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    Information System Business Assignment Help

    Information System Business Assignment Help



    The report is aimed at developing a new information system for the company named China Southern Airlines. Information system in a company is highly essential for engaging not only the employees but also the customers so that customer satisfaction and sales of the company can be increased. The case study company in the present report, China Southern Airlines is one of the most reputed airlines with largest passenger capacity and most developed network of air routes in China. This company is headquartered at Guangzhou, China. The report will propose a new information system for the company for monitoring the current status of flights and boarding systems of the passengers.

     Evaluation of success factors and mission statement

    Success factors

    Less fare: The fare of China Southern Airlines is competitively less compared to other airlines which help the company in gaining customer attraction and larger client base. Moreover, China Southern Airlines has also been able to provide high quality economy and business class service to the passengers within the low fare due to the company has been able to gain competitive advantage in the market (Global.csair.com, 2017).

    Fast service: The fast service of the China Southern Airlines has also been another success factor of the company. This success factor can be attributed to the efficient employees of the company due to which the customers do not have to stand in long queue for tickets. Moreover, with the experienced and highly qualified pilots of the organisation, China Southern Airlines has also been able to maintain its schedule punctually. This has also helped in increasing customer satisfaction and customer attraction.

    Best behaviour: The behaviour of the company and the staff is highly polite which is highly appreciated by the customer of the company. The behaviour of the air hostesses is polite and understanding due to which China Southern Airlines has been able to provide comfortable environment to the customers within the flights. The quality of hospitality of this company is also of high quality that has increased the number of passengers willing to travel through China Southern Airlines. Thus, the hospitality and well behaved flight attendants of the company have also contributed to its success.

    Largest flight capacity: China Southern Airlines has the largest flight capacity among all the Chinese airlines. This has largely contributed to the high sales and revenue of the company. Due to this, the company has been able to transport more than 126 million passengers in

    Primary objectives

    a To form the largest international hub of air network through their canton route 

    b To provide high quality service to the largest number of passengers with their airlines

    c To undertake effective CSR activities in order to promote understanding with the public and the stakeholders

    New information system

    In order to form the largest international hub of air network and to provide high quality service to the largest number of passengers, it is essential to create a new information system that will monitor the current status of flights and boarding systems of the passengers.

    Organizational chart

    The chart of the organization along with their respective position holding is known as the organizational chart. The topmost of the company is held by Board of director and the shareholder who holds the topmost authority of the organization. The process of managing the compression status of management in the overall scenario comprises along with the status to rely on. The governing authority as well as the chief manager is needed to be managed along with the board committee. The process of managing the system is needed to be advised for strike to be advised.

    The strategy managers as well as the other managerial substances are at the top level of organization chart which can be used in gaining quality based apprehension of the promotional suspect to be maintained. The process of management is needed to be more accurate on the basis of overall administration. The proper implementation of the system is needed to be observed and maintained over the aspects which could be used at perspective.

    The lower level of organization chart consists of the head office division and the prospect of the division unit in the branch manager to be comprised. The proper usage of the beach bases is to the points which could be used as the basis of management in the lower level to be acclaimed. The process of managing the systematic process is needed to be advised as or the best process to be mentioned for the basis.

    The process of maintaining the logistics based work and the other management work is needed to be mentioned as per the best section to be attracted at the previous basis. The proper implementation of the different types of management is needed to be used as per the proper management of the previous up-bring to be managed on the basis of a right identification and the right time to the user. The usage of different types of management such as the implementation status is needed to be mentioned and well maintained along with the instruments contribution to be constructed.

     Discussion of new information system and relevance of advanced technologies

    The latest function is needed to be ensured as per the need of convenient system availability of the different system. The first help which the company will be getting from the suggested system is best possible guidance and convenience from the passenger on boarding and the poaching of tickets. The system which is needed to be based on AI design support is not being implemented in the earlier system. The procedural system of the passenger based ticket booking is based in the right option and availability of the tickets which could be managed by the confirmation of the seats and the message of the book seat will be delivered to the passengers (Laudon and Laudon, 2015).

    The functionality of GPS and radar-based racking is not being used in the company for their flights to be tracked from headquarter which could be helpful to be used by the latest system. The system will be based on the actual location of the flights which could be raced by a GPS positioned at the vehicle (Kouziokas, 2016). The process of guiding the plane to the right destination would e thus easier as per the accurate instruction and road map provided to the systems situated at the pilot base. This will help in altering the route as per the necessary positions to tackle. The wind speed, altitude maintenance will also be helpful in the process of implementation of the system in the base. There are some facilities for the passengers such as the live positioning of the plane and the upcoming arrival time as well as the distance of the location will also be displayed at the convenience of passengers. The brief elaboration of technologies are given below


    MRP is also known as the material resource planning which is needed to be calculated before executing any project as per the given guideline. It helps in the estimation of the different types of resources to be used at an estimated proc. The implementation of the new system might be helpful if the MRP is produced before the execution of the project.  The usage of different types of material such as the given systems display and the requirements of installing and purchasing of the system are required to be made (Cheung et al. 2016). The usage of exact calculations needed to be made over the products discussion and its relevance to the prospect of the materialistic thing to be underlined.

    Usage of different types of materialistic process and the implementation is to be estimated by the high quality of labour to be included in the calculation of MRP. The process of maintaining the MRP must have to be compared to the other resources. The clarity of the vast project worse is helpful getting a complementary based system to be reused and maintained at the prospect while clarifying database of the estimated project.

    Security risk of the system

    The process of implementing the system has many types of risk such as the technical and financial risk. The technical risk is the risk of maintaining the system to a compromise level that it could be easily accessed by any unwanted authority. The usage of different types system and different types of users has different types of risk to be pertained. The primary technical risk under which the proposed system must forint is the risk of encrypted materials to be reached int unwanted person (Ahmadi et al. 2015). The process of different types of transactions lady and the booking data is related to be stored on the server r. If any type of unauthorized data access is being portrayed over the server hen it might be possible for the asker to select all of e data and encrypt the file. The decryption of the data is to be done among a certain amount of digital currency based payment or any types of illegal payments are needed to be done. The financial risk is to lose the booking money off the hacker cracked the password and the bank account details from the portal which is not all a big deal for them.


    The first recommendations are based on the payment to be made more secure and safer from the outsiders to get the bread to system.  The process of managing companioned aspect to be used and maintained over the different types of status to measure is needed to be, mentioned at the each and every stage. The right type of security such as the firewall and the malware blocker in the system could be easily helpful in blocking the unwanted gaining access. The processes of implementing these types of security-based software are needed to be based on the different types of compromises to be at the highest state.

    The complexity as well as the usage capability is needed to be mentioned over the asset which is needed to be measured as per their need. The usage of the different types of compositional status is needed to be mentioned and the process is needed to be managed over the old based site which could be maintained and gained as per the accessed. The money management as well as the 

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