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    These day s Information Technology has ma,;or impact on business organization The increase of uses of information technology has given importance in business organization  It has dci eloped the business of an organization in set eral uays Using infonnation tecluiology in business organization can help to maintain accurate database This study u’ill put emphasis on Ads’antages and disadi outages of POS system Add outages of centralized database  u ill  be  majorly  described in the business context. Importance of Decision making for POS system u ill be elaborated in this research The research u ill ex aliiate Telecommunication option for  POS. Svsteiti Risk and solution strategies to POS sj stem mill be found m context to impact of IT in business.
    Advantages of POS system
    Implementation of POS in business organization in four season grcenhousc nurscy’ managelnent depends on manual registration related to sales. As mentioned by Harrington (2016, p.221), implementation of the set eral system has many adi’aiitages related season greenhouse and nurstn;
    This si’stem gi ’es specific idea about the price of the products and also maintain its
    stocks. and update it on rcgular basis
    This systcm helps to irack doii’n employecs and hon ther ii’orking in the nursed'. It implement GPS process in the nurses
    It helps to maintain product details of the Organic-ation and gii'c details about products price
    Web  connected  POS  systeiti  grou  the  business  efficiency  for  four  season   nursen dci clopincnt (Torregaza e/ n/ 201S. p 49)
    It can also trace the sales related thin g of the organixation The POS si stein helps to maintain online transaction system
    This POS system performance mainly based on internet. low’ connectii’ity can hamper the full procedure
    This si stein helps to maintain security of the organization
    Thc systTln can be upgradcd in few’ months and ii ork morc cffcctii’cly for thc organixational good (Cooper ct o/ 2015. p.57)
    This system can help the employ ees to learn about the organixational » ork culture Liccnsc POS s; stTln has acccss to unlimitcd support

    Disadvantage of POS system-
    There are some disadi outages also of inteniet based POS system as the correction is established through ii cb bascd conncction scri’cr It may be hnppcncd thnt nct conncctix’ity ii’ill cndcd for poor data server iiianipulation system and less band» idth internet see ice pro ’ider. So at a particular tune of transaction or opcration can be hcld through this softer arc.
    As it is on linc bascd business data information transaction platform. it maj be happcncd thnt hackers » ill gct iIIcgaI access of the company » ebsitc » ithout any interfcreiice bj i cbsite administrator (Kaminski er o/. 2018. p 4323) Oncc the hackers ii ill rcccii’c thc i’aluablc infonnation of thc company tliej » ill claim a hcfti ransom amount from the company to retric e thc data. In that case the onlinc payincnt proccss also faccs scrioiis thrcad from both the end i.c Ciistoincrs and company authority side In modcrn day s if thc company ii ebsitc lacks lcss ence ption processcs and less sccuritv layers then miserable conditions can bc generated instantly that is called as cybcr crime.
    An aiI'antagc of the centralized ilalabase storage system
    A centralized databasc is nceded to store thc company database likc as cloud computing, It can bc regulated inanipiilatcd and classificd form a particular location. Thcrc arc niimcric adi’aniages to use of centralized database system in an organixation ii hich is explained beIo»
    Enhanced Database storage
    Basically. a centralizcd data based storagc si stein is constraint-free in the ii aj to storc a data ii hich will help in the grow th of data manipulation ct en in am crucial time or circumstances of the system processing. It is obscri’ed by it professionalh that afier logging of the ii’hole system or causing any hard» are problem for cloud-based data storage system can able to retries e data infonnation system at a safe place of the sj stem (Cunningham ct of 2015. p 677)
    Increased physical security

    It can be obscri’cd thnt sci’cral times local storagc daia information systGlns face issues whilc accessing multiple users at the same of time. It is obser ed that set eral tiiiies dci ice loss or physical hampers of the system causes data loss from an information data storage sj stem So it can be said that this typc of incidcnts has a less probability of happenings aficr installing centralized based data storage systems. With the features and add antage of cloud-based centralized data based storagc sj stGln. it can bc considcrcd safc because it ii’ill add backup   s; st@n storage which is ill maintain thc information contcnts safe (Pcarlson e/ n/ 2016. p.20).

    Decreases cost ot system processing
    The execution and maintenance of physical data storage information system is costly comparatively cloud storage database system as it only requires a internet access to the local server. It can be said further that a cloud-based network system installation charges do not need a hefty amount of processing and maintenance charge to execute a huge data and information storage database server (Keith Jr ct al. 2015, p.62). So it can be observed that a minimum amount of maintenance charges only need to in the time of breakdown of this server and this virtual processing system does not require any other operation cost to display and transferring numeric data information through any personal digital device data storage system

    Decision making for POS system
    Basically. the point of sale technological system gives an idea of estimation to its users for a particular product profit margin and the number of tracking orders from the customers or client side. This system generates every information of individual sales product. It can be said that management authorization and marketing department can give any decision for this specification at any time to increase the business growth. It is observed that point of sale operating system technologies can establish the brand value and experience of the company. In the aspect of

    customers point of i’ic»’, it can be said point of salc sj stGln also gii’c an idca to rake a pnrchasc decision at the time of buying a product online through the official » ebsite or application of a company . There is a numeric add antage to take decisions from the POS sj stems point of i’ie» ii hich can be explained
    Sales enhancement
    One of thc major adi’ancG1ncnt of the dccision-mnLing systcm is to dclii’cr the pots cr of tnLing
    dccisions indcpcndcntly of the sales staff Tlnployccs of n conccrncd compar, e with thc assisiancc
    of point of the scale, sj stein coinpail can suggest or give a product recommendation quickly to thcir customers or clicnts A customer can also gii’c thcir personal i’icii s and fccdback for a particular product rclated matter bj this sj stcm. It cannot be denied that a proper sj nchronized and designed user mtcrface can gn e a comfortable user experience for that. Also, custoiiiers can raisc any tiinc and i’arioiis product rclci’ant questions through thc FAQ part of the digital contcnts of the official i ebsite or apps of thc compare› (Redmond ct of. 201fi, p '777). Further. it can bc added for an example that Ciistoincrs ii ill rcccii’c notifications about an instancc sale scssion of the company ix ith an SMS tcxt gn’ing a discount for the particulars products.

