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    Executive Summary
    This study has evaluated modern POS system uses in the retail system. This research has been found on the advantages and the disadvantages of this system. Implementing POS system in Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery, location was in Colorado has been described. This discussion has been found POS system helps business or the management of Company to make their decisions. It has been implemented POS system in their Company. Telecommunication system has been defined and it has also involved connection between systems is made such as cable connection and wireless connection. 
    These days Information Technology has major impact on business organization. The increase of uses of information technology has given importance in business organization. It has developed the business of an organization in several ways.  Using information technology in business organization can help to maintain accurate database. This study will put emphasis on Advantages and disadvantages of   POS system. Advantages of centralized database will be majorly described in the business context. Importance of Decision making for POS system will be elaborated in this research. The research will evaluate Telecommunication option for POS. System Risk and solution strategies to   POS system will be found in context to impact of IT in business. 
    Advantages of POS system
    Implementation of POS in business organization in four season greenhouse nursery management depends on manual registration related to sales. As mentioned by Harrington (2016, p.221), implementation of the several system has many advantages related season greenhouse and nursery.
    This system gives specific idea about the price of the products and also maintain its stocks, and update it on regular basis
    This system helps to track down employees and how they working in the nursery. It implement GPS process in the nursery
    It helps to maintain product details of the Organization and give details about products price
    Web connected POS system grow the business efficiency for four season nursery development (Torregaza et al. 2018, p. 49)
    a  It can also trace the sales related thing of the organization
    b VThe POS system helps to maintain online transaction system
    This POS system performance mainly based on internet, low connectivity can hamper the full procedure
    This system helps to maintain security of the organization
    The system can be upgraded in few months and work more effectively for the organizational good (Cooper et al. 2015, p.57)
    This system can help the employees to learn about the organizational work culture
    License POS system has access to unlimited support

    Disadvantage of POS system-
    There are some disadvantages also of internet based POS system as the connection is established through web based connection server. It may be happened that net connectivity will ended for poor data server manipulation system and less bandwidth internet service provider. So at a particular time of transaction or operation can be held through this software. 
    As it is on line based business data information transaction platform, it may be happened that hackers will get illegal access of the company website without any interference by website administrator (Kaminsky et al. 2018, p.4323). Once the hackers will receive the valuable information of the company they will claim a hefty ransom amount from the company to retrieve the data. In that case the online payment process also faces serious thread from both the end i.e. Customers and company authority side. In modern days if the company website lacks less encryption processes and less security layers then miserable conditions can be generated instantly that is called as cyber crime.  
    An advantage of the centralized database storage system
    A centralized database is needed to store the company database like as cloud computing, It can be regulated manipulated and classified form a particular location. There are numeric advantages to use of centralized database system in an organization which is explained below. 
    Enhanced Database storage
    Basically, a centralized data based storage system is constraint-free in the way to store a data which will help in the growth of data manipulation even in any crucial time or circumstances of the system processing. It is observed by it professionally that after logging of the whole system or causing any hardware problem for cloud-based data storage system can able to retrieve data information system at a safe place of the system (Cunningham et al. 2015, p.677).

    Increased physical security 
    It can be observed that several times local storage data information systems face issues while accessing multiple users at the same of time. It is observed that several times device loss or physical hampers of the system causes data loss from an information data storage system. So it can be said that this type of incidents has a less probability of happenings after installing centralized based data storage system. With the features and advantage of cloud-based centralized data based storage system, it can be considered safe because it will add backup system storage which will maintain the information contents safe (Pearlson et al. 2016, p.20).
    Decreases cost of system processing 
    The execution and maintenance of physical data storage information system is costly comparatively cloud storage database system as it only requires a internet access to the local server. It can be said further that a cloud-based network system installation charges do not need a hefty amount of processing and maintenance charge to execute a huge data and information storage database server (Keith Jr et al. 2015, p.62). So it can be observed that a minimum amount of maintenance charges only need to in the time of breakdown of this server and this virtual processing system does not require any other operation cost to display and transferring numeric data information through any personal digital device data storage system 

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                   Figure 1: Centralized data base system
                  (Source: Keith Jr et al. 2015, p.62)

