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    Industrial/Organisational Psychology

    Industrial/Organisational Psychology

     Thinking about Industrial/Organisational Psychology

    Covid-19 has impacted society and world on the whole and the damage that is caused by this irreparable. This makes it important to identify the ways through which this can be rectified and conditions that prevail can be made better. For this, firms are making use of different strategies that will lead them to sustain within the marketplace safely (Healy, 2016). Maslow is regarded as highest level of pyramid in context of growth needs. These do not take place due to lack of something but this involves desire of an individual to succeed and grow. The report will provide an insight into Maslow framework, issues and ways they can be handled. 
    a. Illustrate Maslow framework.
    The theory is furnished by Maslow which denotes hierarchy of need that comprises of five-tier model related with human needs and is illustrated as a pyramid. The needs that are present lower within the hierarchy have to be fulfilled before going up, they are: physiological, safety, love & belonging, esteem and self-actualisation. Higher levels of need, lead to creation of strong impact on behaviour of employees.
    To understand this, an instance can be taken like for health firms or the one who deals with health & care services gives instructions to people and employees to wear masks as well as have sanitizer. The rationale behind this is will for survival which creates a strong influence on precautions that are being taken up by individuals. In similar manner organisation identify the requirements of their workforce and accordingly assists them within completing those tasks. The framework is specified beneath:
    Physiological needs:
    This comprises of aspects which are mandatory for survival of individuals.  Like water, food, homeostasis, air, nutrition, shelter, clothing and breathing.
    Security & safety:
    People need to have order and control within their lives. This involves need for safety and security that contributes behaviour of individuals (Mira and et. al, 2020). This involves health & wellness, financial security and safety from injuries as well as accidents. 
    Social needs:
    This comprises of aspects like belongingness, love and acceptance. Here, friendship, social & community groups are involved. Like in organisation it can be working in a team.
    Esteem needs: 
    Appreciation and respect are involved within this. When other levels are satisfied then it becomes important to acknowledge this and have prominent role within motivating behaviour. 
    Self-actualisation needs:
    This includes need of people to attain their complete potential like human beings. Within an organisation when employee excel in their offerings then this feeling is attained. 
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    b. Explicate core issues faced by management of organisation.
    The major problem that is encountered by firm is that it is easy to motivate employees when their requirements or needs are identified but this is critical to acknowledge who will be satisfied with what (Soelistya, 2017). For an example giving a person monetary benefits may always not fulfil their requirements or appreciating one who is financially weaker will not make them satisfied. Thus the identification of needs plays a critical role through which morale of employees can be boosted to perform in better and adequate manner.
    The other issue is to ensure that even if the employees are motivated to better after rewarding them then what next must be done to keep their spirit high so that they can excel within their offerings. At present condition the situations are different due to Covid-19 like the families of health practitioners wants their family to be safe and tends to prevent them from going out as work from home is not an alternative for them as this might lead to infect their families. Thus, it becomes important to understand each and every perspective for management of organisation to ensure safety as well as well-being of their human resources. 
    c. Applications of Maslow framework and render 2 creative ways for solving issues identified  
    To ensure that organisation is able to deliver their services and is able to generate certain revenue the Maslow framework has critical role. The model or framework is liable for identification of needs of employees and accordingly assist management to give benefits to them. The hierarchical pyramid is given which comprises of basic to higher expectations of individuals and if firm is able to go as per the framework then it will become easy for firm to ensure their sustainability within the marketplace. Maslow has a belief that needs that is identical to instincts that plays major role within motivating behaviour of people. Satisfaction of needs is crucial for avoiding consequences or unpleasant feelings. Some creative ways have been specified beneath:
    Due to the pandemic across the country the health & well being of employees is important. Though firms provide insurance to their employees but the same can be given to their families. The rationale behind doing so is that workforce will feel valued and cared for when the situations can go worse for anyone.
    Giving sanitizers and masks will also help workforce to acknowledge the significance of employees to firm. This will assist them within knowing that employees are all who matters to organisation and without them firm cannot exist.
    Appreciation, word of mouth and monetary benefits are common but aids firm within making sure that they are able to deliver their services across the country (Suyono and Mudjanarko, 2017). 
    d. Analysis of finding.
    It has been identified that Maslow framework has critical impact on the way in which employees deliver their service in premises. Thus, it becomes crucial for organisation to ensure that there employees are satisfied as it will lead them to ensure that they are able to attain their goals as per desired standards and on time. But in case if employees are not satisfied with what is being offered by organisation to them then it will be very difficult for firm to retain them for longer duration of time and this will be expensive as well as might become difficult for survival. This makes it mandatory for firm to identify needs and accordingly fulfil needs of employees.
    From above, it has been identified that it is not only the monetary needs which satisfy human being but there are many other aspects which have crucial importance within ensuring that they gives their best. Certain issues occur while delivering their services within marketplace but it is important to identify creative methods through which these can be resolved.