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    Assignment 2

    In the project for systems integration for the Online ordering and resource management systems of OrderUP, the requirement synopsis includes all the features which the systems is expected to provide to the administrators and the managers. These features are essential for fulfilling all purposes of the ordering sites (Aytaç and Korcak, 2018). Different restaurants are allowed to use the services of OrderUp through the website and the main functions provided by the interface included recording all the activities, payments, appointment of employees and accounting services. The key requirements profile for the project can be expressed into two categories, namely functional and non-functional requirements. 

    System development approach used for the project

    The methodology of system development refers to the structure that is used to show the growth of the plans, strategies of an information system. During the years, various methods of the agile process of system development approach have come to the industry of online ordering system (Wiegmann and Shappell, 2017). Each of these frameworks and methodology has its specific work process and strength and weakness. A company using only one particular system development methodology is not enough for the productivity and development of the company. Every industry has some specific features, and for each sector there are suitable system development approach methods. 

    Agile methodology: The term agile is very popular amidst the IT industry (Kerzner, 2017). Agile is considered as one of the most empowering processes which aid the companies to structure and build the correct processing of any online website company, specifically the OrderUp. This specific management process benefits mainly software and online-based companies. Agile methodology is the one system development approach methodology which focuses on the high-quality value of the products so that the companies can be competitive in the market. An agile method mainly gives attention to some principles. The first one is that instead of focusing on the processes also tools, it prioritizes the individuals and sociability. This method considers the customer collaboration to be more important than contract debate. The process that is implied for the working of the system development approach, primarily responds to changes rather than to follow a particular plan. An agile process is immensely beneficial to create a trustworthy relationship between the Order up company and the stakeholders (Karepova et al. 2015). The collaboration between the customers and the companies are on its peak as it always updating the work process and the stakeholders are entirely tangled in the project. The leading online ordering solutions to the restaurant in Australia is using the agile methodology of system development approach has got fame by using these above-mentioned principles. The company Order up has focused on the quality of their food, which helped them to get an authentic connection with their customers. The agile process has given the assurance of fast delivery, and the date can also be predictable. Order up has got the maximum number of customers, using it because of that feature they have by using this particular system development approach. The companies that are providing the software system development process does not cost too much as their fixed schedule. Because of the moderate cost rate Order up has kept the price of their items low as compared to other online ordering solutions.

    Order up is the best online solution website, which is a low budget fulfil all requirements of the restaurant and any other food-related companies worldwide. This agile methodology helps Order up to understand the needs of their customers better. Understanding the needs of clients company, Order up provides them with the features that are mostly giving massive profit to the clients. The organization order up has featured their website with some attractive benefits that quickly catches the attention of their clients. OrderUp has given opportunities to their clients instead of using any third-party payment method they can directly make payment from their merchant account (Che et al. 2015). Making payments through client's respective bank account saves a significant amount of money. OrderUp keeps the priority of their clients as their main project, and there are tons of methods to fulfil their client's needs. There is a feature called "Promote your Brand" in Order up; this is one of the most popular features. Instead of using any other third party online website, the client can make their brand by using Order up. The customers of the organization now independently build their brand. Order up is entirely in charge of that brand also in this way many small businesses can gain popularity and that too within their expenses. Clients are allowed to change their menu, the prices of their food items at their preferences at any time. Companies can keep a record of their past orders as well as coupon redemption and also the track record of requests.

    Order up is very particular when it comes to the requirement of its customers. They like to keep in mind every detailed aspect of the clients. Considering the busy periods of each client they have made a setting where the customers can manipulate the cut off time of ordering food. The restaurants can even pause their food ordering time if there is too much pressure. The respective companies or restaurant that is using Order up as their online website management can make a direct connection with their customers. Order up has come up with features where the clients can have the personal information of their customers such as their Email ID, Facebook account, twitter. These social media marketing feature helps to meet the targeted marketing strategies of the companies (Karepova et al. 2015). Agile system development process used a methodology called "crystal". Crystal methodology under an agile process is a lightweight and quick adapting process if one is concerned with software development. 

    This method works on the Order up's Clients size of the party, the criticality level of the arrangement involved in the project of the client who has signed in Order up and, what is considered as the priority of this project. Crystal method mainly follows a few essential tenets for instances teamwork, communications, and directness. Frequent adjustments are also included in the crystal method. There is also the improvement of processes, a reflection of the work which the crystal method under an agile approach of system development uses. Next, there is a dynamic system development method under the agile process. DSDM was originated on, 1994 and, since then it has matured and has given a proposal of comprehensive foundation in scaling the progress, planning the project as per the growth of the business. OrderUp has attentively followed the DSDM method and has gained an authentic customer (Javed and Lin, 2018). Orderup customer can manipulate their delivery numbers, prices, working days and, almost everything. People have a misconception about the agile process is that they do not have any hierarchy or flat, but that is not the truth. Top managers are still there to control the project's activities. People are again getting fired for not completing their allocated tasks. The agile organization's hierarchy does not eliminate its employees for not pleasing their boss but for not adding values to their customers. 

    Agile organization's philosophy is less result and more feedback of authentic customers. The agile organization uses an interactive communication approach that is dynamic and vertical. The differences between exploitation and exploration are clearly distinguished in the agile organization for a better understanding of the employees (Bevan et al. 2018). The employees of any position are free to give ideas for better productivity. The workers can explore various ideas and apply them to add up the customer rate and better growth of OrderUp.

    Functional requirements

    The functional requirements in the OrderUP Project include:

    The administrators in the system have been integrated with all the functions performed by the database and the actions which are to be defined include updating, deleting and adding new items into the categories.

    It has been ensured that the system includes secure authentication functions providing specific authorisations to selective personnel from controlling the activities in the systems. 

    As suggested by Barton and MacArthur, (2016), the customers and the administration interfaces also have been differentiated completely as the customer profiles are required to be strictly confined to maintenances and editing of personal information.

    Therefore the key functional requirements in this case included offering customers to select items in the menu, make online payments and check the status of the projects (Chavan et al. 2015). 

    The functional inclusions in the system also consisted of allowing the customers to book tables in restaurants and the consumer interface automatically sums up all the prices of the food items. 

    Data types:

    The data types used in the system were selected as per the requirements in the interface. The fields in the database concerned with regular text fields such as names of the employed chefs and the customers were provided with text data types and the identifier fields of the primary key in each field has been provided with auto-generated numbers in order to enable the systems to generate employee IDs and the other similar ID field automatically (Asif et al. 2015). The data types used for data concerned with transactions included ‘currency’ data types and other data types used in the database included the regular ‘number’ types which has been used for counting purposes.

    Use Case Diagram

    There were three interfaces involved in the OrderUp application which allows users to connect differently to the database as per their requirements. The Use case diagram presents the functions and activities of the different users of the OrderUp Systems (Figure 1). The Use case Diagram was the Unified Modelling Language (UML) process which was chosen in the project to outline the basic functions and activities concerned with the processes (Hong, 2017). 


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