    Decision making for POS system 
    Basically, the point of sale technological system gives an idea of estimation to its users for a particular product profit margin and the number of tracking orders from the customers or client side. This system generates everyinformation of individual sales product. It can be said that management authorization and marketing department can give any decision for this specification at any time to increase the business growth. It is observed that point of sale operating system technologies can establish the brand value and experience of the company. In the aspect of customers point of view, it can be said point of sale system also give an idea to take a purchase decision at the time of buying a product online through the official website or application of a company. There is a numeric advantage to take decisions from the POS systems point of view which can be explained
    Sales enhancement
    One of the major advancement of the decision-making system is to deliver the power of taking decisions independently of the sales staff employees of a concerned company. with the assistance of point of the scale, system company can suggest or give a product recommendation quickly to their customers or clients. A customer can also give their personal views and feedback for a particular product related matter by this system. It cannot be denied that a proper synchronized and designed user interface can give a comfortable user experience for that. Also, customers can raise any time and various product relevant questions through the FAQ part of the digital contents of the official website or apps of the company (Redmond et al. 2016, p.977). Further, it can be added for an example that Customers will receive notifications about an instance sale session of the company with an SMS text giving a discount for the particulars products.
    Identifying data constraint decisions with a point of scale technology
    It is observed previously that a sales manager of the company can receive the information about the updated design and technical advancement, cash on hand or requirement orders for a particular product. So for that features and after receiving notification by the authorized user, a company can enhance the process for increasing cash flow system and also can estimate about the profit margin for a financial year. In the time of operating the daily business cycles of the company can track the data information of a vendor selling product (Reim et al. 2015, p.70).  
    Telecommunication option for POS system 
    It can be observed that four seasons Greenhouse and nursery has a small business structure so the company will require a relatively small region connectivity data server. So it can be considered company requires local area network which will provide and transfer the data information through wireless link connectivity. Further, it can be said that Greenhouse and Nursery can also install cable connection to establish the data connectivity (Sigov et al. 2016, p.30).
    So it can be said that Ethernet and the communication way by Wi-Fi are technologies behind to establish a LAN network. In that case, token ring connectivity network can be used by the Four seasons company authorities to establish data connection server. Basically token ring LAN network is a typical data server which shares information from one host port to another data receiving host port. It is a data server where data are transferring and receiving by holding a special type of digital tokens and this tokens authorization and accession options are ended once the data receiving information is confirmed by the receiver. So this transfer process is operated through full duplex lines and by the Ethernet switching which can reduce the chances of the traffic congestion consequences at the peak time of the network. 
    Another wireless technology solution is FDDI data connection that company can install. FDDI stands for fiber distributed data connectivity interface where data are transferring through fiber optic network lines (Zhang et al. 2014, P.70). basically, it also follows the protocol of token ring connectivity. It can be said that several and large numbers of users can access through the FDDI data connectivity server. It can also be said that FDDI data connection server can be used for the company as backbone structure designing a wide area network also.  
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                                       Figure 1: LAN
                               (Source: Zhang et al. 2014, P.70)
    Risk and solution strategies to   POS system 
    There are numeric risk and thread options while operating a network-based POS system.
    As it can be observed that the online and web connectivity POS system is operating through the internet. So it may have happened that a network can be broken down at the peak time of data transferring network and there is a certain limitation about the network switching systems. So the poor network connection system can fall a negative impact on the business of the company and can tarnish also the image of the company by the customers. 
    Lacking the proper encryption process in point of sale system cause a miserable loss and create a thread for the organizations as hackers will access the valuable information without any authorization of system administrator. Hackers usually use a false IP address and malicious multithreading software which will synchronize again the valuable data information of the company. In that case, a hacker will claim a ransom amount from the company to retrieve that valuable information of the company.  
     In modern days illegal data accessing are happening through transferring digital currency like Bit coin. Hackers can get access to the payment system of the company. In that instantly a large amount of digital cash company can be transferred to an unknown data access port. Then it can be impossible to find out the Mac address or IP address and also block chain address of that illegal data device accession (Lopez et al. 2018, p.50). 
     In that case, instead of installing a normal LAN network four seasons Greenhouse can build up a virtual LAN network in order to make a partition of the networks to identify the security advancement without using any new cables or any changes making on the real-time processing server ports. For the secure technology purpose, it can be said that ports and switches can be connected with various types of large bandwidth VLAN networks and after that, the system will be assigned into different logical groups and the authorization rules to access on this server. So for this technical specification, the users connected to that server can identify all the devices connectivity but one cannot get a access from an external device.  It will also fulfill the necessity of high-speed internet service without any type of interruption at any time.
    So, at last, this it has been derived that Modern advancement of POS system can give the beneficial growth of Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery. This article also explains all the possible advantage of installing an upgraded POS system. Further, the telecommunication system in POS system has been explained to establish connectivity between the user authorities of the companies and the customers or clients of the company. The implementation of centralized database system need is also addressed in this article. At last risk factors and the possible security solutions have been added to establish a comfortable and secure data connectivity server at the time of operating POS system processing