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    Leadership Plan Dynamic Leadership Assignment Help

    Leadership Plan Dynamic Leadership Assignment Help


    Executive Summary

    Good and motivating leaders augment the working process in an organisation effectively. Strong leaders explore the qualities and talents of the employees and utilise them towards the betterment of the organisation. In this report the negative and positive points of myself as a leader has been explored, the trait of farsightedness and strong vision has made me a strong leader. In addition to that the inability to understand the market trends accurately has hampered the decision making process. This lead to the development of a leadership strategy by the help of action based theory, Whitman GROW model and changing model. Lastly continuous development and need for self coaching has been focused as the important area for improving the process of leadership in this report. 


    Effective leaders having the capability to explore the unforeseen talents of the employees generally make an active contribution to the competitive advantage of an organization. Proper planning and improvement of the leadership attribute aid towards the continuous improvement of that leader. In other words, through proper planning, the leaders get trained for better understanding the needs of the employees so that organizational goals could be achieved. Therefore, proper planning leads to the further development of the leaders who help in forming a team of actively engaged employee's who can further help in achieving efficiency directly for the organization. In this assignment, the need for time to time development of the leaders has been focused well. Identification of the areas, where improvement needed, and exploring the plans for future development and improvement has made this assignment more engaging and needed for the hour. 

    Reflection and exploration of the leadership style used for self-development

    Being the leader of a team of 6 employees my leadership journey has been a mixture of good and bad events. Intense pressure handling, as well as smooth management of that pressure time events by exploring the best from my members, has made this leadership journey memorable.  I tried to form the team as a place where everyone is free to share their thoughts so that more creative ideas could get generated from the minds of my team members. This has helped in the attainment of the profit and development goals of my organization. 

    Positive Leadership attributes

    From the ranks given to the leaders and reviews of my co peers, I have heard that vision and farsightedness has made me a better leader. It has been heard that clear vision and ability to explore the talents that have remained untouched by others has made my employees more efficient than other teams (Yahaya & Ebrahim, 2016). Transformation in the employees has been successful due to the adoption of the transformative leadership style development plan.  

    It has been also heard that strong focus and ability to foresee the future action steps has been possible due to the adoption of transformative leadership style development. The motto of the transformative leadership style “Motivate and Inspire” has been used well by me in shaping my flawless team of experienced and skilled team members (Arnold et al. 2015). The members had a clear vision and goals set in their minds have been made possible due to the adoption of the transformative leadership style development. In this style development of a group who shares common goals and work as a team are developed or rather it can be said that bringing total transformation in a team by making it look like a single team forms the main features of this type of leadership. Active support and encouragement preset in my team have made it more energetic and passionate about the company goal.

    Negative leadership attributes

    On the contrary, it has also been heard from the sources that failure to plan strategically and inability to make them feel completely free in sharing new ideas all the time has reduced the score of my good team. According to Nawaz & Khan (2016), failure to directly recognize the specialized areas effectively has reduced the effectiveness in making a plan responsibility segregation plan quickly.

    Failure to anticipate quickly how the market trends are going to hamper the goals of the organization has made my team less effective. Taking time in understating the market trends and sometimes inaccurate understanding of the futures markets has made my leadership journey a mixture of good and bad events. Therefore, the data sources and my co-leaders have made an active contribution in judging my inner capabilities and have also made way for improving my leadership attributes easily. Development of the leadership qualities and formulation of more farsightednesses could contribute towards making me a far better and improved leader than before (Krasnoff, 2015).

    Development of a leadership plan and strategy 

    Continuous development of a leader is very important therefore, it is needed to formulate a leadership development plan. In this case, two years leadership plan could help in making the team efficient again by overcoming the limitations that have been faced. Ability to anticipate market trends and forming the strategies for gaining the advantage could be made possible if two years leadership plan is developed. For making me, farsighted and accurate decision-maker by understating the future trends accurately requires at least two years. This time is needed because at first taking ideas and lessons how the successful leaders can formulate quicker decisions needs to be known. Apart from that knowledge of new tools that are helping the leaders in understanding how the market trends are being measured will require time. Therefore, two years in taking practical training is required for making further improvement as a leader. In the opinion of Obolensky (2017), Whitman GROW model and Boyatzis international model could be further used for augmenting the development process quickly and easily.

    Leadership theories and its application in the leadership strategy 

     In this respect before the development of one effective leadership strategy theoretical implication needs to be accessed so that by the combination of theoretical and practical application accurate and suitable leadership strategy could be developed. In the words of Komives (2016), situational leadership theory states that different approaches could be developed for developing the followers and action-centered theory states that perfect action as and when needed could be developed by the leaders. The problem to identify the market trends quickly could be solved by the help of these two theoretical combinations. 

    The followers or the employees who are engaged in this market trend assessment could be taught to take different approaches and if they adopt the right approach for accessing the market trends quickly then the leader could be able to take actions or rather decisions quickly. Therefore, by the help of this theory, every loophole of mine as a leader could be improved and solved easily. 

    Whitman grows model further could help in solving the problems, sets goals and leads to improvement from the root. Therefore by the help of this model, at first the goals that are to be set for being a good leader needs to be developed (Foster, 2016). Then based on the current situations and obstacles assessment possibilities that exist are checked. Lastly, the accountability and actions for the development of an effective leadership strategy are developed. In the Boyatzis international model generally, five discoveries are taken into consideration. In the first discovery, discovering yourself as an ideal self and creating a vision that commitment from my side will be optimum helps in developing oneself fit for competition easily. In second discovery comparing and finding out strengths and weakness helps in formulating a better plan and agenda. As per the plan areas where improvement is needed gets identified and desired changes could be done easily. Lastly, this model focuses on relationship development as the key element for successful leadership.

    Development of a new leadership strategy

    Taking action and never assuming things will be the new leadership strategy for ensuring improvement in leadership aspects. Glatthorn et al. (2018) stated that for the development of this leadership strategy this four theories and models are very much needed. Certain steps needed for the development are as follows:

    Firstly the leader needs to meet the seniors for the approval and then as a leader one needs to find out the key drivers. Here situational leadership features could be used for jotting down the business drivers that are going to help the leader in improvement. By the help of this theory (based on the situation ranking whether high or low), the drivers that are affecting the leadership strategy could be identified. Then based on the environmental scan leadership requirements could be jotted down. Here action-based leadership and Boyatzis international model could be applied. By the help of action based approach where actions needed could be identified through the environmental scan and change model bringing a complete change in the real self and ideal self could be done. In the third step, the key drivers, as well as outcomes, get measured and here the strategy will be to take action whenever needed and that also by knowing the accurate details of the facts.

    Therefore, accuracy and effective market research will be the key drivers for strategy development. Gaps identification and leadership process identification are formed as the fourth step in this strategy development process (Volz-Peacock, Carson & Marquardt, 2016). With the help of Grow, model goals could be set at first so that problem solving becomes easier and after setting the goals budget analysis, the time needed and systems required are to be identified. Lastly by the inclusion of training, activity chart and competency assessment ultimate strategy implementation could be done.

    By the help of the four theories namely, action theory, situational leadership strategy, GROW model and by Boyatzis model areas where improvement is needed could be identified easily and based on the environmental scan effective implementation of the new leadership strategy could be done. This justifies the use and suitability of these theories while formulating the new strategy.  


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