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    Identifying data constraint decisions with a point of scale technology
    It is obseri’cd prci’ioiislj that a salcs manager of the company can rcccii’c thc information about the updated design and technical add ancement, cash on hand or requirement orders for a particular product So for that fcatures and aftcr receiving notification b1 tlic authorized user, a company can cnhancc thc process for increasing cash flow’ system and also can estimate about the profit margin for a financial j ear In the time of operating the daily business cycles of the company can track the data infonnation of a i’endor sclling product (Reiin e/ o/. 2Gl 5. p 7G).

    Telecommunication option for POS system
    It can be obscri’cd that four seasons Greenhouse and nursed’ has a sin;ill business structure so the compan› ii ill rcqniro a rclatii’cli small region conncctii’itj datn sori’cr, So it can be considered company requires local area net» ork » hich » ill provide and transfer the data information through ii irclcss link conncctii’ity, Further. it can be said that Greenhouse and Nurses can nlso install cable connection to establish the data coiinectii itv (Sigoi ct o/. 201fi. p.30).

    So it can be said that Ethcrnct and the communication ii aj bi Wi-Fi nrc tcchnologics behind to establish a LAN nct» ork. lii that case. token ring coiinectii itv nets ork can be used bj the Four seasons company authorities to establish data connection sen er. Basically token ring LAN nct»’ork is a typical daia sG1n’cr ii hich shares information from one host port to another daia reccii ing most pon. It is a data serf er » herc data arc transferring and receii ing by holding a special ti pc of digital tokcns and this tokcns authoriz.ntion and acccssion options are ended once thc daia rcccii’ing information is confirmed bj the rcccix’cr So this transfcr process is opcrated through full duplex lines and by the Etliemct s» itching i 'hich can reduce the chances of the
    trofMc congtstionconscqutnctsat+c pcuktiinoofiht nthior|c
    Another i 'ireless teclmology solution is FDDI data conncction that company can install. FDDI stands for fiber distributed data coimectii itv interface » here data are traiisfcrring through fiber optic nctii’ork lincs (Zhang er al. 2014. P, 70) basically. it also follow’s the protocol of token ring connecti› itj . It can be said that se› cral and large numbers of users can access through thc FDDI data conncctii ity seri’cr. It can also bc said that FDDI data conncction scri’cr can bc iiscd for the company as backbone structure dcsigning a »’idc area nctii ork also.

    Risk and solution strategies to POS system
    There are numeric risk and thread options u hile operating a netu ork-based POS system.
    + As it can be obseri’ed that the online and u’eb connectii’ity POS system is operating  through the internet So it may hat e happened that a netu ork can be broken doc n at the peaL time of data transferring netu ork and there is a certain limitation about the netu ork en itching systems So the poor netu ork connection system can fall a negati  e impact on the business of the company and can tarnish also the image of the company by the customers,
    Lacking the proper encn ption process in point of sale system cause a miserable loss and create  a  thread  for  the organizations  as hackers  u ill  access  the  x aliiable  information
    ›s ithout am  authorization  of system administrator  Hackers usually  use a false IP address
    and malicious multitlireading soft» are u hich will synchronize •s• n the i aIuabIe data information of the company. In that case. a hacker u ill claim a ransom amount from the company to retries e that valuable information of the company.
    In modem days illegal data accessii s are happening throu s  transferring  d s ital currency  like  Bit coin, Hackers can get access to the payment systcm of the company In that instantly a large amount of d's tal cash company can be transferred  to an unknou n data access port. Then  it can  be impossible to find out the Mac address or IP address and also block chain  address of  that illegal data dci’icc acccssion (Lopez- cr o/. 2018. p,5G)
    In that case. instead of installin g a normal LAN net» ork four seasons Greenhouse can build up a i’irtual LAN nctii ork in order to make a p;irtition of the nctii’orks to identify the security adi’anccmont ii’ithoiit using any new’ cables or any changcs maLing on the real-tune processing server ports. For the secure teclmology purpose, it can be said that ports and st itches can be connected ii ith i’arioiis types of large band»’idth VLAN notii orks and after thnt, the system ii ill be assigned into different logical groups and the authorization  rules to access on  this server  So for this tcchnical specification. the uscrs connected to that sco’cr can identify all thc dci’iccs

    conncctii’itj but onc cannot get a access from an cxtcrnal dci’icc It »’ill also fulfill the necessity of high-speed internet see ice »'itIiout anj type of interruption at ant' time.

    C OllClltSlO£l
    So. at last. this it has been derix ed that Modem adi’anceinent of POS system can give the beneficial grou th of Four Seasons Greeniiouse and Nursetv This article also explains all the possible  advantage  of  installing  an  upgraded   POS  svsteiti   Further,  the  telecomitiunication si stein in POS sj stein has been explained to establish connectii’ity  betw een the user authorities of the companies and the custoiiiers or clients of the company  The  implementation  of  centralized database system need is also addressed in this article. At last risk factors and the possible secnrit solutions has e been added to establish a comfortable and  secure  data connectivity serf er at the tune of operating POS system processing