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    Managing at Camp Bow Wow

    Managing at Camp Bow Wow

     Answer to Questions1

    (a) The four critical managerial skills are:-
    Personal Skills of organising: - 
    A Manager has to perform lots of tasks and manage them in such manner so that maximum result can be extracted. The Skill to organise the people is most difficult task as first we need to find out their behaviour and their expectation. It is quite hard to know the expectation and give the result for their each penny.
    Promote other colleagues and staff:-
    A good manager always promotes the other staff and colleagues and mentoring them in top positions. A manager should always sit with other staff members and try to understand their problems and try to resolve those problems, then only an organisation can perform the best and render the best services of the market.
    Delegation of managerial skills in other employees:-
    Sue Ryan took over the camp bow wow as a sole manager but due to lots of burden, she started to develop managerial skills in other employees so that she can delegate her tasks to them and can focus on the important tasks and things relating to camp. By this skill, they can get promotion and convey the good managerial skills (Avey, et al. 2008).
    Candace Stathis and Sue Ryan applied these skills efficiently and they mainly focus on the customer services and their expectations from the camp. Both are very dedicated towards their roles and Sue Ryan being the owner of the Camp, has tried to develop the managerial skills in other employees and promote them in taking part in managerial responsibilities of the Company.
    Candace Stathis is the manager of the Camp. He learned many managerial skills from Sue Ryan and he tried to find out the improvements required in their services. He tried to build a bridge between Customer and the staff, so that they can show their care towards the dogs of customers and satisfy the expectation of the Customer. After service, they can feel the personal bond between them and the camp and its staffs. He always organised the customers and their expectation so that they will be happy and the dogs can get the proper care. He had to deal with the staff and colleagues and hear from them their problems in dealing in performing their roles. He has the positive attitude of promoting the other staff, so that their confidence can be boost up and they can perform well. He always tries to provide the best services to their clients (Asif, et al. 2019).
    Thus, Sue Ryan and Candace have best managerial skills which are very important to run an organisation or camp. The final result or output of their skills is satisfaction of their customer and make them happy by fulfilling their benchmarks and standards as expected from the camp.
    The most important skill is organising and managing the activities and customer relations. A Good manager is one who manages each and every detailed and minute activity and work in the direction to achieve the full customer satisfaction. Both Candace Stathis and Sue Ryan have positive attitude towards their business which helps them to find their improving areas in the business and work on those areas so that camp can render the best and efficient customer services and client can feel that they are the good relations with their dogs as well as with them. A manager has to look out each activity which is going in the business and measured the impact of it on the whole business model. He is responsible towards the employers, staffs and customers as he is an intermediary among them all. His role is important and he focus on the customer satisfaction which is essential for every business. Candace Thathis has played his role very efficient as he is concerned about the expectations of customers and behaviour of staff. He learned from Sue Ryan and promotes her for top position in the Camp and she also shared the managerial responsibilities with him and other employees so that they can learn and understand their roles with customer requirements.
    A Manager should possess the good managerial skills so that he can perform his primary functions efficiently. He should keep his eyes on each segment of the business and to report to higher management. He must deal with other employees so that he may teach them how they should behave with their clients and satisfy their desire. A good manager should maintain the balance between customer and staffs and help them to upgrade their skill set to get more appreciation from customers and efficient performance of their functions.
    Ethical Decision Making at Black Diamond
    Black Diamond has extended its business globally and targeting the global market for their products accordingly to areas of service and needs of the targeted customers. Black Diamond has approached the global market in the sport industry and also has maintained standard ethical values which are also essential to grow the brand globally and ethically. To become the top brand in the global market, the Company has to maintain the quality of the products as well as take care of the ethical values. By adopting this policy, we developed guidelines for ethical sourcing requirements. We take care of the needs of our employees of the factories situated at China, Vietnam or Bangladesh. There should be a comfortable environment in which employees can give their best efforts and they treat Black Diamond as their organization and with this thinking, they should work. We have adopted a certification and compliance process which will be audited by the auditors periodically. Like Bangladesh factories, we are providing three meals in a day, health care services, English language and giving financial aid for further education and having due care of ventilation and good lit in the factories of Black Diamond. These must be clean and safe to work in the factories.  If you want to grab the global market, the Company should think globally and think out of the box about the demands of the market which may vary according to place to place and person to person. The Company should also take care of their employees and their needs. The Factories of the Company should be duly and timely audited for setting up the proper compliance and certification system which can help the management to think over its policies and strategies.  While doing business globally, the Company has to think over the taxation and time consumption. To control these things, Black diamond is working on the American model of the business as it appoint the management focus in each segment and assign them the duties and market research to get the demand of their brand from the whole world (Aydogmus, Camgoz, Ergeneli, & Ekmekci, 2018).
