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    Leadership And Learning Organistion Assignment Help

    Leadership And Learning Organistion Assignment Help



    Learning Organisation is considered as the organisation, where leaders are focused towards making people learn and enhance their capability. In the current context, the main focus is made on the role of leadership in the learning organization. It is important to note that leaders are responsible for improving organizational performances as it makes the employees continually expand their performances. The thesis statement of the current study is to highlight the creation of an effective learning organization; whether the small enterprise or the large corporation with the modern roles of leaders.

    Steward, teacher and designer role of leader in the learning oranization

    New leadership in the learning organization is mainly focused towards three main activities; which include teachers, stewards, and designer. The old leadership model highlighted leaders as the energetic hero that used to control the lesser individual, which fails to synchronize with a spirit of motivation, flexibility, and innovation. According to PaideyaandDhunbath(2018),the leadership quality of motivational, flexibility, as well as innovation, is required among the leaders for making the organization flourish in the modern competitive world. As per the concept broughtforwardby Senge, new leaders stand as the combination of steward, teacher, and designer (Senge, 1995).  The role of leaders as the design makes them design processes and systems so that learning is enhanced in the organization.

    The traditional form of leader is highlighted as people who focus on setting direction, making decision as well as energising troops. Serrat(2017) mentioned that in the learning organisation, the role of leaders differ dramatically based on the charismatic decision-maker. The modern leaders in the learning organisation requirelatest or new skills; which are to develop ability of building shared vision and foster systematic thinking patterns. In simple terms, it is noted that leaders in the learning organisation has the responsibility of building the organisation, by making the individuals continually expand their abilities for shaping their future.

    Role of designer among leaders i the learning oganization

    Bolander and Tomson(2017) commented that designing is considered as the behind-the-scenes activity that helps in arranging different activities and processes of the organization. The role of designer among leaders makes them anticipate different potential problems in the organization; such as employment issue, lack of motivation among employees (Senge, 1995). The mentioned role is important among leaders in the learning organization as it helps in handling the mentioned issues before arising so that it becomes invisible in the organization. The highest measure of the effectiveness of the leaders is that when the employees or team considers that they can easily do their work themselves. Contrarily, Phillipset al.(2018) argued that as the designer, the leader has the main role of system architect. The designer role of the leader makes hem consider the learning organization as a "living system", which includes roles, processes, and metrics. The leaders also have the role of designing the ideas, vision, and purposes to norm organization. Therefore, it can be said that the designer role of theleader makes them system designers, symbol creators, and behavioural influences.

    As per the view of Senge, it is essential for the leaders to be a designer, whose main purpose is to design governing vision, core values, and purpose for guiding people in the organization. Smithet al. (2019) mentioned that the role of leaders as the designer is to design structures, strategies, and policies, which helps in translating guiding ideas in business decision. The leader's role as the designer makes them learn to rely on intuition, besides making them focus on designing organizational structure. It helps in creating a dynamic environment in a learning organization, which helps in engaging people of every level. The key aim of the designer leader is to focus on enhancing strategic thinking among the people, which assist in getting insight into the complexity of organization (Senge, 1995).A leader as the designer is therefore useful in the organization as it helps in problem-solving, besides reducing the chances of errors. Furthermore, the designer role helps in providing a proper direction to the way of organizational success.

    Steward  role of leaders in the learing organization

    Learning Organisation stands as the organization that helps people to continuously learn as well as improve the capability of the person. Based on the viewpoint of Pasmoreet al.(2019), learning organization mainly consists of five different disciplines; which includes shared vision, personal mastery, mental models, systems thinking and team learning. The mentioned disciplines are considereddynamic, which helps an individual to interact with one another (Senge, 1995). The steward role of leaders focuses on the cohesive vision of the organization. It makes the leaders focus towards the goal of the organization, besides meeting the needs of the employees. As argued by Daft(2015),the steward quality of the leadership emphasizes governing ideas, which makes them align with the organizational goals and objectives. It is found that steward leadership highlights the role of servant leadership, which mainly highlights a principle-centredapproach within the learning organization. The stewardshipquality of the leaders is shown in different ways by providing the wellbeing of the community or employees.

    In addition to this, it is also noted that the steward quality of leaders helps in creating the organization, which provides opportunities for self-actualization or learning. As opined by SessaandLondon (2015), leaders as the steward are mainly dedicated to enhancing innovation and creativity in the learning organization. It is found that leaders as steward focus on following the highly pragmatic path that is oriented towards simply joining action and ideas. The genuine commitment of the leader is highly noticeable in the steward role of leaders in the learning organization. It requires persuasiveness and clarity of own commitment, openness, and ideas for improving the learning processes of the learning organization (Senge, 1995). Moreover, in the steward role of the leaders, self-awareness is required and exemplifies personal mastery, which is useful for improving the performances of individual, besides boosting organisational profitability.

    Teacher role among leaders in a learning organization

    The role of leader as the teacher is to provide service as the mentor to employees or colleagues. Based on the viewpoint of Caniëlset al. (2018), leaders are like the teacher, who has the knowledge of making others learn. The leaders have the awareness of the way of making employees or colleagues learn, besides inspiring them for further learning (indirectly or directly). Apart from this, it is also found from the concept of Senge that leaders as the teacher has the responsibility of defining reality regarding the organization (Senge, 1995).The "reality" in the organization refers to practical parameters in the operational field of the organization.

    The teacher role of the leader creates the atmosphere in the learning organization, where other gets the chance to learn new things and improve their performances. As argued by Mintzberg and Caldwell (2017), in the teacher role of the leaders, the main role of the leaders is to enhance the skills of the people. In the learning organization, teacher role of leaders helps to create a learning space, besides valuing the work of employees. In addition to this, it is also noted that leaders also have the capacity of influencing organizational culture, mythologies, and symbols. Teacher role of the leaders also helps in creating a learning environment, which closes the capacity gaps among employees or colleagues of the organization.  Ndalambaet al. (2018) mentioned that the role of the teacher as the leader does not only focus on teaching people about the "correct" form of reality. The main role of the leader is to guide, facilitate as well as coach the individual in the organization. The realistic view of the leader is beneficial for influencing people for viewing the reality at three different levels; such as events, systemic structure, and behavioural patterns. 


    It can be concluded from the above discussion that the modern skills of leaders; such as steward, teacher, and design are essential for shaping the structure of the learning organization, which proves the thesis statement. The mentioned role of the leaders requires different new skills like the creativity of building the shared vision, improving systematic thinking and monitoring the skills of the individual. The leaders with the role of the designer are aimed towards designing the vision and core values of the organization. On the other hand, it is also noted that leader as the teacher influences the behaviours of the people, besides sustaining people restructuring. The steward role of the leader is considered as the most important one as it emphasizes two different aspects of the learning organization. The aspects include stewardship for people that they lead, while stewardship forlarger mission in learning organisation. The modern leaders are found to be highly engaged in developing a learning organization for making it highly productive. It also includes increasing the level of higher satisfaction and more organizational success as compared to the traditional organization. Therefore, it can be said that the line of Senge regarding leadership roles is highly valance in the current learning organization.

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