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    Individual Assignment Help

    Individual Assignment Help

    Assignment 1 Specification

    Individual Assignment Requirement

    Web Site Project

    Purpose: To design a web site using recommended design practices. Your web site will contain a home page and at least four content pages. All pages should be hard coded in HTML and CSS in notepad. You should use only Notepad for writing and preparing the code.

    The content pages will include at least:
    Appropriate meta tags
    a) One page utilizing tables effectively (most students will use tables on each page),
    b) One animated image,
    c) One thumbnail image,
    d) One e-mail link, and
    e) One link outside your site.

    Popular browsers and mobile devices must render each page. Your web site project will be evaluated on the following criteria:
    Project Milestones,
    a) Including all required web page elements,
    b) Following recommended web site design practices,
    c) Visual appeal of site, and
    d) Accomplishment of project's objectives.

    Project Milestones
    Web Site Topic Approval: The topic of your web site must be approved by your instructor in Week 4. Your website might be about a favorite hobby or subject, your family, a tourist attraction, a company that a friend owns, the company you work for, etc.

    Using a word processor, prepare a one-page double-spaced written discussion of the following:
    a) What is the purpose of the site?
    b) What do you want the web site to accomplish?
    c) Who is your intended audience?
    d) What opportunity, problem, or issue is your site addressing?
    e) What type of content might be included in your site?
    f) List at least two related or similar sites found on the Web.

    Your instructor must approve your topic before you may begin to work on the next phase.
    Planning Analysis Sheet: Using a word processor, write a one-page Planning Analysis Sheet that includes the following:

    a) Web Site Goal
    b) Describe the goal of your web site in one or two sentences.
    c) What results do I want to see?
    d) List the working title of each page on your web.
    e) What information do I need?List
    f) where you will obtain the content (facts, text, graphics, sounds, video) for the web pages you listed above.

    Site Map: Using a word processor, PowerPoint, or ruler and pencil, draw a flowchart (storyboard) of your web site that shows the hierarchy of pages and relationships between the pages.

    Project Update Meeting: You should have at least one page of your site completed by this time. Unless prior arrangements to meet are made, the Project Update Meetings will be held during class lab time in Week 6. Bring the following items to discuss with and hand in to your instructor:

    The HTML, CSS and media files in your website
    A sketch of your page(s) that will utilize a table
    Your Site map (revise as needed).

    Submission requirements
    Please submit a Word document containing the following:

    A one-page website topic approval (submitted in class in Week 4 as well as included in the final submission)
    A one-page planning analysis sheet (included in the final submission only)
    Site map (submitted in class in Week 6 as well as included in the final submission)

    Please submit a web site that contains a home page and at least four content pages. A URL is preferred. A zipped folder is also acceptable.