    Yes, I think that Auditing is the best practice to get the true and fair picture of the factories of the partners of the firm. They have developed sound certification and compliance system, so the firm can control polices accordingly and maintain the uniformity among all the partners of the firm. Auditing on the practices of the factories will help the management of black diamond to take the measures to improve their working capacity so that they can grow more and dynamically. It helps the management of the firm to know the needs of the employees and what their working capacity is (Bhatnagar, 2012). It ascertains the services provided to the employees of the factories and their standard of living in those factories, so that they can feel comfortable in the factories and environment of the factories must be positive which can promote the production capacity of the factories. Although it cost and the firm has to think over the taxation in the different companies and time consumption in these activities. But it is as important as the manufacturing in the factories. The employees satisfaction is must for the growth of the brand. The factories maintain the ethical sourcing requirement guidelines; it would help them to have ethical value. Black Diamond put its efforts to provide their products in the global market and to achieve this object, it focused on each and every key factor which included ethos, cultural, the attitude and values of life defining mountain sports (Choi, Goh, Adam, & Tan, 2016).
    Thus to become the best brand in the global market, the firm has to design their business model in such a way which focus on providing the good quality products and also look out the  needs of the market and employees and employees welfare is the part of the growth of the firm. The firm has to think globally and widely and provide the working environment according to other factories of that area. 
    Barcelona Restaurant Group
    Barcelona Restaurant group has very good and sensible interview process as it test the ability to find out the key points which should be always assessed if you are going to visit a shop or restaurant. ‘What is important for the candidates’ food and driving and doing crazy things and customer serving values and friendly behavior with their guests? This assessment of the candidate help the recruiter to test his level of education and intelligence and also with time line which helps to figure out their excitement and passion about their profession. Being the professional in this field, we are hiring only those people who can present Barcelona efficient and politely to its guests (De Villiers, & Stander, 2011). After having this strict process of interview, management has 20% employees with it and rest got fired in the tenure of three years. After this stringent process of recruiting, we provide the proper induction about the vision and mission of Barcelona Restaurant Group and help them to improve their skills so that they can become the assets of the firm. To recruitment so much, it costs for the firm and on the other hand, it is important to maintain the quality of services provided by the group. But they had to train the employees and help them to learn the things and retain those employees which are ready for some improvement in their skills and sharpen their skill set according to the demands of the guests. As being the best group of Barcelona, The group has to maintain their position in the market and providing qualitative services to its visitors is the main object of this group (Dewettinck, & van Ameijde, 2011).

    Thus, the group has to change their philosophy little bit as the employees who have the passion and have knowledge and intelligence, then the group give their training to put their best efforts in serving to the customers (Eskandari, et al. 2014).  The group has to provide post hiring training of a few days to learn about jobs and their performance and the expectation of the group from their services and tells them about the philosophy of the group and vision and mission of the group.
    Barcelona Restaurant Group has good and strong hiring process which assesses the ability of the persons in terms of his educational qualification and intelligence in this industry and behavior of each candidate about the restaurant. But they are firing their most of the staff very frequently. If a person have knowledge and intelligence and passionate about this profession then he can develop the other skills like he can be enthusiastic, nice, fun loving and great. He need some time to adjust in the company and understand the expectations of the customer and in this way, he can sharpen his skills. As the group maintain the quality of the services and raising their standard bars from their staff for which they should have proper induction and staff development team which can assist the  staff to add on their existing skills and innovate their working style so that one can perform his job dynamically according to the needs of the guests. Although some new comes hustle and performing well in the restaurant (Jha, 2011).  For being the good restaurant, giving and serving best food is as important as the other things in the restaurant. It can double their efforts.
    The Barcelona wants the employees who have the ability to command the floor, having friendly relation with their guests and having positive attitude towards the staff, guests and the company.
    Thus The Company also focus the employees welfare so that they can have the shared feeling for their responsibility and provide the friendly environment for them so that they can put their cent percentage efforts in this profession and serve it to the maximum extent. It would help the employees to get their skills advanced to be in the industry. The Company has a good hiring process and it focuses on the customer service and hire their employees upon this parameter but they should make the slight changes in their philosophy so that the employees do not be in the fear of losing their jobs, they just concentrate on their efforts and provide their best services in the company.
    Flight 001
    Brad John and John Sencion conceived an idea of opening the retail stores at the airport so that attract the travelers and start providing the various goods i.e. laptop bags, luggage, electronic gadgets, passport covers and other consumer products (Jose, & Mampilly, 2014).
