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    Lifestyle Assignment Australia

    Lifestyle Assignment Australia

    Lifestyle Assignment Australia


    Several strategies assist in organisational growth in a glorious way and organisational theory as well as motivational theory are some of those. The perception of employees of various organisations is completely different. In this study, the main focus is to emphasise the different viewpoints of personalities that lead to their success in business. Two organisations under retail industry have been taken, namely, Lowes Menswear and Lifestyle Australia. The former entity had been founded in 1898 and the later had been 1979. In the present days, the venture Lowes Menswear has 1900 employees. On the other hand, the life Australia has 3200sqm modern factory. They have 6 machines of automatic printing of screen.

    The thesis statement of this coursework is to provide proper contrast and comparison regarding the different personalities of the companies for ensuring the success.


    It is seen that, for running the organisation in the successful way, it is necessary for the entity to maintain different theories. As per the viewpoint of Ezzamel, & Willmott (2014), different personalities follow different theories and their perception is not similar. Hence, in order to get the position in the contemporary society, the personalities of the organisations have played a great role.

    As seen, in case of Lifestyle Australia, they try to maintain their structure of the venture in order to get success. As per the viewpoint of the third generation of Petterwood, proper structure helps to get success (lifestyleaustralia.com.au, 2017). According to the organisational theory, the organisation needs to incorporate the modern technologies in their business. Following this theory, the higher authority of Lifestyle Australia has introduced with the 6 machines of automatic printing. It helps them to get a position in the market.

    On the contrary, Lowes Menswear is older organisation than Lifestyle Australia. However, the managing director of this organisation Linda Penn follows the motivational theory. As per his viewpoint, if the organisation can motivate to their employees, they would be able to increase their production in the market. Following the hierarchy needs of Maslow, he follows the specific needs of the organisation (lowes.com.au, 2017). However, in the view of Linda Penn, he does not focus on the structure. Hence, they are not able to get success as much as the Lifestyle can get in the society.

    The higher authority of Lifestyle Australia follows the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. As per the opinion of the Petterwood, the eco friendly products help to ensure the safety of environment. According to Organisational theory, modern thinking is the part of that. Hence, Petterwood tries to provide eco friendly products. As per his viewpoint, if the authority can give importance to the environment of the society, the people would like to use their products. It helps to expand their business in the market. This viewpoint assists the venture of Lifestyle to earn reputation in the market.

    On the other hand, Lowes Menswear does not introduce with CSR activity. As per the motivational theory of Herzberg, it is necessary to maintain the satisfaction of the customers and the employees (Gunnell et al. 2014). Based on this theory, Linda Penn tries to know the requirement of the customers. As per his viewpoint, as they only provide the products for men, they need to be number 1 in this section. Hence, they focus on the opinion of the customers for developing their enterprise. Hence, they provide award and extra remuneration to their employees. According to his viewpoint, employee satisfaction adds the extra wing to the organisation for getting success.

    In case of Lifestyle Australia, they maintain the organisational behaviour. The organisational behaviour helps to provide satisfaction to the employees of the enterprise. As they provide different kinds of cloth to the customers, the authority of lifestyle like to get review of them. As it is larger than Lowes Menswear, they do not discuss with their employees. As per the viewpoint of Petterwood, the higher authority’s decision is the ultimate in context of business. On the other hand, in time of decision making, the Lowes Menswear likes to hear the words of the employees. In this case, according to Linda Penn, he is able to get new ideas from the employees that help to earn reputation in the society.

    Though, Lifestyle Australia is bigger than Lowes Menswear, Lowes Menswear knows the strategy of providing satisfaction to the employees. According to the opinion of Linda Penn, employees’ motivation helps them to get position in the market. On the other hand, as per the viewpoint of Petterwood, maintaining the structure of the venture helps them to hold their position in the contemporary society.

    Lifestyle Australia has tried to maintain its position in the merchandise market due to their effective use of promotional strategies. Directors of the company are of the viewpoint that branding is one of the main components that helps in developing a business (lifestyleaustralia.com.au. 2017).

    The company displays their brands in international ceremonies to reach to a wide range of buyers at a time. Its founder Lin Petterwood tried to use certain techniques like development procedure and retail strategy. The board of directors has set a specific goal for their business that has helped them to flourish themselves. On the contrary, Lowes Menswear is unable to make use of a proper strategy for achieving their business goal. Perhaps the reason behind this is its slow growth. It can be said that there is a differentiation between the personalities of the leaders of the two companies because an organization's success is depended upon the personalities and perspectives of their leaders. In this respect, it can be said that Lifestyle Australia has been able to hold a top position in the garment industry due to an optimistic and determining personality of its directors. On the other hand, Lowes menswear is unable to increase its market share due to a pessimistic personality of its leaders.

    One of the most important aspects of Petterwood personality is that he is able to fulfill his social responsibilities that have enabled him to gain customer satisfaction (lifestyleaustralia.com.au. 2017). The company is performing its corporate social responsibility by making products that are environmental friendly. The chief executive of the company makes sure that no chemical is used in the manufacturing or packaging process. One of the important concepts of a business is its brand loyalty. Brand loyalty ensures success in a business. These are the strategy applied by directors of lifestyle Australia. The company provides vouchers and gifts to their regular customers and it has helped them to gain trust of their customers. In contrast to them, the directors of Lowes menswear are unable to build good relation with their customers. This is the reason for their low customer’s satisfaction. After identifying brand loyalty of the two companies, it can be assumed that directors of Lowes menswear are unable to form a communication with their customers whereas directors of Lifestyle Australia have successfully adopted a good communication system with their customers and increase their brand loyalty.

    Lifestyle Australia is growing their business with the help of implementation of effective market plan. A marketing plan enables a company to identify the trends of their customers as well as position fit their competitors (Wood & Bandura, 2013). In order to prepare a good market plan, market research is quite essential. The company is able to conduct an effective research with the help of a high budget. On the other hand, leaders of Lowes menswear, in the absence of inadequate budget are unable to conduct a good market research. Therefore their market plan focuses less on customer satisfaction and more on their suppliers. A proper market plan has resulted in low market share. The executives of Lifestyle Australia are able to take advantage of their relationship with their customers. Petterwood is of the viewpoint that a business can succeed only if their customers are satisfied ((lifestyleaustralia.com.au. 2017)). A good relationship with customers has helped Lifestyle Australia whereas Lowes Menswear has failed to identify the significance of customer relationship.

    In a retail business, there is a very high competition and so in order to stay ahead of competitors, unique quality is important. Lifestyle Australia is trying to bring uniqueness in their brand by renovating their products. The directors of this company are able to identify implication of differentiation strategy. He knows the technique of building their brand and poses a challenge to their competitors whereas Lowes menswear lacks unique qualities in their products.

    The company is manufacturing only menswear whereas lifestyle Australia has a wide range of products. It has been found that Lowes Menswear is able to gain employee satisfaction (lowes.com.au. 2017). The company has employed 800 employees in the year 2016 whereas Lifestyle Australia is unable to achieve employee satisfaction.


    The study outlined the contrasting viewpoints of the directors of two companies namely: lifestyle Australia and Lowes Menswear. After going through this study, it can be concluded that personalities of leaders puts significant impact over an organisation and its success. The leaders of Lifestyle Australia have gained a larger share in the merchandise market with their optimistic, determining and risk taking personality. Their personality has enabled them to gain customer satisfaction and gain control over the merchandise industry of Australia. On the other hand, Lowes menswear is unable to gain a good position in the merchandise market due to lack of strategic viewpoint of its directors.

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