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    Article 1Hoch, J. E., & Dulebohn, J. H. (2013). Shared leadership in enterprise resource planning and human resource management system implementation. Human Resource Management Review, 23(1), 114-125.

    This study has shaded light on Shared leadership in the context of planning in enterprise resource along with its implementation system of human resource management.

    This study is done by Julia E. Hoch and James H. Dulebohn. Both of them are learners of School of Human Resources and Labor Relations which is under Michigan State University in the United States.

    A discussion on human resource management and its integration with an organization's information system has been provided in this study. In this study, evaluation is done modules of enterprise resource planning system. This study has also shed light on leadership process and impact of leadership on the team members.

    Author of this research work has followed positivism theory in order to carry out the research work. In order to collect data to make an assumption the authors have followed secondary data collection method. In order to choose the source of the data authors have followed random method.

    This study has included different aspects of leadership on an organization and the impacts on the employees and the team members. Authors have also mentioned the complexity of the ERM software and the problems regarding the complex nature of the software. But there are more issues regarding the use of the software is not mentioned. The author has not included the mitigation process for the issues.


    In order to avoid the complex nature of the ERM software organizations can use the new generation multitasking software which is based on single platform and has high-security options which will help the organization give protection to the important data.

    Article 2

    Lee, J., Lee, H., & Park, J. G. (2014). Exploring the impact of empowering leadership on knowledge sharing, absorptive capacity and team performance in IT service. Information Technology & People, 27(3), 366-386.This research study has explored the effect of authorization of leaders based on sharing of knowledge, performance of the tam and capacity to absorb challenges regarding the organizational activities in IT sector.

    Authors of the research study are Jungwoo Lee, Hyejung Lee and Jun-Gi Park. Jungwoo Lee is from the Graduate School of Information and both of Jun-Gi Park and Hyejung Lee are from IT Policy & Strategy Research Institute.

    Authors of this research study have shaded light on Leadership and the Absorptive capacity of leadership in an organization. In this study authors have evaluated the process of IT project management also. 

    In order to collect data to make an assumption the authors have followed secondary data collection method. In order to choose the source of the data authors have followed random method. In order to conduct the data collection for the research, work authors have taken data from employees with more than 85 It project management experience. Total data collection was done from 330 questionnaires. Authors have done the assessment in the research work depending on the reliability of the data.

    Authors have made discussion on the steps of leadership in project management and who to approach the project work. But in order to attain a project management work there might raise different issues.


    In order to mitigate the challenges in leadership for IT project management, there is need a proper strategic planning and it can be done only with the help of strategic manager who has experience in IT also as without proper knowledge on the project no plan can be chalked out. 


    In my organization the main problem I faced as a leader is lack of communication with both my subordinates and supervisors. There were several reasons behind such conflict. One of the prime reasons was the lack of organizational policy regarding the communication between the employees during the work time. This put limitation to interact with people as well as ideas. Apart from that, an absence of proper communicating platform was another major factor that influences such conflicts. Different thought between my teammates was making conflicts in my leadership, and they were not communicating to solve the issue.

    In that atmosphere, I have tried to communicate with the subordinates and authority to solve the communication problem. I have conducted a training regarding organizational policy for the employees to maintain a proper workforce of an organization. They do not have enough technologies for communication, and those were present was not updated enough. I have talked to the supervisor to solve the technical issues. Most of my employees are from different background thus there were conflicts between our thoughts. As they are specialized in their subject they were not accepting my thoughts which were affecting productivity, to solve this problem I have talked my authority.In this process, I have learned that effective communication is an important factor to be a successful leader.  Sharing meaningful information about work policy is most important thing of a leader. As a leader, I have discussed those things to my subordinates. I have learned to communicate with team members in an effective manner, which has motivated me and my subordinates for the work. I have learned to use technologies to communicate with my team members. I have learned to talk about their negatives to dig out positives out of it. Solving the problems through communication is the major thing I have learned after this.

    In future, I will communicate with my groups about the job to know their thoughts and I will make my decision accordingly.  I will deliver valuable thoughts to solve the communication gap. I will not go with the objective of speak; rather I will give them chances to talk and respond with my straight to the point opinions. Finding the proper time to communicate with the subordinates will help me to solve the conflicts. I will not only tell them problems rather I will take help from them to be a better communicator.

