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    Management Research Assignment Help Uk

    Management Research Assignment Help Uk


    Executive Summary

    The aim of the current reserach is to conduct a SWOT analysis on my personal and Profesional behavior. The SWOT analysis has revealed that my strengths include diveristy management and emotional intelligence. The weaknesses include lack of team management. Thus, there is a brief analysis of the skills on my professional behavior. 


    The present report determines my management abilities as per my own understanding in my current job role. The report also considers and analyses feedbacks received from others on my management capabilities. The analysis tool that has been used in this report is personal SWOT. I have conducted three tests including Gallup, Questionnaire and TestYourself to get the insights on my management behaviours. During the self-analysis I have tried to associate myself with the feedback I have received from others. In the SWOT analysis I have considered aspects of related theories such as Servant Leadership, management ethics and cultural diversity at workplace.

    Personal strengths and weaknesses by self and others


    Emotional Intelligence

    The Gallup StrengthsQuest has revealed that I am able to perform better if I am entrusted with responsibilities with certain managerial independence.[Refer to Appendix 1]As a manager being emotionally knowledgeable about the emotional status of own and others helps in shaping the responses to others. As per Gjoneska et al. (2019), this intelligence not only improves the leadership relationship with the people but also decreases occupational stress as co-workers and team become more appreciative of the person. It goes a long way to maintain a productive and sustainable environment at theworkplace. 

    As per my Self-Analysis the knowledge of emotional intelligence of my team-mates helps me to measure the predictive performance and time required by them to complete assignments.[Refer to Appendix 4] Hence, it is easier for me to manage time for critical responsibilities.

    Comprehensive understanding of Cultural diversity

    Apart from being emotionally aware of the people, I am adept in locating and comprehending the attitude and behaviours of the people as against their cultural backgrounds. As per my analysis, this helps me in capturing the social, cultural values that can impact the decisions made by the individual. The cultural background of a person can express a lot about the professional integrity and honesty of an employee to fulfil professional responsibility (). It also make me aware so that I can be sure of selecting or rejecting particular words, phrases and expressions while addressing a person from particular background. I not only make myself aware of different cultural backgrounds while working in a diverse work environment, but I also inspire others to be aware of cultural differences. It helps me in reducing conflicts at the workplaces by increasing trusts, respect and mutual understanding of each other. 

    Trust building in group

    Outcome of Gallup strengths quiz, trust building is one of the important theme in my leadership characteristics. As per the opinion of O'Neill and McLarnon (2018), the management needs to have certain responsibility to ensure mutual trust in a workgroup, as overall performance of depends on the mutual efforts put up for each project or tasks. As per my strength analysis, I strives to create with a fusion of efforts where both employees and management put their efforts to understand each other better. I do regular individual analysis to understand the specific factors related to employee skills. Thus, I know the pull of skills and talents I currently have in my workforce. It helps me in trusting the employees after making adequate allocation of resources.


    Lack of stress management

    Gallup report does not categorise Stress management as my best management theme and it means that my performance as manager fluctuates during stress at the workplace. Lack of stress management can affect the physical and emotional health by disturbing the sleep patterns and mental wellness. Identical impacts can affect the performance of others working under me and thus, I have understood the importance of stress management. As a manager if struggle with managing stress that can create unnecessary pressure on the people working as per my instructions. Absence of stress management skill can be interpreted as my lack of confidence on the decisions I make. 

    As per my self-analysis, the first step for managing stress is to admit the stress at workplace which is not uncommon in most of the cases. 

    Vulnerability in Change Management
    As per the outcome of the StrengthsQuest report, 

    Change management is an important part of management decision making as industry requirements in each sector are dynamic. In order to make the organisational performance at standard level, I need to make sure that workforce is equipped with latest skills. Change management presents opportunities to introduce tools and monitoring measures of performance analysis. Capability of linking required changes to the organisational objectives can rationalise the changes in front of the workforce. If I am unable to justify the proposed changes in respect of organisational and professional growth, it will be difficult to manage the employee resistance. 

