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    Human Resource Management Writing Help

    Human Resource Management Writing Help

    Human Resource Management Writing Help

    The Human Resource managers have taken the key part of the organization they work for with the senior management team. This is done by helping the organization to determine the overall business strategy of the company. The managers sit down with operations departments to align the goals of the organization with the employees to through creativity and innovation. Now a days, HRD functions are not restricted to just imparting training to the workers for better performance by the workers. The new age HRD managers offer important advices on different subjects like merging of business or recruitment of diverse workforce.

    The human resource development department generally takes the help of the framework which uses four stages.These stages can be called need assessment, design, evaluation and implementation for the achievement of the training and development needs of the employee, resource career development needs and also organizational development needs When an organization is striving to maintain in the globalized and dynamic market, would require to maintain as an on-going process to keep re-aligning its development strategies on the basis of the current market trends.

    Training and Development

    Assessment is made to address some need or gap. The need can be something which has arisen recently or a new challenge that makes a change inevitable. The Identification may involve examination of an individual, its environment, job tasks and the performance.

    The designing of HRD process is the second stage. If it involves any type of training or development program, then the activities typically carried out are selecting the specific objectives of the program, developing an appropriate lesson plan for the program, Developing or acquiring the appropriate materials and selecting the person who would deliver the programme.

    The evaluation of the program is the final phase of the training and HRD process. The effectiveness of HRD intervention is measured by this. The careful evaluation gives an overview of the individual’s reaction to the program, the measure of the level of learning and the effectiveness of the program.

    After all these, comes the process of implementation. The Delivery of any HRD program generally presents numerous challenges like the execution of the program, creation of an environment which improves the learning and resolving problems, if any, which may arise.

    Diffrent skills of employees

    The approach for the preparation of the HR strategy has to place most importance on the understanding of the organization's overall capacity and capability. If you have a clear understanding of the different skills of your employees, it would help you to understand the potential for development and growth of the organization. It helps you to implement the structure of your organization to grab the advantage of emerging opportunities. At the organizations at this level, the HR is considered to be the driving force for the strategy and future success. The HR, in these organizations, is not considered to be part of administrative function.

    Human Resource Management Assignment Help

    The strategy which is effective gives a clear vision and also ambition for the company. It also identifies the necessary resources for achieving the ambition of the company and your people. Linking of the HR strategy to the organizational strategy is beneficial due to many reasons.

    A company after entry into the global scene discovers that finding efficient and trustworthy personnel designated to the overseas assignment is a big challenge. This problem is common with different types of companies involved in different types of businesses. Pressure builds up on these new globalized companies to build up a cadre of managers on a global basis following the principles followed by the more experienced multinational companies.

    Recruiting and Training

    The solution available for these companies is to follow the footsteps of the big multinational companies which have got vast experience in recruiting, training and retaining employees. Unilever is a multinational company which exerts maximum pressure for the worldwide H.R. function and it helps towards competitive advantage.

    The company has long given importance to the human resource even by including the HR in the executive committee of the Board. The company gives importance to the development of in-house talent and develops people to become future leaders in all markets. As a result of this development in the workplace, more than 90% of the employees of Unilever are from their own country. Globalization is implanted into its managers through job content as well as assignments given overseas.

    Human Resource Management Assignment Help

    At the time of joining, people get a clear idea that the job entails overseas assignments. These overseas assignments are a must to climb up in the service life. Unilever manages the H.R. talent worldwide through international database. Through this database, the company can trace out the best available employee for any particular job in a very short time.

    Purpose-driven leadership

    Corporate Culture of Unilever values people in their judgments, decisions and actions. These values Integrity as it creates reputation. The behavior of everyone is well defined. The company believes in respect to people and should be treated with dignity, honesty and fairness. The company works in diversity as the offices are located in different corners of the world. Unilever is committed to responsibility as it has to have to take care of the consumers, customers and employees. It also takes care of environment. Unilever encourages its employees to maintain high standards of leadership standards in their daily work. It is well known that profitable growth can be achieved if the company would have people with a positive mindset. Unilever encourages competitive leadership. It should be positive as well as realistic. The employees are trained to work with passion for winning. The company trains the employees for focus on consumer and customer. This may be called purpose-driven leadership. The employees have to see the brands through their eyes and then only they will work towards the advancement of the organization as a whole.

    The company dictates that there should be a sense of urgency in decision-making, which should combine thoughtful action with intelligent risk taking. In a performance-driven leadership, responsibility and accountability go hand in hand. These steps have resulted in Unilever’s overall performance. The people driven leadership like building talent and team is also very important. This can also be said to be investment in the development of people, which in turn proves beneficial for the company as a whole.

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