the hotel's business is slowing economic growth in China, continued economic turmoil in Europe. In China's stock market collapse, Europe's debt crisis has greatly reduced the purchasing power of the individual and the ability to travel. Is the biggest impact of the business trip. A long- term economic threat growing income inequality and the middle class wage stagnation that reduces the ability to travel and live in the hotel.  Social and cultural factors  Social factors make plans for future looks very good hotel as an increase in the number of international travel. More importantly the traveler plans to spend more money. Cultural changes may affect the hotel including the increase in the number of Chinese and other Asian tourists. The population aging in the United States and Europe is likely to increase the demand for certain types of tourism experience.  !3 

    Technical factors  Technology can have a huge impact of the hotel business

    form of online rental services, allows an individual to rent a room or building directly to tourists. Is a major potential threat to its host can avoid hotel taxes and other fees and fire control laws and regulations, which means they have lower operating costs.  Legal factors  The hotel's main legal factors impact the future of business services, its host for violating zoning laws, regulations and health and safety regulations. 

    Environmental factors  Potential long-term

    environmental impact hotel may include increasing power costs by trying to control greenhouse gas emissions limits burning coal power plants. Climate change could damage the hotel's business by raising sea levels and inhibition of beach resort or create storm flood. Temperature increases from the global warming might close ski resort or make some comfortable beach resort is too hot. These developments may force closure or relocation of hotel.  

    services and facilities, such as the Internet, washing machine, the airport, security cabinets, 24 hour parking etc. At the request of the different travelers have different discount and room to choose.  Weaknesses Our company was established not long time, a lot of operation management and resources is constantly improved to perfect and needs a lot of money, and in the new market we are accumulating experience and learning.

    To think in terms of the travelers for they are a new hotel service and prestige. In the scope of our ability is not enough management measures and service system, the solutions of the lack of observation of the market. It takes a long time to give travelers a trusted brand.  Opportunities Sydney is a tourist's paradise, for tourists here every year there are a large number of tourists to visit and live in hotel, as a result, we think it is a big chance in the future business and expand the business. In addition, we will provide our market business, such as cheap hotel prices, in the future job opportunities, the experience of different cultural activities to meet the requirements of the guests, it better for travelers to accept and choose one of our reasons, at the same time, they help us to improve brand awareness and recognition, but also to travelers to provide the safest, most comfortable, the ideal hotel services.  !5 Threats There are a lot of peer competitors to lower prices in the market for more customers, in the near future hotel operating costs increase, whether commercial lease or rent has great influence. 


    s primary goal is to introduce our new hotel with the cheapest prices on the market in Sydney, for young people who wants to share their room during the time they travel in order to share the costs (known as «backpacker»). Researches has shown that the backpacker would be very interested by the product we could offer them. The biggest barriers to enter on the market would be the amount of money to invest and the competition which already gets the customers awareness as advantage while nobody ever heard about

    OURHOTEL. Therefore,

    we have to earn the trust of customers, which is our biggest and principal first objective. Business will commence in less than a year, preferably in 8 months’ time. Our next objective is a hotel that is always full. As we plan to open it on December before Christmas festival, we are hopiThis will allow us to expand and build a great image of our hotel and increase massively customer awareness which will help us to attract customers to try our product, and share our first backpacker's experiences. One of our objective is also to manage an advertising based on emotion and experience. This will be achieved by promoting via social network, mouth to mouth and by discounts arrangements. OURHOTEL'

    S principal objective in everyday life is to manage an advertising based on emotion and experience, as part of customer's returns. They are our objective. If we can seduce them thanks to our cheap prices, variety of possibilities in the hotel whether they want to be alone in the room or with 5 of their friends or whether they want to pay the cheapest possible; then we achieve our goal. We want our customers leave our place with good feelings because they are our advertisement. They are the one who have the power to give a good or bad reputation to


    and consequently bring customers or at the opposite, remove potential customers. ng to start with an enormous success as all the hotels are always full during that time. !6 

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