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    Human Society Security Discuss Assignment Help

    Human Society Security Discuss Assignment Help

    In the post-Cold War era human society has become more important than state security; discuss

    Executive Summary 

    The report has come up with a reflection of two distinct concepts dealing with the subject of Human Society and State Security. It has interpreted the various perception by scholars towards the subject of the report and finally have contradicted the importance of Human society is more than State Security. 


    The report has put emphasis on the primary research of the importance of Human Society and Security over State or National Security. The report has been into the part of interpretation that presents the relevant theory of International relations that binds both the concepts of Human Society and State Security (Socialstudies.org. 2019).  The report has dealt with scenario of post Cold War that has reflected the first crisis in the form of Berlin Blockade. The report is mixed framework with an inclusion of historical context, case studies and analysis. The report is a projection of different perceptions that have been supported by scholars towards the concept of Human Society and Security and State security (Socialstudies.org. 2019). 


    The hypothesis can be incorporated as follows:

    Null hypothesis (H0) = in the post-Cold War era human society has been significantly impacted than state security

    Alternate hypothesis (H1) = in the post-Cold War era human society has not been significantly impacted than state security

    Main Body 

    The above stated topic would be addressed with the help of relevant theory or framework, historical context, case study and analysis. An interpretation of analysis will enhance the quality of the essay that would project the importance of human society than state security during the post Cold War era (Mstohl.faculty.comm.ucsb.edu. 2019).  This report would be presenting the importance of human society than state security. Post Cold War has put various impacts on the human society due to which common people had to suffer. The first crisis after the occurrence of Cold War was Berlin Blockade between the years of 1948 to 1949 (Mstohl.faculty.comm.ucsb.edu. 2019). After the end of Cold War, the society has been into the hurdles that have dealt with reduction of military security to increase the concept of state security.

    Theory / framework

    The theory behind the projection of importance of human society has been delved over state security (Nsa.gov. 2019). The theory related to the concept of the International Relations, from which it could be comprehend the concept of Marxist tradition. During the time of Cold War, the world system theory has put emphasis on the concept of human society and its value in higher rates than state security. This theory of international relations comprises the interaction of human society and state security. The report has delved with the presence of theory that projects the relationship between human society and the role of state security (Pdfs.semanticscholar.org. 2019). 

    The theory of international relations comprises with human society and state security (national security), enhancement in the part of human rights and discourse.  This theory contributes towards the human society and interaction, which has been done by Gramsci and the Frankfurt School (SAGE Journals. 2019). The theory of international relations look for various approaches that come up to the era of post modernism, feminist and post colonialism. End of the theory of international relations, it presents the significance of human society over state security, which plays an important part in an international relation’s theory. The theories of internal relations not only look for world objectives but also present the critical approach for the betterment of the international relations in the world (Burley, 2017).  

    During the time of 1980s, the world have seen the emergence of neoliberal occurrence of marketing agenda that depicts the beneficial arguments for the underdeveloped markets that were set against the back drop of post Cold War (Heifer, 2017).  On the contrary, the scenario had also reflected the relation between human society and state security during the time of post Cold War. The interpretation of international relations have demonstrated the shots over Europe from which the concept took birth in the name of sate security and human society reveals the human nature or behaviour towards the war during the era of post Cold War (Heifer, 2017).  

    The theory of international theory have revealed the interpretation made by NATO who has bring up the subject of Europe that has been into the traumatized phase after the post Cold War and have been mobilized into the meaning of security (Driver, 2018). This was demonstrated as one of the leader, Reagen who have portrayed inter- relation between the human society and state security. With the help of such arguments, it can be stated that against the backdrop, which was set during Post Cold War, in the year of 1983, Reagen introduced the theory of international relations, which dealt with an inspiration to ascend the likelihood for nuclear anticipation (Stein, 2017).

    The post Cold War has reflected the first crisis in the form of Berlin Wall that took place in Soviet Union in the year of 1991 (Forsythe, 2017). It was difficult for human society to estimate about the occurrence of Cold War within the region. Human society was at trauma to receive the intuitions about the Cold War and this led to drastic change in the realist assumptions about the study. The approach for Cold War have dismantled the state relinquishing  about the state’s sovereignty that lies in the form of threats and force, used by the state. The sudden lack in the military troops has made the reflection of comprehension that deals with the propaganda of security. The presence of such rapid changes have paved the way toward the creation of indifferences in international relations theory that presents that particular scenario of post World War II (Donnelly and Whelan, 2017). The occurrence of World War II has presented the path of state security, which was unstable during that time and this had been undergone into the reflections via academic source. 

    Historical context 

    The origin of human society and state security takes place from the concept of human society that also delved with state security. The concept of human society and state security has been accomplished by the Independent Commission on Disarmament and Security Issues that started from the year of 1982 (Miletzki and Broten, 2017). After the occurrence of post Cold War, Common Security that firstly reported by the Security Issues in 1982.Involvemenet of the Common Security projects the first Comprehensive criticism that belongs to the part of military approaches to security. The presence of Comprehensive criticism highlights the importance that lies between the relation of state security and well-being of human society (Chimni, 2017). 

    The interpretation of relation that lies between the state security and human society presents the beneficial points in the history that have contributed towards the formation of enhancement after the end of Cold War (Chimni, 2017). The presence of human society relations with state security highlights the emphasis on the progression on academic and policy circles that centre rounds the subject of negligence of military is power due to their disappearance. The post Cold War has led the way towards the evolution that deals with the security discourse in order to meet the level of human society and state security (Chimni, 2017). 

