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    Management Organizations In Global Environment Assignment Help

    Management Organizations In Global Environment Assignment Help


    Management And Organizations In Global Environment

    Question 1


    Today’s organizations have started understanding the importance of diversity in creating value of the product as well as to promote equality among employees. Diversity is desired by the organizations to expand their businesses cross borders which eventually creates a competitive advantage for the organizations. The steps taken by the organizations to promote diversity are as follows:

    Educate Managers: The managers such as human resource managers are educated about the importance of diversity at the workplace so that they consider the skills and experience of the candidate while hiring and not the background. This is done by empowering the managers with skills that will nurture that diverse workforce. Maturo, Migliori and Paolone (2018), have supported this step and identified it is effective to greater extents because the diversity creating factors such as background, demography, etc. can be managed by the skillful managers.  

    Creating Policies Of Inclusiveness: The policies formation will help the companies to incorporate inclusiveness. For example, ensuring that there are no foul treatments with new employees or women or every individual of the company. The process is highly effective because a research by Chattopadhyay (2015), have described that the incorporation of the policies and ensuring their compliance can favor the disadvantageous and excluded groups in the organizations. 

    Opportunities For All: It is another beneficial way of creating inclusiveness and supporting the diversity because when the leaders tend to create opportunities for all, they not only promote diversity and maintain equality but also set example for other organizations. 

    Flexibility At The Workplace: The need of flexibility is required because different people work belonging to different religions. For example, allowing people to take holidays based on their religious festivities which are not provided by the company in general. This step enhances the productivity.

    The above spoken steps are very effective and undertaken by the modern organization to promote equality.

    Question 2


    The subordinates of the company can perform effectively only if they work with calmness, without exaggerated pressure and without feeling of being exploited. The supervisors should be behaving in a certain way to ensure that their subordinates are healthy bodily and mindfully. Stress at job can be a reason of the work environment or if they are neglected and differentiated based on demographic or background reasons. The supervisors can maintain an environment that will allow the subordinates to react less negatively at the situations. It can be done in following ways (Sharma, Kong and Kingshott, 2016):

    Maintaining Work Flexibility: When the subordinates work according to them they tend to be more productive. Ensuring that the employees get what they desire and expect from the organization can help in reducing the stressful outcomes of the employees. 

    Adequate Amount Of Work: Another reason of stress at the workplace is overloaded work. Working more than the normal tendency can leave the subordinates exhausted and stressed. The current environment focus on business and stress. However, by providing right amount of work, the subordinates can ensure that their employees are performing well without stress. 

    Offering Benefits: No one would appreciate the fact of being exploited. The subordinates can make sure that the employees who are working more than required should be appreciated in terms of bonus or incentives. This will motivate them and productivity as well as performance, both will enhance. 

    Encouraging Physical Activities: Physical activities that will provide relaxation to the subordinates between stressful work hours can be effective. Most of the organization such as EY indulge in activities such as fun Fridays. Physical activities for the employees are conducted so that they can effectively participate and relax themselves. It is an effective way because the employees get some time to enjoy themselves and to get rid of the stressful work. 

    Question 3


    Balance is very important factor to ensure that the people at the workplace are not stressed and they are working effectively. In the case of Mark Martin, where employees are not working up to the mark but get along together very well. In such situations, Mark can segregate the employees in different teams. In the team, they will stay together and can work effectively. However, it is not assured that the employees will change their behavior after being divided into teams. To ensure better outcomes from the employees, Mark can set deadlines of the work. Setting deadlines will help the employees to make use of fact that they are working in the teams. Team participation will promote and motivate the employees and they can work appropriately. 

    Mark should communicate with the employees about the time of working. Sometimes people cannot work effectively at odd hours. Therefore, knowing their concerns would help Mark to take specific decisions to enhance their productivity. 

    Mark can also question the employees about their performance directly by avoiding emotional confrontation so that the employees would understand the importance of their outcomes. They can be motivated and for this, Mark can conduct motivational trainings. Mark should not be waiting to discuss the reasons of their underperformance (Bin, 2015). There can be internal or external factors that maybe limiting the performance of the employees. Therefore, the employees should be confronted and questioned directly. They should be taught to take accountability for their underperformance. All these ways can be chosen by Mark to ensure that the employees start giving better outcomes.