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    Leadership And Learning Organistion Assignment Help

    Leadership And Learning Organistion Assignment Help



    Learning Organisation is considered as the organisation, where leaders are focused towards making people learn and enhance their capability. In the current context, the main focus is made on the role of leadership in the learning organization. It is important to note that leaders are responsible for improving organizational performances as it makes the employees continually expand their performances. The thesis statement of the current study is to highlight the creation of an effective learning organization; whether the small enterprise or the large corporation with the modern roles of leaders.

    Steward, teacher and designer role of leader in the learning oranization

    New leadership in the learning organization is mainly focused towards three main activities; which include teachers, stewards, and designer. The old leadership model highlighted leaders as the energetic hero that used to control the lesser individual, which fails to synchronize with a spirit of motivation, flexibility, and innovation. According to PaideyaandDhunbath(2018),the leadership quality of motivational, flexibility, as well as innovation, is required among the leaders for making the organization flourish in the modern competitive world. As per the concept broughtforwardby Senge, new leaders stand as the combination of steward, teacher, and designer (Senge, 1995).  The role of leaders as the design makes them design processes and systems so that learning is enhanced in the organization.

    The traditional form of leader is highlighted as people who focus on setting direction, making decision as well as energising troops. Serrat(2017) mentioned that in the learning organisation, the role of leaders differ dramatically based on the charismatic decision-maker. The modern leaders in the learning organisation requirelatest or new skills; which are to develop ability of building shared vision and foster systematic thinking patterns. In simple terms, it is noted that leaders in the learning organisation has the responsibility of building the organisation, by making the individuals continually expand their abilities for shaping their future.

    Role of designer among leaders i the learning oganization

    Bolander and Tomson(2017) commented that designing is considered as the behind-the-scenes activity that helps in arranging different activities and processes of the organization. The role of designer among leaders makes them anticipate different potential problems in the organization; such as employment issue, lack of motivation among employees (Senge, 1995). The mentioned role is important among leaders in the learning organization as it helps in handling .


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