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    Management Event Operations Assignment Help

    Management Event Operations Assignment Help


    Executive Summary

    The present business report has been developed based on the case study of Amazon’s Job Day event. The risk management and event organization aspects of the event has been analyzed in the report. The considerations of the Amazon in the context risk and event management has been critically discussion. Moreover, a set of recommendations has been provided to the enhance the existing measurements. 


    “Amazon jobs day” is an event based on job finding opportunities organized by one of the leading companies in the US, Amazon. Amazon announced 33,000 tech and corporate jobs opening over the US and 20,000 sessions of career coaching for the interested attendees free of cost in September, 2020. The report will focus on how the event became a golden opportunity for all the jobseekers that lost their jobs in lock down and pandemic tenure. The overview of the Amazon jobs day will be evaluated here. The way how the Amazon’s recruiter will operate the career coaching sessions and what are the programs through which the skills of attendees will be enhanced for their next jobs will be discussed over here. The management procedure, how Amazon managed its event venue operation will be elaborated over here. The way to manage all the risk dimensions by Amazon will also be evaluated here. 

    Overview of case study 

    When and where it is to take place

    On September 9, 2020, Amazon announced to organize an event, named: “Amazon careers day” on Wednesday, 16th of September. In the COVID-19 pandemic where many citizens became jobless, Amazon announced to have an event for finding new opportunities in the US. In this virtual event Amazon gave the attendees an opportunity to learn and take knowledge about 33,000 tech and corporate jobs that were available at that time across the US. Amazon also mobilized almost 1000 recruiters to teach and provide 20,000 sessions of career coaching to the attendees in a day. As many people lost their jobs and became unemployed during COVID-19, it was a golden opportunity for them to find jobs and get settled. This event was organized and managed by Amazon to provide support to all the job seekers, regardless of professional field, professional background and level of experience across all over the country. The invitation for this event was open for all; anybody was able to participate in this Career day by registering in Amazon’s career portal and booking the appointment with the Amazon recruiter. More than 300,000 people attended the event and 380,000 people applied for the jobs on “Amazon Jobs Day”. As per the view of (Koberg and Longoni, 2019), it has been identified that the event, called, “Amazon Job Day '' has some sustainable objectives to accomplish, in terms of uplifting the economic circumstance of the US. However, the main objectives, which the Amazon intended to accomplish through this event, are going to be explained in below section,  

    Objective of event 

    To create job opportunities for the job seekers all over the country. 

    To upgrade the skills of the jobseekers regardless of field of profession and experience level by the career coaching sessions led by more than 1000 Amazon recruiters and expertise.

    To recruit 33,000 new employees all over the US.

    Explaining its target market, numbers of attendees 

    As per the view of, Witell et al. (2020), COVID-19 affected millions of people in the US. A lot of people died due to COVID-19 pandemic and many of them lost their jobs and became jobless due to the pandemic and lockdown all over the country. The People of the US were eagerly waiting for an opportunity to find a new job and get back to the mainstream of work life (Koberg and Longoni, 2019). Many people who became jobless in the pandemic situation were looking for a job in the fields such as technology and healthcare; sectors that the people of the US expected to grow and recruit new employees. More than 300,000 people all over the country attended the event of Amazon career’s day in 2020 and more than 380,000 people applied for the job in Amazon. Amazon organized this event in 2020 virtually for all the people regardless of their skills, field of profession, experience level and location. 

    Evaluating style/structure of the event

    Career day included a three hours main stage programming which featured on panel discussion, fireside chat and the interviews with leading Amazon executives and career advisors. The event that conducted by Amazon gave attendees the scope to:

    Participate individualized and specially designed career coaching: Almost 1000 recruiters conducted 20,000 one-on-one sessions of career coaching with the participants across the US at free of cost (Saberi et al. 2019) . Participants were able to choose their field of interest - tech and non tech hubs, corporate offices, jobs of veterans, opportunities for the fresher and recent graduates and many more. Amazon took initiative to match the participant to a recruiter to help the attendees prepare for getting their new job. 

    Discover tools to navigate the recent job market: The recruiters and the career coaches of Amazon gave advice to the attendees on how they could adapt their experience and skills, how to prepare their professional brand and how to update their resumes to enhance the chances of getting a job.  

    Learn about various open roles in Amazon: Attendees were able to apply for a large range of jobs at Amazon (Saberi et al. 2019). With the recruiters the attendees could talk about entry-level operations network, corporate roles in its 18 tech hubs, as well as data science, engineering, marketing, finance roles that support AWS, operation technology, Prime Video and Alexa and human resources and many more. Participants were also able to learn about Amazon’s employee pay and benefit rules and regulations. 

    Interactive career workshop by Amazon: participants had the golden opportunity to join the small breakout sessions. The interested participants had hourly opportunities to attain the sessions at Amazon’s physical stores and Amazon’s fulfillment centers led by senior software development engineers of Amazon and staffing specialists with live coding reviews. 

    Case study details relevant to the selected topic  

    Amazon announced to organize an event in September, 2020 to recruit 33,000 corporate and tech employees and provided over 20,000 career coaching sessions to upgrade the skills of the interested attendees. The event included different event-venue operations (Ben-Dayaet al. 2019). The way of managing the operations in the venue required some analysis and recommendation. At the same time the risk dimensions, which were included in the event discussed over here with detailed analysis and recommendation.

    3. Management of Event Venue Operations in Amazon's Job Day


    The event of "Amazon Jobs Day" was a huge event for Amazon that consisted of the footfall of 384,000 people who were present (Amazon.com, 2020). Management of such a huge number of people is one of the most critical parts of development. In this regard, Event Venue Operations plays an important role in the management of such a huge number of people. The department of event venue operations is responsible for integrating and coordinating all other operations to make an event successful. 

