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    International Human Resource Management Help

    International Human Resource Management Help

    International Human Resource Management Help


    Today's fast-paced business landscape is associated with enhancement of productivity and expansion of business, which is possible by maintaining proper engagement of workforce into their work. As per Rothaermel (2015), employee engagement is the effective as well as best way to assure the organisation that employees are as productive as possible. The current essay focuses on the employee engagement strategy that is taken by the HR team of Australian retail brand David Jones Pvt Ltd. This essay is also going to explore the corporate strategy taken by Davis Jones to enhance involvement of their employee to embrace all the important aspect in human resource landscape. Furthermore, this assignment also focuses on the diversification strategy taken by human resource department of David Jones, which is important to expand its business in international market. Current essay will also explore the way in which HR strategic moves such as employee engagement and Diversification of business, taken by David Jones, can meet its overall organisational strategy.


    Different elements that is associated with meeting of corporate strategy in terms of its workforce:-

    Meeting organisational strategy in term of employees in organisation is associated with enhancement of productivity and ability of company workforce. As stated by Al-Khasawneh (2014), engagement of employees into their work with huge dedication and loyalty is best way to achieve overall corporate strategy. David Jones Pty Ltd, is one of the leading upmarket department stores in Australia, has an ambitious strategy to curve up to its fast-growing and well organised $44 billion retail business. Human resource team of David Jones could make effective effort to feel the exact capability of its employee in all level of its business. As opined by (Ardizzon, Cavazzini & Pavesi 2015), employee engagement is associated with some aspects which could be encountered by human resource team of that enterprise such as good collaboration and cooperation within employee and maintenance of effective as well as strong ethical and moral values in every layer of business. HR strategic move can be taken by David Jones to contribute to enhancement of organisational productivity. A productive workforce is always are able to, put their best effort in meeting organisational objectives without creating any risk of sacrificing quality of service. HR aspects of David Jones could be associated with enhancing the quality and productivity of its workforce which would make HR team able to set a profitable as well as well-organised business framework. In this aspect Breevaart et al. (2014),

    David Jones is aiming to expand its business in Asian country which needs proper human resource strategy and highly productive and updated workforce. In this context, HR managers of David Jones are going to launch loyalty as well as credit card programs which are associated with enhancing knowledge and skill among employee about how to deal with online selling an ever-increasing number of customers who availing online purchasing. For owning country road business in Australian market which includes merging with different fashion brands such as Trenery, Mimco and Witchery, David Jones HR team is going to conduct staffing model. This staffing model would include encourage and support employees by providing extra incentives to all sales managers as well as sales executives to motivate them to spend more time in achieving organisational goals. In this aspect Carter & Baghurst (2014), stated that employee motivation is one of the important aspects in enhancing involvement and dedication of workforce to achieve corporate strategy. HR team of David Jones enhance its employee knowledge and skill by conducting employee training program which is effective to enhance their ability in understanding market strategy. On the contrary Chen (2017) stated that, in many cases, employee training programs are not useful due to lack of assessment strategy. In this aspect, HR team of David Jones could conduct self-assessment program, which not only provides knowledge to sales staff about how to deal with ever-changing business landscape but also enhance their ability to evaluate their own drawbacks as well as flaunts. As stated by Hwang & Sitorus (2014), another important element of employee engagement strategy is to foster better employee input.

    Human Resource strategy of David Jones could be associated with enhancement of employee confidence and decision-making power to optimise their possible inputs into this organisation. Sales staffs of David Jones could be allowed to share their own decisions and ideas with Human resource managers, which would make them, feel that their thoughts and ideas are precious for their organisation. This approach is taken by HR team of David Jones not only would foster employee engagement but also motivate as well as encourage their positive approach towards their organisation challenges (davidjones.com.au , 2017). On the contrary Karatepe (2013), argued that, in some cases, power to share own decisions would make conflict and controversy within organisation which affect the organisational well-being. On supporting the view Slack, Corlett & Morris (2015) stated that employee must be provided with certain power which would not harm the ethical and moral values of organisational aspects. In this context, HR team of David Jones could make proper supervision on each sales staffs to evaluate their ability activities which make them able to discard any possible chances of conflict and controversies. HR team of David Jones can take another important corporate strategy to enhancement employee engagement which is better employee retention. As stated by Chen (2017), onboarding of new staffs frustrates the existing employees which lead to huge turnover of workforce. On supporting this view, Truss et al. (2013) stated that onboarding method is not only time consuming but also stressful as well as expensive for HR team.

    In this aspect, HR team of David Jones go for onboarding of a limited number of sales staff due to expansion of business and focusing on the enhancement of skill and knowledge among existing staff. However, it is true that Hr strategy taken by David Jones to expand its business in Asian markets could force them to enhance their workforce range, which could be possible by appointing new employees. In this aspect HR team of David Jones could assure the employee by making official meeting and conference to assure the existing employee about their importance and need in this organisation. On the contrary Ardizzon, Cavazzini & Pavesi (2015), argued that expansion of business is the inevitable part of every enterprise which needs better workforce and highly advanced and updated employees. Therefore it is important to restructure the employee framework with onboarding off young as well as smart employees who can cope up with an ever-changing market trend. In this aspect, HR team of David Jones would enhance improve their employee framework with introduction of new staff and empowerment existing staffs. HR managers in David Jones could focus on employee’s empowerment which would have various types of benefits such as meaningful contribution of employee within organisation. Breevaart et al. (2014) commented on this aspect, employee engagement strategy can be fulfilled only by empowering employees. Therefore David Jones would empower their employee by providing training by HR managers, conducting self-assessment programs and by encouraging them to involve in innovating task which would enhance their knowledge and coping ability to combat the future challenges that can be posed by Asian and Australian markets challenges (davidjones.com.au, 2017).

