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    The main purpose of this report is on the airlines company which China Southern Airlines while focusing on the development of the system of the new information of the same. The system of information in this company is hugely important for not only engaging the passengers but also so that there is enhancement in the satisfaction of the customer and enhancement of the value of sales of the organisation. As provided in the report presented in the case study, one of the most important airlines is the China Southern airlines and of reputation which has the capacity of the largest passenger while creating China’s most developed routes of airlines (Skyscanner.co.in 2019). The head quarter of this Airline is located at Guangzhou, China. This report is proposed to present the information system which is new for the Airlines so as to monitor the present status of boarding and flight systems of the airlines. 

    Evaluation of success factors and mission statement

    Success factors

    Less fare: Comparing other airlines with China Southern Airlines, this company provides very low fare than the other airline services. This has resulted in providing the company to gain attraction from the new and also from the existing customers (Csair.com 2019). This has helped the company out to create a huge platform for the client and to provide economy of high quality and efficient and lavish business class services to the passengers in this low fare as the company has been able to provide the benefits of the competitive market. 

    Fast service: Another success of this company is that it provides fast services to the passengers and this is considered to be one of the leading success factors of China Southern Airlines (Csair.com 2019). The part and parcel of the success factor is seconded by the employee working in the company to help the customers not to stand in the huge queues for getting the tickets. This has assisted to increase the satisfaction of the customer while gaining attraction from them.

    Best behaviour: The workers and employees of the organisation are very polite and appreciate the presence of the passengers. The air hostess’s behaviour is very decent and polite. The on-board crew members are very descent and understanding (Csair.com 2019). The hospitality of this is very high in quality which has helped in increasing the amount of travelling passengers those who will like to travel via the flight of this company. 

    Largest capacity in the flight: The flight capacity of China Southern Airline is one of the largest airline companies in China. This has contributed in a huge amount to the income and expenditure of the organisation (Csair.com 2019). And because of this fact, the number of passengers those who travelled in this airline in the year 2017 were more than 126 million. 

    Primary objectives

    To give high quality services to the huge rate of passengers 

    To create a huge domain of hub through the route of canton

    To commence activities of CSR so as to promote the understanding with the investors and the stakeholders of the company

    New Information system

    It is very important to make a new system of information which will help to identify the present status of the movement of boarding and flight system so as to create the largest international air hub network. 

    Organisational Chart

    Organisational chart is the proper allocation of the respective position accordingly in an organisation. The leading position of the company is to be held by the Board of Directors and the shareholders, who dominate over the highest authority in the organisation. The way of managing the status of compression of the management in the total scenario consists of the status to depend on. The authorial power as well as the manager-in-chief of the company is required to be under the management of the board committee. 

    The strategy managers and other leading managers of the company are situated at the highest level of the organisational chart which can be implemented in gaining the quality which is based on the suspect of the promotion which needs maintenance and apprehension. The management process requires being more specific in terms of managing the whole system of administration (Global.csair.com 2017). The implementation system of the management is required to be organised through the aspects that could be put to usage according to the view point. 

    At the low level of the organisational chart, there consist the head of the office division and the other division unit of the prospect in the division unit of the branch manager that is needed to be comprised with. The efficient and proper use of the points of the beach bases that could be used as the management basis and which needs an acclamation in the lower level of management (Global.csair.com 2017).

    The maintenance of the logistic based work process and the other managerial works are required to be put into action on the basis of the previous issues. The fine and proper implementation of the several types of management is required due to the proper and efficient management of the previous issues those are to be managed. This is to be done on the grounds of a proper identification and the proper time provided to the user. The use of different kinds of the management like the implementation of the status is required to be noted as well as to maintain the constructed instrument.  

    Discussion of new informational system and relevance of advanced technologies

    The new and current function is required to be ensured according to the need of the the system of availability based on the convenience of the management. The initial assistance that the organisation is going to receive from the system is the best possible convenience and guidance from the passenger on the booking of tickets and boarding the plane. There is a need of the AI design which is needed to support the whole management system of the airline authority. This is needed to be implemented on the airline system of management. The whole system within the procedure of the ticket booking of the passenger is totally based on the management of the tickets those are available, only after getting reservation confirmation and the notification that could be sent through the mail or through SMS of the passenger (Digitalistmag.com 2019). 

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