    Analysis of feedbacks received from persons associated with

    As per two of the feedbacks I have received, my emotional understanding stands at as my strong management characteristics. The knowledge makes me more aware of the self and of the people working under me. Empathising with the situations of others can make me compassionate, which means I do not impose situations on the workforce, rather I consider them as human first, before loading them with job-pressure.I equally respect the different cultural aspects of varied cultural roots and as per the second feedback I have received, I am capable to analyse a person as per their cultural roots. [Refer to Appendix 3]

    As discussed in one of the feedbacks given to me, lack of stress management skills can adversely impact my performance at the workplace. Email feedbacks given to me has also mentioned my inefficiency in managing necessary changes that can alter and affect the usual functionality of the team. [Refer to Appendix 2] As per the second feedback I have received, I should not be afraid of the strategies required for change management if I am aware and successful in building trust in the team. Trust can generate the employee eagerness and motivation to look into the benefits of changing the functionality.

    Impact of opportunities and threats

    As per my personal SWOT diagram, I have opportunities in working with teams that are diverse as per cultural backgrounds. I am also capable of indulging into teamwork and collaboration better owing to my high level of emotional intelligence. The Gallup test has shows that one of my strengths is cultural diversity. According to Madera (2018), diveristy management helps in the improving attitudes among the members of a team. Therefore, the presence of this in me would help in working in transition with the other members of the team and also refrain from discrimination on the basis of culture.  

    Furthermore, the motivational skill in me would help in effectiveness of my leadership skill. In the opinion of Hoch et al. (2018), a transformational and transactional leader should always motivate others. The presence of emotional intelligence would further benefit on better impact on my team members and keep them motivated through mutual unerstanding and trust. The impact of motivational skill of mine would help in enhancing performance of other team members and help me gain betterment in my leadership skill. 

    However, the issue that shall occur in this regard is my inability to deal with other team members, which would hinder effective teamwork and collaboration to a great extent. As stated by Tripathy (2018), the importance of teamwork in an organization lies in the better performance and achievement of the organizational goals. The lack of effective teamwork often results in conflicts among employees and often leads to employee dissatisfaction and higher turnover rate. Therefore, the impact of my lack of teamwork skill shall result in conflict occurrence with other team members, thereby, often hampering the work procedure of the organization. 

    Integration of related theory and concepts

    Belbin’s theory of team role 

    The primary issue that has been identified in my professional behaviour from the Gallup test results is an issue in teamwork. Therefore, the Belbin’s theory of team roles has been selected. As mentioned by Ruch et al. (2018), the theory of Belbin suggests that there should be distinctive role of each of the members in a team. That is driven by the individualistic skills and knowledge of the members. The implementation of the Belbin’s theory helps in better job performance of each of the members, and completing the team objectives within a lesser time span. 

    The application of the Belbin’s theory of team role shows that my communication skill is strong which would help me in understanding and identifying the traits and skills of each of the members. Furthermore, I would ensure to be ethical and provide value to the needs of the members so that they enjoy working as part of the team. As influenced by Fernández and Pinuer (2016), this suggests that my ethical sense and value is high. 

    Tuckman’s theory of group development 

    The theory of group development by Tuckman is one of the significant theories of teamwork which rests on the formation of a team categorized into four stages: forming, norming, storming and performing (Hildebrandt & Marr, 2020). Owing to the lack of my teamwork skills, the Tuckman’s theory needs to be applied to understand the stage in which the team is in. That would help in identifying the risks of conflict occurrence and accordingly, the steps can be taken for conflict management and resolution.  

    Diversity theory 

    The diversity theory states that the factors on the basis of which there is diversity among people are values and attitudes, personality traits, occupation and skill and abilities (Homan et al. 2020). My ability to work collaboratively is moderate where certain good as well as bad factors are there. However, the presence of strong communication in me has contributed to strong ability of mine to provide and receive feedback. 


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