    The main vision of the event was to allow job seekers to fulfil their career goal. However, in order to make the thousands of jobs in the departments such as robotics, finance, and software development was not easy to bring under an event. It is further difficult to allow a huge number of candidates to apply for the job roles in a short period of time. Appropriate planning on handling the different operations as well the expectations of the guests is an important part of the event venue operations. As mentioned by STRAUGHAN et al. (2018), a certain range of skills and qualities such as creativity, patients, strategic thinking and attention to details are crucial for managing a successful event. 

    Therefore, it becomes essential for an event manager to approach the event management process with the support of a solid plan, which helps in navigating potential issues. In order to understand the characteristics of a successful event, an analysis of the 5C's Model of Event Management is important. 5Cs of Event Management namely Concept, Coordination, Culmination, Control and Closeout are important for event management.


    The first step of managing an event is based on conceptualization. In the phase of the planning, the main ideas of managing an event are developed. In order to make an event to invite around 300,000 people on Amazon Jobs Day planning on time, venue, and operations were essential to be considered (Amazon.com, 2020).


    The phase of the event management is coordination that consists of the process of solidifying the plan. Development of themes and setting up the budget are the most important activities in the coordination (Bouchon et al. 2017). The coordination stage has allowed the management of Amazon how to execute the overall planning. 


    The process of event control is considered as the part of the planning stage, which helps in coordinating different stages and turning them into motion. The managers of Amazon were liable for checking measurements of Amazon Career Day events. It has ensured the successful completion of the overall event. 


    Culmination refers to the day of the event when the planning are executed. Management of coordination between the internal and external stakeholders is an important part of event management planning (Kelly et al. 2019). It has helped the event managers of Amazon to determine the overall experience that the guests or the attendees of the event have. 


    The final stage of the event management process is a closeout, where the measurement of success or failure of the event is done. The success of the event can be understood from whether its objective has been met or not. The main objective of Amazon Jobs Days was to allow a significant number of people to apply for different jobs in the company. The event has emerged as successful with 380,000 job applications (Amazon.com, 2020). 

    In the context of Amazon Jobs Day. it can be understood successful management of an event is dependent upon strong planning and significant execution. It allows business to manage different operations, and meet the objectives of an event (Komljenovic et al. 2017). Based on the effective strategies and execution process, Amazon has successfully achieved the goals.

    One of the most significant focus of the event of the Amazon was to promote the recruitement drive through Amazon Jobs Day. The applicants are more likely to be attracted by an event like Amazon Jobs Day, when they are getting something good. According to Reciprocity Theory, when the people get something good from a person or entity, they are willing to repay the same with kindness (Miller et al. 2017). The similar strategy has been utilized by the Amazon to attracted talented employees. Amazon has offered a significant job opportunity to people, and received a strong workforce. 


    The strongest aspect of the event management process in Amazon Job Day is a strong management team. The management team of Amazon has the experience of conducting such an event in the past few years. The ability to manage the Amazon team for setting up objectives, budgeting and guest details has helped the company to successfully conduct the event. Consideration of managing a large number of event attendees from 50 states of the US has made the management conduct the event on online platforms. 

    As a result, it allowed 300,000 people across states of the US to participate in the event. According to Connelly et al. (2018), the one disadvantage identified in the vent management planning was the consideration of only online platforms. An offline event could have been used by the company for making the objectives of the event visible to others. Proper event management planning is important for an organization like Amazon for establishing the disparate elements and distinct movement plans that work and result in success. As cited by Khandelwal (2019), it is important for event managers to stop conducting an event when they do not have a proper strategy or plan that can eventually lead to failure. 

    The focus of the event management operation of Amazon Jobs Day was significantly on customers. As Amazon is committed to meeting customer needs, it is important for them to develop a skillful and talented workforce. The process of event planning Amazon Jobs Day was structured through an online platform so that a significant number of talented applicants can apply for the available job roles. It has been found to be a crucial aspect of ensuring a talented workforce, which can allow the company to provide a high quality of service to the customers. 

    The process of event management operations of Amazon Jobs Day has been well designed considering the prevalence of the COVID19 pandemic. In the growing global challenges of transmission of coronavirus, the decision of conducting the event through an online platform was taken under consideration (Ebrahim et al. 2020). The visionary attitude of the event managers of Amazon is required to be praised. In the current circumstances of the pandemic, it would be hard for the event managers to ensure a large number of footfalls, as people have become concerned about their health. The measurements of social distancing, as well as consideration of government regulations on preventing COVID19, has been undertaken in the event. 

    The culture of the event management process was an important element for the success of Amazon Jobs Day. As suggested by Saleh et al. (2018), the relationship between the staff and managers of an event is essential for supporting the smooth flow of the event management process. In order to make an event successful, coordination of different departments and workers is important to be established. Effective communication between the managers and staff of the event of Amazon was the reason behind developing a strong culture of productivity. It has helped the managers to cooperate in different processes of event management and lead to ultimate success. 

    Due to the COVID19 pandemic in the US Amazon organized the event “Amazon Job day” in a virtual online process. A quality method was required to analyze all the risks regarding the online recruitment process. As there was no face-to-face interaction of attendees with the recruiters it was difficult for them to identify the proper talent, however because of  technical glitches some of the attendees couldn't continue to attain the event and career coaching sessions (Salamai et al. 2019). Therefore, selecting potential talent was a really difficult challenge for the Amazon recruiters this year. As a huge number of people attended the event organized by Amazon, there was a risk of overloading the web portal and serving crush. Disruption in internet connection may result in interruption in the online streaming and can create communication gaps between the recruiters and attendees. 

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