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    Inventory Management System Assignment HelpUk

    Inventory Management System Assignment HelpUk

    Inventory Management System


    The inventory Management system is based on computer which keeps track of orders, deliveries, inventory levels and sales. The production and manufacturing company uses this system for efficient work. This system helps in organizing the data in remote databases. The success of any business is mostly dependent on its key components where the inventory management system plays vital role. The supply chain management system with inventory management system as its element gives easy ordering and storing of goods. There has to be always right inventory at right place with right amount in right time. The report gives detail description about the inventory management system its working principle along with its features like ware house management, order management and stock management. 


    The inventory management system reduces effort of human being unlike traditional system where the hard copy were used to be made. The operation was slow and involved unnecessary human effort. The automatic tracking of inventory is being done using this system. This provides real time tracking which involves cloud as its data storing unit. The data can be accessed from anywhere at any time. The data security is being provided by cloud. The expenses that are involved in software and hardware is found to be low which is affordable by small business. The hardware required to store database and server is being removed and is all handled by cloud computing. It is faster and easy to deploy this system. The cost of implementing the system is completely dependent on the size of inventory ware house. It is flexible and gets increased with the business expansion as AWS provides such features. The cost is purely based on size and uses of data involved in cloud based inventory management system. There are various department that are involved in inventory management system which is managed by cloud (AWS) provided by Amazon. The communication between all the departments is being doing using services provided by AWS which is completely secured and easily assessed involving level of assess as well.  

    Working principle of IMS and Features: 

    Order management:


    The order management is the subset of inventory management system which deals with companies’ inventory. When the threshold of inventory is being reached, the system recognizes it and informs the manger. The system is being programmed to automate the records of inventory. These order are received from consumers or business or both. The order entry and processing is the main task of order management system. It keeps records of all the order and processes it automatically. There are number of modules involved in this and they are information about products like location, quantities, attributes and description.   

    Ware house Management:


    It is also one of the module of Inventory management system. It facilitates management of inventory, organization, planning, direction and moving and storing materials. It is one of the most important part of inventory management system. It is a tactical tool used to satisfy the customers that maintains the supply chain by keep all the inventory safe for quick distribution. 

    Stock Management:


    The stock is being managed in the warehouse using the system. It is very important to keep the track of all the inventory for not being out of stock. This is one of the most important module that has to be checked every day for maintaining the business flow. When the stock is about to get over for any particular goods, the manager is informed about and made aware to make it available as soon as possible. The UML class diagram is being given below: 

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