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    International HRM Assignment Australia

    International HRM Assignment Australia

    International HRM Assignment Australia


    Human resource management (HRM) is the way of enhancing the performance of the employees in the appropriate way. In the era of globalisation, the business ventures have faced high competition in the merchandise market. In this situation, the authority of the organisations needs to bring improvement in their product’s quality for attracting the customers. For grabbing the consumers, it is necessary to fetch improvement in performance of the employees. In order to complete this study in the efficient way, the Iconic has been chosen. Their vision is to be the fashion icon in the future generation of New Zealand and Australia. Their mission is to inspire the customers for using Iconic products. Motivation and employee engagement theory and organisational development theory will be used for critically analysing the management of international human resource. The study will emphasise on the matter of developing the organisational structure for enhancing the performance of the employees. The proper management of human resource helps to get position in the contemporary competitive market.


    Different elements of corporate strategy in terms of its employee:-

    Enhance capability of employee:-

    In order to bring success in the ventures, the authority should maintain the accurate strategy like motivation strategy, improving employee performance and many others. As per the viewpoint of Smith, Hair& Ferguson (2014), appropriate strategy of handling the employees can bring success for the organisation. In the enterprises, the most important part is to motivate the employees for getting better outcome. In case of The Iconic, it is seen that they promise the common people to provide best quality product with reasonable price. Due to their promise, it is seen that over 200 new arrivals visit their venture per day (theiconic.com, 2017). As per the motivation and employees engagement theory, it is necessary for the enterprises to provide proper support to the employees as they can enjoy their work. As mentioned by Mafini & Dlodlo (2014), if the employees of the organisation are able to enjoy their work, it automatically helps the organisation to get best quality products.

    In case of The Iconic, it is seen that they have formed the technological team for developing the performance of employees. In the modern era, it is seen that, people completely depend on the technology. Using technology, the authority of company is able to increase their production. The technology team of The Iconic continuously updates their products for touching the boundaries of e-commerce. In this case, they provide training to the employees as they can increase their knowledge in this genre. According to Boxall (2013), competition helps to bring improvement in performance of employees. In case of The Iconic, for fetching development in performance of the employees, they can arrange some competitions. It is seen that they have arrange Instagram competition for promoting their products. It has started from 12 September 2017 to 3october 2017. They provide award to the employees whose product can grab more attention of consumers.

    Share good practices:-

    The corporate strategy assists the organisation to bring improvement in performance of the employees. Norman & Kabwe (2015) asserted that, if the employees are able to share their perception with other employees, it helps to identify the good idea for company. On the other hand, the employees can observe the performance of the senior workers. Observing the performance of senior employees, the workers can learn strategy of improving performance for the ventures.

    International HR M Assignment Australia

    In case of The Iconic, they have 45000 sports and fashion products in the market. In order to bring development in their products, it is necessary to share perception. For example, it is seen that, one employee follow the technique of completing the job quickly. The other employees follow the strategy of improving the quality of their products. In this situation, if both workers can share their views, it helps them to provide the high quality products to the customers in the quick way. The Iconic follows above mentioned strategy for improving the performance of the workers. If the higher authority of Iconic gives attention to words of employees, they feel happy. Hence, it assists to improve the performance of the workers of the organisation. In time of taking decision, the authority allows the view of the workers. It helps to find out good ideas for the enterprises. In the context of The Iconic, as they want to be the fashion icon of the next generation, it is necessary for them to introduce with new style. In this case, good performance helps to bring positive outcome. Hence, they join their venture with Global Fashion Group, who leads the fashion market of online.

    Providing motivation to the employees:-

    In order to get position in the contemporary market, the authority of business organisation needs to motivate their employees. The appropriate performance of the employees can bring success for the companies. In the opinion of Jones, Hillier & Comfort (2014), it is necessary for the ventures to provide motivation to the workers for getting best quality performance. The organisation authority can increase the remuneration of the employees. The employees feel inspired when the amount of remuneration is increased. Hence they try to bring fame for the organisation. In case of The Iconic, they follow the strategy of increasing the remuneration of the employees in the efficient way. It is also seen that, they arrange competition among the customers for understanding the choice of the customers. Though, it is their promotional strategy, it helps them to identify the best performance of employees. The Iconic provides award to the employees, whose products can grab attention of customers. Award-giving strategy is the policy of providing motivation to the employees. The organisation can supply some energy drink as the employees can feel refreshed in time of working. These strategies help to improve the performance of the employees. In the competitive era, good quality is mandatory as per the requirement of the customers. In order to motivate the employees, The Iconic provides training. Proper learning helps to provide proper outcome. According to employee engagement strategy, accurate training can engage the employees for producing best quality products.