    The team of Flight 001 stores is friendly with their customer and able to make friendly communication and understands their needs. This is the unique thing of our company. The people of our team are highly dedicated and motivated towards their roles. Even the owners have the direct interaction with its customers and have dealt with them personally. For theory of the motivation, it is quite important that the owner should have to connect with the customers as well as staff so that they have the knowledge about the owners of the company and owner can have the supervision on the staff properly. By this reason, as owner care for their stores, the staff also has the care for the store. They give the training and teach me various skills to become a good manager of the store. The owner understands the contribution of each employee and values it. It is very important theory of motivation to keep motivated yourself as well as your staff. Knowing the contribution of your employees and value that contribution and appreciate them can bring a great change in the working capacity of the staff and they feel that they are working for their company (Kazlauskaite, Buciuniene, & Turauskas, 2012).
    Thus the goal setting theory of motivation is understand the need which can be your core areas to explore and provide the best and qualitative products. The good and personal connection with the customers can create the great change in this industry. If the owners are giving the due respect and value their work, then it will increase their morale and working capacity.
    Brad John set up the goals for his start up ‘Flight 001’ the international authority on travel and prepares the strategies for development new staffing, merchandising and financial policies for the Company. With introduction of new products, the company was always focused on its existing products and its quality. As there is the high demand of carryon luggage which they can carry in their journey and there will be no need to check in. with this idea, Brad John developed this ideas of one stop shop retail stores (Liu, Fellows, & Chiu, 2016).
    He worked so hard and with strong dedication. He is used to interact directly with the customers and answer their question. He always believes in having the friendly relationship with the customer so that he can freely ask his queries relating to products and the stores can serve them best. He did the research on the difficulties carried out while they are going to travel. They need carryon luggage which they can take with them and there is no need to verify it again. He understands their problem and thought to set up his new idea. He was very patient about the learning capacity of the staff and values their contribution in the company. He is more concerned about his stores so tries to communicated directly and take care of the stores. Like john, the staff takes care of the stores. He always respects and give attention to the work of every person which is the highest motivating factors of Flight 001 (Meyer, 2014).
    Thus Brad John is very dedicated and hard working towards his passion. He made the vibrant and dynamic changes by retail sale of the product which can even be thought by anyone. He was quite responsible towards his clients as well as the staff. There was good relationship among the members of the staff and they are like a family. As the staff was so friendly with the customers, the customer is quite frankly in asking any query.
    Evo Teamwork
    Norming is the way to gather the power of teamwork, appreciate their work and respect their contribution. EVO has variety of the staff photographers, copy editions and directors. The company should understand the strength of each employee and used it in the right way. It should consolidate their creative resources to get the better results. The organization tried to find out the synergies and improve the performance of the group (Meyer, & Gagne, 2008).
    By using norming, the Company can strength their core fields by allotment right resources at the right places or departments.  In EVO business, there were a variety of professional who are best in their sector and organizing with each other and this attitude can faster the growth of the Company and promote the welfare of each employee of the organization. EVO also focused on the report of their past projects which was performed by it and extracted the various factors like good parts, bad parts, areas of improvements and remedy to improve (Taghipour, et al. 2016). This analysis will help the owner to put their efforts in the right direction so that they can improve their challenges soon. The owner can forecast the future prospects accordingly. 
    Norming helps in interacting with the each level of the management without any fear and there is some uniformity so that the company can increase their performance graph. There must be freedom to each employee to put his ideas before the management without any hesitation and fear. If any idea is not attracting them, the employees can freely object on it and present his view points about it. The Company would welcome the negative feedbacks as well. As the negative feedbacks helps them to improve the scale of performance (Thomas, 2009).
    Thus Norming is very important technique to work in the team and each team member should be treated equal and the management welcome their comments on any idea of the firm. This attitude can boost the performance of the company as well as the confidence of the staff of the Company. As the final outcome, it would help to generate the good amount of profits and returns.
    Nathan Decker was senior human OD commerce at EVO. We had creative services team and he consolidate that team in one unit because of norming and find out their synergies in the market and improve the performance of the company. Nathan Decker worked as leader in the management of EVO and he is more of director. He know how to get the return on the investment of the Company, so he planned the resources of the company in such a way which would generate the large number of profits. He tried to find out the ways for reducing the price of the products and accompanied these ways by reducing the price of EVO by 5 percent and it is the indicator of better performance in future. He focused on the positive stuff instead of negative things in the environment and got the best results out of it.
    He promoted to talk with every employee of the organization to know about their preferences and told them to raise their hands when they feel, the project is be reconsidered again. The approach would help the company to grow vastly and efficiently (Truss, et al. 2016).
    He was focused on allocation of right creative person in the right department so that by using his outstanding skills in the certain area, he could get the best result and stabilize the price as compared to other rivals. He framed the policy in such a manner that each can get the chance to give their feedback on the projects of the Company (Zhang, & Bartol, 2010).
    Thus He performed the tasks of director and project manager who manages the activities of EVO and communicates with different employees for their feedbacks on each projects. He makes the analysis on the past project. He learned to make the creative process for management of each resources so that he can perform efficient and effectively which will promote the production of the products and decrease the price drives.