    Organisational strategy took for achieving international aspect of Human resource strategy of the company:-

    Corporate strategy, as well as organisational strategy, is associated with the enhancement of firm's production and expansion of business framework. Today's market trend is characterised by ever-changing business landscape which is associated with introduction of new customers in international market and changes in consumer demand. As opined by Armstrong & Taylor (2014), diversification strategy is one of the important corporate strategies taken by Human resource team, which is associated with the preparation of effective business framework for entering into new market for the organisation. Diversification strategy is characterised by human resource strategic moves that are taken to expand international business of the enterprise. As one of the leading upmarket store in Australia, David Jones is going to curve up to its $44Billion business landscape by expanding its business in Asian countries such as India, China, Japan, and North Korea. Therefore it is important for HR team off David Jones to enhance its ability to diversify its business. As stated by Hwang & Sitorus (2014), diversification strategy is characterised by two main strategic moves such as concentric strategy and horizontal strategy.

    In this aspect HR managers of David Jones can take both concentric as well as horizontal strategy to expand their business in international market. In connection strategic movement, HR team can enhance their network range and foster technological innovation which is associated with proper fund allocation and investment. David Jones targets to grab approx 1.3 million customers from their rival Myer by 2018, for which they are going to enhance their online selling. David Jones is also going to own Country Roads business by merging with Australian fashion brands like Mimco, Witchery and Trenery. These objectives can be achieved by enhancing technological involvement in business and by innovation as well as up gradation of the techniques. Through operation of high memory software, HR managers of David Jones would be able to make effective analysis of marketing strategies by taken by their rivals such as Woolworths, Aldi and Myer to gain access in Asian market challenges (davidjones.com.au, 2017). On the contrary Karatepe (2013), argued that diversification strategy can be achieved mainly by horizontal diversification, in which new products and services are launched according to market trends and customer needs. In this aspect, HR managers of David Jones have decided to invest $400 Million in next five years to grab the Asian market and to pose huge competition towards Woolworths, Myer, Supre and Billabong. In this aspect, HR team of David Jones could make thorough research on market trends and on market strategies taken by their rivals to feel the exact market tone.

    Product diversification is associated with grouping of product that HR team of David Jones could conduct to enhance their customer range. On the contrary Nor & Islam (2016), argued that horizontal diversification poses on great stress on organizational staffs to understand the exact need of new market and to cope up with ever-increasing workload for selling of new products. The author further argues that horizontal diversification poses high stress on human resource department of any enterprise to restructure the entire workforce and product management framework to cope up with new market demand. Therefore it is important for HR team of David Jones, to enhance their employee capability to cope up with the ever-changing market demand and new framework of product management. In this aspect Hr team of David Jones is aiming to shift their target on young population in Asian market and invest 40% of their revenue into diversification of the business with expansion in international market. Restructuring of departmental stores, selection of important location, enhancement of employee's capability and strengthen the fashion brand are the aspects are associated with diversification strategy taken by HR team of David Jones.

    David Jones aims to grab 5% of the New Asian market by introducing new products such as ethnic wear for girls and boys, western wears, leather bags for women and stylish shoes for both men and women. Extensive investment is going to be done by David Jones to grab the 1.3 million customers from Asian market by spending $3.6 Billion in product enhancement and product promotion. As stated by Al-Khasawneh (2014), diversification can be harmful to existing market if there is huge difference between the customer needs and market trend of old and new market. In this aspect, David Jones is one of the leading upmarket retailers in Australia, which has an ambitious objective to expand its $44 billion retail business by 34% in 2025 by grabbing the ever increasing business landscape of developing country such as India, China and North Korea. Therefore, diversification strategy can pose huge risks as well as existential threats to Australian market owned by David Jones. In this aspect, stated that diversification not only enhances business expenses but also pose huge stress on human resource team to restructuring as well as reform new human resource strategy to cope up with new market demand. Therefore it can be stated that HR team of David Jones could discard the chances of such risk towards existing market by enhancing their workforce and improving market management strategy.


    Current essay concludes the fact that employee engagement and business diversification are two important corporate strategies which could be maintained by any enterprise to improve their business framework. This essay also concludes that employee engagement is associated with improvement of skills and knowledge of staffs which make them able to contribute their best efforts for achieving company goals. It can also be concluded from above discussion that, diversification is important for any business to expand its market into international landscape. In this aspect, it can be stated that David Jones, one of the leading fashion brand in Australia, could enhance their international business in Asian market by introducing new product and service in market. Furthermore, this essay concludes that diversification has some risks which are posed towards existing market. Negligence towards existing market and more focus towards new market sometimes damage the reputation of enterprise in international market. Therefore it is important for organizations to strengthen its existing market to grab the attention of international investors and consumers.

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