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    Interior Designing Assignment Help

    Interior Designing Assignment Help

    The Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID), Pune Chapter, witnessed another glorious milestone when it entered its Silver Jubilee year. The celebrations in Pune saw a confluence of members, designers, artistes and students come together and participate in a special programme hosted by Ishanya at the sprawling Ishanya mall, supported by sponsors Sathe and Co. and Kajaria Ceramics.

    The occasion was launched by IIID President IIID Nitin Saolapurkar and attended by the entire executive committee, past IIID PRC Chairmen and all past committee members. Dr. Girija Shankar Mungali delivered the keynote address.

    This first-of-a-kind event in Pune saw a spectrum of special events to commemorate the occasion, each programme designed along the theme of taking design to the masses.

    “We have shown wonderful team work throughout these years and in the spirit of IID, the focus of the event is not just the completion of 24 years and their legacy, but a celebration where all artistes are IIID members, revealing their hidden talents. Be it sculpting, caricatures, calligraphy, musical performance, all our members have come together in the Design Mela,” said Chairman, IIID PRC, Rajeev Shah.

    Design Mela

    The Design Mela was a delightful experience for members and their families, as designers performed live to their allied arts - sketches, paintings, caricatures, and terracotta sculpting. A special installation, an old car, served as a canvas for artistes and students, and brought the theme of “Design for the Masses” to the forefront.

    Congratulating IIID PRC on the occasion, Founding Member Ramesh Edwankar said, “The Pune chapter is known for organising these programs in a great atmosphere. All principles of design theory are in practical display. To change people’s mindset towards the designing process, such a creative display of combined efforts is a welcome and different experiment, as such opportunities don’t come about in academic spaces.”

    The Mela also had on display - for the first time - the studios of designers, with the idea that future practitioners require an environment conducive to enhanced learning. It also gave a glimpse of the role designers in Pune are playing in the growth of the city.

    “It was a wonderful day. It was great exposure for us as we are confined in a class, but here we meet professionals and interact with eminent designers. There were lots of pockets where designers, professionals could come and express themselves on a lot of canvasses, in terms of music and painting. The car installation completely talks about the theme, design for the masses with different thoughts portrayed on the car. It shows respect for each one’s idea on the same platform in spite of different mediums,” said a student of Shristi School of Design.

    The celebrations also involved participation in the Pune International Marathon, a proud tradition of IIID PRC since the last 9 years. Over 350 designers and architects, along with their families, were participating for the cause “Save Girl Child” and donating the proceeds towards AIDS awareness.

    The members got a special treat of musical performances by various IIID members over tea. An on-the-spot auction of the sculptures, paintings and sketches made during the day was also held, with the proceeds going towards the Education Centre.

    Felicitation Ceremony

    The evening function saw IIID President Nitin Saolapurkar announcing the celebrations of 25 years and a whole range of programmes planned for the year. In his welcome address, Chapter Chairman Rajeev Shah stressed upon sensitising the general public to good design to bring about a desired aesthetical change, a hallmark objective of IIID.

    A special felicitation ceremony by the IIID President of Past Presidents, all past Chairman of Pune Chapter, and all past Committee members lent a special touch to the evening. It was an emotional and proud journey into the Chapter’s truly memorable history over the years.

    PRC was lauded for its strong and ethical team work, and the untiring efforts of its past chairman and committee members that transformed a group of enthusiastic designers brought together by Late Shri S.N. Singh, 24 years ago, into the first ever Chapter of IIID. Since then, the Chapter has grown in strength and stature, celebrating design year after year.

    Achievements & Future Events

    Several new projects, seminars, exhibitions and expositions aimed at helping the design fraternity grow in terms of quality and membership were announced.

    From design competition, ‘Atharwa Ganesh’, in association with Ishanya, and a ‘Bamboo Furniture Design’ competition, with Bamboo Vishwa, held earlier in the year to the unveiling of a long-awaited IIID PRC newsletter ‘Inner Space’, which promises to connect all members through this special year of celebration – they were all applauded.

