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    Issues in Business & Managment Assignment Help

    Issues in Business & Managment Assignment Help

    Critical Issues in Business & Managment

    The aim of this module is to get you reading and critically evaluating information, to consider how it relates to your understanding and experiences and to develop your research skills ready for future modules. We focus on exploring critical issues in business and management with the intention on enabling you to take a critical perspective regarding the literature in this area.

    To develop a critical awareness of key themes relevant to strategic management 
    To critically evaluate research and literature in relation to the themes and your business environment and experiences.

    On successful completion of the module, participants will be able to:
    a)Critically explain the value and importance of an integrated perspective to
    organisational leadership   
    b)Apply a range of analytical models and conceptual tools and techniques in the analysis of organisations   
    c)Demonstrate knowledge applied to practical situations of business management   
    d)Engage in critical, developmental reflection about professional knowledge   
    e)Produce evidence based arguments and conclusions   
    f)Demonstrate an ability to work effectively as an individual and group member in order to carry out tasks linking theory to practice.   
    g)Make discriminating use of a range of learning resources in order to solve business related problems   
    h)Communicate the solutions arrived at, and the thinking underlying them, in verbal and/or written form 
    Critical Reflection 
    Integration and Analysis
    Using Learning Resources in MBA Study
    Pervasive Issues in Business Leadership
    Sustainability and Ethics
    Risk and Security in Organisations
    Entrepreneurship, Enterprise and Social Enterprise
    Globalisation and the International Agenda
    People in Organisations
    The teaching and learning strategies adopted for this module are appropriate for all modes of study and are designed to enable the participants to meet the rigorous requirements of MBA study. This includes developing metacognition, critical thinking and communication skills at a leadership level. The teaching, learning and assessment strategy is designed to ensure that you consider concepts and theories within a real world context.
    Within this module, we consider critical issues that are covered across all topics of MBA study such as leadership, ethical behaviour, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and organisational culture while developing core analytical skills in research, evaluation and dissemination.
    This is the first module on the MBA and on this module you are expected to read widely, using the online reading list as a platform to broaden your search for information to keep in touch with current business issues. 
    We encourage you to share your ideas with each other and to engage in critical questioning of your research in relation to your personal experiences. We expect you to take time to interact with peers. 

    You are expected to engage with the virtual learning environment (NILE) on a regular basis. Your core reading is available from NILE as are communication tools and access to additional information. Submission of your assessment is through NILE and feedback and grades will be returned to you via NILE. Your tutor will also keep you updated to the latest information and news through announcements on NILE.

    There is one assessment for this module that requires critical analysis of literature and evidence based evaluation. Assessment will take place within the grade descriptors and overall assessment criteria of the University. Clear guidelines will be given as to the nature of the project, word limits, the deadline for submission, the need for appropriate academic referencing and academic integrity.

    You will submit a 2,500 word literature review on a critical issue in business and management. The assessment brief will clarify expectations and topics. Within this assessment you must research your topic from quality academic sources. This can include academic journals and practitioner materials and acceptable business and management sources. You will be supported in your ability to assess the quality of a source of information. You will be expected to read widely, and to bring across ideas from a range of sources. Analysis, evaluation and your conclusions will need to be clearly evidence based from supporting references.
    Support for critical writing, developing literature reviews and master’s level writing, referencing and other academic skills is available from the University of Northampton skills hub: http://skillshub.northampton.ac.uk/