    There is positive and negatives aspect of the conflict of lack of communication. I have changed way of communication with the team members and supervisors. Team members can conflict about any matter, communicating with the subject matter can solve the communication problem. Subordinates have their boundaries, as a leader, I need to give them their space to communicate. Respecting differences of each other and learn to see the different points of view to ignore conflicts in near future. These conflicts have given me chance to strengthen my ability to communicate and solve them accordingly.


    Ghostwriting has become a big issue in between the learners. It is seen that the learners are taking help from the others in order to do the assignment from others and using them as own content. The assignments are given in order to help in making long-term carriers of the students. Ghostwriting is a serious crime for the students who are using someone others academic writing as own work. First of all, I will communicate with the friends who are taking help from the ghostwriters in order to do the assignments given by the organizations. I will discuss with them about this misconduct and the bad impact of it on the long-term carriers. Assignments are given in an academic learning section to make more involvement of the students on a certain topic of learning (Zheng & Cheng, 2015, p. 130). I will try to make them understand how this misconduct will affect the learning and how it will affect the career growth along with performance. I shall make a discussion on the ACS codes of ethics as if they can rectify themselves. I shall discuss with them on how doing own projects help in learning and how it helps in building a strong and long carrier.

    In case if they don't show interest in this factor and continues to do such things thin I shall complain about them to the professor about the misconduct. I shall brief the situation to the professor about the use of ghostwriting for the assignments (Fusch et al. 2017, p. 13). I will relate the situation to the students who are doing the assignments of their own. If I complain to the lecturer or the professors then it can help in deciding the career and the future of the students who are doing their own assignment and the students who are taking help from the ghostwriters. A change in the assignment process and the study structure can help in removing the ghostwriting.The elements of the professional code of ethics which should be considered on the basis of a student's action are as followed.

    Honesty- In order to represent the skills as the student should be honest with his work.  If a student finds other students using ghostwriting should communicate with them on this issue.

    Competence- If a student finds his friend taking help from ghostwriting should make his friend understand why to do was work with competence.

    Professional Development- Eliminating the practice of using ghostwriters in doing own assignment will help in enhancement of his professional development.

    Professionalism - If a student fails to make his friend understand the effects of this misconduct he should inform the professors about the misconduct which comes under professionalism.


    Part A: Justification

    1. Effective Verbal and Listening Communication Skill

    In order to comprehend the situation and perform efficiently, it is important to develop proper communication skill. As suggested by Pagels et al.  (2015, p. 1579), effective and efficient skills of communication including listening and verbal has a major impact on the development of the performance of a student. Example of such communication skills can be drawn from the students of COIT20249 who have the assignments to present to the class. This course section has been provided discussions and information based on the different work scenarios. These include conflict in workplace considering communication, leadership, cross-culture, and practice of ethics. This coursework asked to communicate with each other. That requires a speaker and a listener. This influences both the communication skills. Leaders in the organization use such communication skills in order to motivate the subordinates. This skill also facilitates them to resolve the challenges or queries faced by the subordinates.   

     2. The effectiveness of Reading Skills in Developing Academic Document

    A skill of reading is one of the major requirements in order to develop academic documents. Without such skill of reading, it is difficult enough to develop such academic document. For example, a participation of the students in the coursework can be considered. Here the students are required to develop academic documents and without proper reading skill, they could hardly gather knowledge about the topic. They could generate information about their coursework only through proper reading and be listening. While pursuing the course COIT20249, students have developed their academic documents through a profound reading of books and journals. They also provided personal viewpoints through the analysis of collected data.  

    3. Importance of Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills

    In the modern management system in any organisation the most important thing is teamwork. Teamwork controls the quality of the work and the time consumption for any work. Tem work is dependent on the combination and proper coordination in between the workers (Vrchota et al. 2018, p. 646). Interpersonal skill is also required in order to perform in a team. According to COIT20249  development of interpersonal skill can help in personal development of an individual. At the time of learning COIT20249 a group consists of 7 members were assigned a job to solve a issue. The work was done fast and perfectly as they made approach to the work with proper strategic planning. They first divided the work according to the skill of each members and with proper coordination among them they finished the work within 5 days. It also reflects that interpersonal skill is also required in order to do teamwork successfully.  

    4. Evaluating the Ethical Behavior, Social, Privacy, and Legal Aspects

    One of the most important learning from COIT20249 includes the development of ethical behavior in an organization. COIT20249 has also shed light on social aspects as well as privacy and legal aspects also. COIT20249 provided an assignment on leadership and its impact on HRM to a group of students. In portfolio 3 the students have claimed about unethical conduct in doing assignments provided by the organizations. In that section, students were asked about the strategy they will take if they find any other students taking advantages of the ghostwriter and without making any effort in the assignment achieving good scores. Those students also learned the differences between what is wrong and what is right about the ethical behavior and enhanced their ethical behavior.