    Self assessment of the employees:-

    Self assessment is the strategy of improving the skill of individual. As commented by Hahn (2013), if the employees assess themselves in the appropriate way, they would be able to develop their performance. In this case, the workers need to identify the deficiency in their work. If they are able to find out the problems, the workers can solve it in the appropriate way. They can learn about the subject where they face difficulties. The above mentioned strategy helps to develop the performance of the employees. In case of the workers of The Iconic, the authority can observe the job of their employees. Hence, they are able to understand the problems of the workers. On the other hand, the workers try to find out their problems. It is seen that, in the technology team of The Iconic, there are 50 efficient employees who are expert in this section. Many times, it is seen that, the employees are not efficient for using technology. Therefore, they can receive training from the senior employees of the venture. The above mentioned ideas help to bring success for the organisation in the contemporary competitive market.


    For improving the performance of the employees, the authority can recruit experienced employees. It is seen that if the employees have experience in this genre, they are able to provide better performance. For The Iconic, they recruit experienced candidate for developing the performance of the employees. As they follow the corporate in the appropriate way, they are able to hold their position in the contemporary competitive market.

    Organisational strategy that is associated with HR aspects of the company:-

    As opined by Gamble & Thompson (2014), an organisational strategy is associated with firm's production and quality assessment to meet organisational goals. Diversification strategy is one of the important organisational strategies which are associated with effective strategic move taken by any enterprise to enter into a new business. The iconic, the famous luxury brand in Sydney, has enhanced its business in national as well as international market with an estimate of $78million buy through online platform. HR management is highly related to proper incorporation of a diversification strategy. As one of the largest Australian fashion retailer, The Iconic is going to enhance its business by entering into a new business market in India and China. As stated by diversification strategy is classified into different types such as concentric diversification strategy and horizontal diversification strategy. In case of The Iconic, HR teams focuses mainly on the concentric strategy in which they become able to maintain proper technological advancement in a business framework to meet organisation aim. Human resource team of The Iconic would enhance their online marketing through the sophisticated fulfillment of the of the company's need. In this aspect Grant (2016), commented that diversification strategy is associated with human resource management which can enhance capability of organisation, both economically and physically to meet its target. The Iconic, as leading luxury brand in Australia, is going to enhance they improve their human resource management to capture the ever-increasing market of developing countries such as China and India. On the contrary, Hahn (2013) argued that concentric strategy associated mainly with technological advancement and not with employee engagement our human resource development. The author further stated that focusing only on a concentric strategy to enhance international business is not a good option as it needs further requirements such as coping ability of employee, sufficient fund and well-organised management team (open.lib.umn.edu, 2017). In this aspect, HR team of The Iconic could enhance their employee capability to cope up with diversification of their business. In Australian, fashion industry is occupied by different luxurious brands such as Country road, Supre and Billabong. Therefore, it is high time for human resource department of The Iconic to take necessary step capture the new market in developing country from which they can diversify and expand their business thereby can withstand market competition in international market. According to Mann et al. (2014), human resource management strategy is associated with betterment of the business framework and expansion of the market by enhancing a number of consumers for this particular brand. In this context, one of the important element that, Human resource team of The Iconic can choose is to enhance their financial capability to invest in the new market strategy. On the contrary Jones, Hillier, & Comfort (2014), argued that human resource team of any enterprise can enhance the ability of this company to capture new market by enhancing the capability of its employees and improvement of product quality as well as service quality of this enterprise rather than to improve the economic framework. In this aspect, HR managers of The Iconic can maintain proper quality of their all products by improving labour capacity, well organised distributional channel and highly convenient and quick online service to customers.


    From above discussion, it can be concluded that organisational strategy is intimately associated with human resource strategy which not only enhances capability of firm but also enhances its international business. This essay also concludes the fact; diversification strategy is one of the important corporate strategies that HR managers can take to expand its business international market. Furthermore, this essay concludes that HR team of The Iconic, the Australian fashion brand, can enhance their international; business by incorporating both horizontal as well as concentric diversification strategy. However, it is important for The Iconic, to evaluate the risk associated with this international business and they should ensure tar the new business would be aligned with the existing one.

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