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    Manager Business Assignment Help

    Manager Business Assignment Help


     Motivation: Inspiring employees about achieving the goal and motivate to accept the challenge is one of the important role leaders can play.


    Planning: Making the plan for the business company is the most important job for the manager. This plan helps other department to know exactly what the company goal is. o Budgeting: Budget is a big issue for every department. Total work depends on the budget allocation of the project (Bass, B. M, 2006). The management set the budget and any modification to that is also depend on the management. o Decision making:  Making decisions for the company is a major job of management. In the old days, this was the only responsibility of management. However, decision making has a great impact on the company and sometimes external factors force the management to change their decisions. o Controlling: The Controlling power is what makes the management so strong. They have the ultimate control on the company. Management control the product and service quality, ensures the employee salary and vacation and how to response to the different social and political issues related to the company. 


    Functions and roles of both leaders and management has difference yet very important on their respective position. Each role has a specific function and it helps the company to overcome many problems. To explain the both roles functions two situational context example are illustrated below for the Tesco Plc. First Example, the continuous change on the global economy affects the Tesco Plc business. The raw material costing, employee’s salary, rent of warehouses and stores also increased recently. To cope up with this change Tesco Plc management decided to cut off some cost to make the adjustment. The increasing of raw materials will prevent Tesco Plc to collect more raw materials at a time, and again buying less will increase the cost (Johnason, P. 2009). The low volume can take less space on the warehouse that can save some rent. However, the store rent and employee’s salary if remains same, Tesco Plc cannot save much just from warehouse rent saving. So, Tesco Plc decided to reduce the flavour of the product that will help to cut the variation costing and can reduce the costing to half. Tesco Plc still can buy bulk raw materials and save on that. Management also decided to reduce the staffs to accommodate the cost and offer customer a good price even in this economic change.  Second Example,as of the decision of the Tesco Plc management, employee number was reduced. However, the team leader has to cope with these changes and make some adjustment on the routine of staffs working hour and shifts. Leader has to motivate to work hard to make up the absence of staffs and still serving the customer happily (Thompson,2011). So, the customer service doesn’t get hamper. While the management makes the decision, it is up to leaders to influences the members to follow the orders and make the environment good for everyone. P3. APPLY DIFFERENT THEORIES AND MODELS OF APPROACH,


    Tesco Plc has always support its team leaders. However, all team leaders are not same, neither the team members. The needs of each person are different and the characteristics are different also. The need may vary depending on the situations as well (Gardner, J. W, 1965). As team leader is responsible for the instant actions, there are many approaches that they can take. It depends on their personality, business environment and the company policy. discuss the difference of each role and their importance in the business company.  How they can help the business on planning, organizing and at the end achieve company’s goal. There is also little circumstance that creates leaders. This report will summarize all the approaches and a presentation will demonstrate factors that have impact on leaders and mangers. LO1 & LO2 (TASK 1)


    Both leaders and manager role is significant for a business company. Management can give a plan, make a budget for the campaign, but the field word done by the team members and often they are motivated from their leaders (Barton, 2014). Tesco Plc is the Company which values their team leaders and believes they can bring more success for the company if nourished properly. Tesco Plc is a larger superstore with thousands of branches. Management cannot go to each store and check the field work themselves. Also, not all new recruited members are skilled enough and are not always sure what to do in different circumstance (Klerck, G. 2009). Leaders can help them to form a solid foundation and help to overcome different situation. Leaders are not allowed to take big decisions like- financial budget, but  as they can solve situations with their skills and wills. In the absence of manager team leaders perform managerial role at Tesco Plc. CHARACTERISTICS OF A LEADER: o Leading:Leader leads the team from the front. o Vision: Leader has a vision usually for the long term. o Team Work: Leader makes the bonding of the team (Lussier, 2010). Team members work more efficiently with each other. It also helps to build relationship in the team and make the team happier to work for the company. o Counselling: Leader is also a good listener. Leaders advise staffs about their problems and counsel how they can improve their skills.

    Approaches: The approaches are very different. Manager set the details plan for a planned work routine, but the work situation is not the same as expected by the manager. So, the Tesco team leader has to set the specific goal and direction to achieve that within short time.

     Stability: Leaders are not created; they can rise on the situation. Therefore, the stability is not guaranteed while manager is usually appointed for a long time (Howell, Jon P, 2012).  Leader  has  to  prove  their  strength  and  innovations continuously,  while  manager  must  do  it  for  a  cycle  of  time.  Tesco  Plc management set goal for long run and management’s success evaluated at the end of that period.

     Actions: While manager is reactive and leaders are proactive action taker. This means a manager think ahead of a problem and prepare the solution for this, and the leaders see something happen then solve it with their instant power. At Tesco Plc,  management  thinks  of  people  complain  issue  and  set  a  complain  box assuring customers for future feedback, while leaders hear the exact complain and try to give feedback on the moment.

    Focus: The  leaders  focus  on  leading  people,  while  manager  mange  the workflow. Changing in leadership can cause the full project fall, but the change in the management may not significantly change the project.

     Control: The  control  power  comes  to  manager  with  a  formal  empowerment. However,  the  leader  has  a  personal  charming  that  gives  a  control  on  their followers. 

    There are different types of approaches for the leaderships. Common one is known as the ‘trait approach’ that refers to the physical and mental personality those effective leader possesses.  There are also sometimes the situation creates a leader. This usually happens when top management or the leader get absence for some reason and the problem needs to get solved instantly. Here are the leadership types described below: Systems leadership:Tesco Plc always gives some control to the leader so it can help the leader in managing his followers. This type of leadership is directly formed from the Tesco. An experienced member gets promoted after enough skills and practices on the Tesco store. Leader can make some decisions like- hours of shift, working area for a member. However, financial influence is not empowered to leader at Tesco. Democratic Leadership:Democratic as the word says- leader takes decision based on the majority member’s choice and on the information provided. Tesco Plc also encouraged democratic leadership, so leader can get most out of other members.

    Employees are also feeling valuable in this leadership, as their words get counted. Leaders are still the decision maker, but it’s less possible to make mistakes as decision also taken from the most secure and reliable source. Situational leadership:This leadership is sudden. There are some facts that are supposed to cover by leader, but on the demand of the situation they have to do it. Sometimes, it caused for the absence of top management and sometimes new problem raised so leaders has to come up with a new idea to solve it. Contingency leadership:This is the emergency leadership. Tesco Plc has a huge range of products and so the variation of customers. They come with different types of problem that leaders need to solve it. For example, Tesco offer credit card to customer, if customer lost his/her cards then it’s the duty of a member to inform it to the authority, as delay will cost lots of money (Mack, Adam. 2012). However, this type of leadership action is not limitless power to the leader, moreover they were directed from the company before for this types of contingency. 

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