    5. The Importance of Diversity and Intercultural Competency Skill

    Diversity and Intercultural Competency Skill is also discussed by COIT20249 among its students. These days the organizations generate employment form all over the world. As a result in any group it is seen that employees work with different people with different casts from different regions (Allard, Qayyum, & Mehra, 2017, p. 646). In order to work in a unit the diversity is given the most importance. Development and growth of people from different regions of different culture and religion depends on their diversity, their ability to understand and maintain a sound communication and relation with the people from different culture. COIT20249 made a choice of 12 people from different culture and background and assigned them a work to do within a week. In order to do the job development of intercultural competence and intense communication skills is required. 

    6. The Importance of Communication and Collaboration Technology

    Organizations are required to adopt proper communication techniques in order to achieve development. This is a challenging task for the organization. This course of COIT20249 has facilitated the students regarding the development of technologies regarding the organizational communication as well as collaboration. Knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint of the students can be considered as an example in this context. This helps them to learn and influence the communication technologies.  Application of such software could facilitate the organization in order to share documents, images, notices among the employees. As stated by Odağ, Wallin & Kedzior (2016, p. 137), development of communication technologies facilitates the organization to develop its relations with the customers as well as employees.

    7. Importance of ICT in Enhancing the Organizational Process

    The information and communication technology is the main part for improving the communication process in an organization. The organization process depends on organizational data, maintaining a good communication among the students. COIT20249 has allowed the students to enhance their knowledge on the weakness and the strengths of an organization. The work process depends on the leadership of the manager and the communication process in between the teams. The application of ICT has also helped the students to learn about how to make communication in order to maintain coordination in between the team members and to design the work process on which the total work depends.

    Part B-Feedback

    The number 3 of the ULO in Portfolio 4 has demonstrated the importance of teamwork and the development of interpersonal skill in the Australian workplace. It was the most interesting topic in order to understand how to do the quality job in a time-bound and how a good teamwork promotes a high-quality job. It can be stated that this ability would help the students after graduating as an ICT professional. After starting the professional life in an organization there will be several challenges in attaining a project where a team play is much more required. Without a proper communication between the team members and coordination in between, they might result in failure of the job. Teamwork not only helps in completing a work in an easy way but also it will help an individual in upgrading own interpersonal skill.

    The earlier perspective was on teamwork and development of interpersonal skill which is one of the most important factors in an organization. The previous section was on teamwork which can be denoted as team play also (Allard, Qayyum, & Mehra, 2017, p. 646). But in order to maintain the coordination in a team play for a certain work the most important thing is communication process between the team members. In order to maintain a sound communication in between the members is required. The main barrier to the employees to make a sound communication is the ego and attitude problem. Most of the organizations generate employment form all the corner of the world. In that process, it is seen that people from different communities and from different regions are working in the same place. The difference in different communities from different area posses different lifestyle along with their behavior. It is seen that people from different communities find difficulty to work in a team as the language and the work style varies from one community to another community. In order to maintain the coordination in between the employees the importance of learning diversity and adopting the different cultures and behaving well with the people of different communities is the important aspect. In order to upgrade the interpersonal skill, an employee can take help from others in order to learn new skills. But the difference in culture sometimes acts as a barrier in order to learn new skills from the other employees. The main factor that works as the barrier is the communication gap in between the employees of different communities. Different opinion in a workgroup or in a team can lead to a bumpy relationship in between the employees which can directly affect the work of the team. With the knowledge of the new ULO, all these can be addressed.

    Another ULO which belongs to the portfolio 3 makes a leaner understand about the misconduct in the section of academic works and the assignments. In these days the ghostwriting has increased in a large way which has been a serious issue these days. In order to save time and do the assignment easily students are taking help from the ghostwriters and submitting the works from the ghostwriter as their worn work (Vrchota et al. 2018, p. 646). These misconducts are affecting the interpersonal skill of the students which can affect the career of the students in long term. It is very important for the students of ACT professionals that they must do their own assignment and they must understand why this will help in their career in a long-term and how it will help in developing the interpersonal skill of them. If they do not eliminate the mentality of using ghostwriter they would lack in skill in order to work in an organization. 

    In between the units I liked the most about the teamwork and improving interpersonal skill which can help in order to bring out the best out of a student and will help in future to work in an organization. 

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