    Education emerged as a key theme and concern during the Silver Jubilee function, with the announcement of a finishing course designed for fresh graduates of design schools to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical application of design.

    Education Centre

    The yearlong course will lay emphasis on aesthetics, skills, technology and, most importantly, a humanitarian approach to design. The programme is set to achieve the primary purpose of IIID Education Centre as a professional organisation that helps understand the profession and take it to the masses.

    “The idea is to make design publically accessible. That’s the strong message we want to send with this kind of an event. Let’s have a place where students, post their academic training, can really show their ingenuity. I am very glad that Rajeev has taken this initiative and we hope to help in every way in its setting up. We are not just looking at bringing in a new syllabus, they are just formalities. What we would like to help IIID do is to set up a forum for young designers to show their talent and get trained in quality studios,” said eminent architect Berger Cooper.

    A Trade Week to celebrate the unconditional support of trade members was also announced to promote meaningful interaction and dialogue between organisations.

    A heritage conservation project, Parvati Hill in Pune, was also introduced, with the documentation work and master plan already in progress. IIID is also preparing a unique tourist map for the city. These programmes have tremendous creative potential to reach the masses and create awareness about heritage, art, culture and design in the community.

    IIID PRC is also going to be an active participant in Pune Biennale, a grass-roots movement that aims at promoting and showcasing creative talent from various disciplines of arts and design to be held in January. The Chapter will also be the proud host of the prestigious IIID Anchor Award’s grand finale in March. Pune Chapter also plans to grow its membership by at least 200 more quality conscious designers in the coming year.

    IIID President’s Address

    Praising the hospitality and grace of the Pune Chapter, IIID President Nitin Saolapurkar said, “I’m happy that IIID Pune Chapter has taken up the task of taking design to the masses, thereby instilling consciousness in the society about good design. My heartiest congratulations to IIID Pune. As the first chapter of IIID enters its 25th year, it forms an important and special place in our institution as it symbolises coming of age and maturity through years of struggle and hard work, smilingly undertaken by its hard-working members.”

    Announced the IIID Archives project to celebrate the continuing journey of IIID, he said that the history of IIID is an interesting story of people, ideas, decisions and their fruition. The proposed project will be in place in a year’s time and will be updated with gems from IIID’s past.

    The crowning moment was the announcement of IIID co-hosting an International Design Event, ‘World Interior Week’, in Amsterdam from September 7-9, 2013. This new association with Holland’s association of interior design, called BNI, opens up a brilliant opportunity for Indian designers to share their work at IIID’s pavilion, where designers from all over the world will come together and interact.

    Keynote Address

    The celebrated Dr. Girija Shankar Mungali, known for his daring mountainous expeditions from his days in the army, congratulated and inspired the gathering in more than one way. “I felt in my heart that everyone is doing their job along the tenets of Bhagwat Geeta, just performing their task without anyone seeking a special pat on the back. It’s the best working environment and the best scenario where people are working together not for false glory, but together as a family. Architects and designers have created the most breathtaking monuments and spaces. They provide more than just a dwelling. I see people here with a great vision - a vision to live up to the future expectations of a global world bringing India glory on the world stage,” he said.

    Before the Pune-based band Rhythmatrics took the stage to enthrall the audience with their special blend of traditional and fusion music, past Chairman and President Elect Pratap Jadhav shared a special message from mentor and Past Chairman, architect Shrikant Nivasarkar, who was unable to attend on account of medical reasons.

    National body of IIID

    His words gave a resounding ending to a night of joyous revelry and paved the way for a stronger and dynamic future of IIID. “It is important to remind us on the 25th year, when the National Body of IIID has completed 40 successful years, that Chapter and Headquarter relationships can be further enhanced to be a unified voice of our association. A collective vision needs to enhance our individual competence and transform the profession of design in the desired direction. In the last several years, we have been activity-oriented, which can now transform into a thinking-oriented approach. To achieve such change we can initiate programmes that will induce research attitude, growth of membership, consolidation, nurturing right values, networking with other like-minded organisations, along with the continuation of our pioneering educational efforts,” said Nivasarkar.

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