    There is an enhancement to provide necessity about the relations between human society and state security. The evolution regarding the superpower’s military does not contribute towards the development (Ejiofor et al., 2017). An involvement in the context of state security and human society has paved way towards the context of globalization in the world. There is a potential context in human society that extends the primary context of military that broadly enlisted the encompassment of economic, social, environmental and health issues. The post Cold War was the era when improvement took place in the term of first authoritative definition, which has established the idea of human society and state security. in the year of 1994, Mahbub ul Haq have portrayed the significance about the concept of human society and state security into the form of United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Human Development Report (Lake et al., 2015). 

    Based on the reports of territorial and military concerns, the report has come up with the revelation that depicts the fundamental subject of human society and state security (Evers et al., 2017). UNDP helps to manage the four characteristics that come up with influential topics about the component that are interdependent. One of best way to express the substantiality in the context of human society is the generation of the idea about report of other encompassing activities.  After post Cold War, human society has been under the threat of starvation, diseases and repression, which has put a negative impact on the daily life. This comprehension can be interpreted with the help of human society that encapsulated in the famous quotations by “freedom from fear” and “freedom from want” (Dannreuther, 2015). 

    The base of this subject can be understood with the help of one of book, Security Studies And The End Of The Cold War, has been written by David A. Baldwin. This book has reflected the scenario of post Cold War, which is consider to be the root cause for the event that had taken place in international politics since World War II (Kaldor and Selchow, 2015). This book has come up with an emphasis on the “dawn of the atomic age”. There is an interpretation done by John F. Kennedy, who has put emphasis on the advent of nuclear weapons that have used during Cold War. He has tried to see the end of Cold War with a different looking glass that addresses “all the answers and all the question”. Most importantly, other scholars do not agree to John F. Kennedy and they have the concept of “fundamental changes in the nature of international politics since World War II” (Bullock  et al., 2017). 

    Case study 

    The case studies have depicted the significance of the International Relations that plays an important role in human society and state security. The case study belongs to the Journal of International Relations that specifies the subject realist approach  (Bullock  et al., 2017). Realist approach can be delved with the help of Copenhagen School, the Welsh School and the approaches for human society. This article critically analyses the traditional approaches that broadens the subjective approach of human society and state security. Traditional security can be look forward in the term of military attacks that can be observed with the help of other states. The Copenhagen School approaches for the duality of security that can be initialized in the term of state security and human society security  (Bullock  et al., 2017).    

    Traditional Approach based on the characteristic of realism those projects the study of the World War II to the end of the Cold War (Southwell et al. 2016). The Realist School highlights the that challenges that people had to go through post Cold War based on the grounds of realism and that cannot be interpret with the help of external temporary changes and threats. For example, Human Development Report by Watkins has tried to enhance the country’s military troops with the allocation of high budgets.  The Copenhagen School gains the contribution with a partnership of Barry Buzan’s research. The Copenhagen School can be fragmented into five different traditional sectors such as, military, environmental, economic, political, and societal factor (Southwell et al. 2016). 

    This School focuses on the position of the societal security that defines the term of the relevant subject. This article has come up with other Welsh School that contributes towards the formation of Frankfurt School, written by Booth and Jones (Southwell et al. 2016). The School scrutinizes the subject of the state-centric approach that can be dealt with instability, injustice and hostility that belongs to the part of part of international politics. The Welsh School contributes towards the establishment of the normative approach that portents the engagement of the contemporary structure of the human society and state security. The last part of the article is Human Security Approach that can be influenced with the help of challenges that are usually supported by the human approach (Southwell et al. 2016). 

    The other case study has been entitled as Human Security versus National Security. The article has been into the considerations of the situations that has taken place after Cold War (Rose, 2017). The article has put emphasis on the concept of Human society that is being subjected to human security and the concept of national security. The article has focus on the emergence of military aspects that plays a crucial part that tends to perform the security purpose. The article has also been into the path of non-military attributes of the security that conveys towards the formation of other securities such as, environmental security, food security etc. it has been into the interpretation that article has presented the bipolarity and multi-polarity that have taken place in the nature from inter-state conflict to intra-state clash (Rose, 2017). 

    The concept of Human Security as per the United Nations Development Programmed helps to highlight the holistic paradigm of human development. The concept of Human and Security was introduced with the help of UNDP through former Pakistani finance minster, Mahbub ul Haq and even supported by Amartya Sen (Rose, 2017).  With the help of them, the concept has been into the analysis that concerns for the military security that deals with “social violence, economic distress and environmental degradation”. The article has put emphasis on the individual’s security, which can be improved with the help of traditional military –centric. The article has been interpreted with the help of several scholars such as, G. King, C. Murray, Caroline Thomas, Roland Paris, Sabina Alkire and many more (Price, 2016). The article has presented the concept of human security that can be analyzed based on the level of poverty.   

    On the contrary, the article has been interpreted with another concept that highlights the significance of national security. In the year of 1648, there was an emergence of states with unchangeable tactics. The concept of national security has paved way towards the formation of domestic society (Price, 2016). The interpretation of domestic society can be focus into the approaches of national security. This article has equally led the path towards the monopoly that stand against the violence into the existence of the ascending control over presented violence. Involvement of nationalism military project its significance in the form of armed forces that takes stronger shapes after the occurrence of Cold War.  This part of the article have been interpreted with the help of Bryan Mabee conveys towards the establishment of national interest of the population (Price, 2016). 


    The above-plotted discussion can be analyzed with interpretations provided by several scholars.  Various scholars have projected their own perception towards the concept of Human Society and Security. As per Gary King and Christopher J.L. Murray they have contributed towards the two different strands of foreign policy that presents the importance of economic enhancement and military security, which can be intertwined (Heifer, 2017). 

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