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    Human Resource Management Assignment Help Uk

    Human Resource Management Assignment Help Uk

    Human Resource Management Assignment Help Uk


    International Human resource management can be explained as the set of activities that actually aimed to maintain and manage the organizational HR policy at an international level. It is necessary for any organization to achieve the complete advantage so that the organization can compete with other organization at international and national level. IHRM typically includes HRM functions and that are selection, recruitment, training, performance appraisal and development. For international level some major activities such as expatriate management and international skill management and so on. According to the IHRM concept HR managers select appropriate candidate from three difference levels for any IT industry. The human resource process manages home country employee, third country employee, host country employee. Atlassian is an Australian based software enterprise and they are one of the leading software companies of Australia. The main of this organization is to develop any software related project. The discussion is focused on some parts and that are critically analyzing corporate strategy and also HR responsibilities in international aspect. The thesis statement of the study is to analyze the International Human resource management policy and in which way corporate strategies are implemented to embrace the organization strategies.


    Corporate strategy suggests and formulated from the higher level management but the input comes from middle level and also from lower level management. With the help of this process actually higher level management design new subs strategies. Atlassian as a leading software enterprise must required this kind of corporate strategies because for betterment and to increase the performance of the software new strategic design are required. According to the corporate strategy the HR managers take complex decision because it helps them to make some efficient allocation which can affect the entire organization positively. Most important thing in corporate level strategy are HR managers mapped out their objective and goals. The HR managers of Atlassian can imply this strategy because with the help of this strategy then can select most efficient employers that are main requirement for any organization. Based on the corporate level strategy HR managers of Atlassian is trying to improve the performance of the software. Therefore in order to develop the functionality of the specific software the organization requires software domain specific training by which employers can enrich their performing skills. Therefore to increase the performance level the HR manager provides proper training for the employers (Brewster et al. 2016). According to the corporate level strategy the particular organization wants meet their desired goal with the help of proper employees. In order to gain the positive output of the corporate strategies any organization need effective employees. With those employees any organization meets their international standard and level. Therefore corporate strategies are most relevant and it is connected with the IHRM.

    Growth strategy:-

    Corporate strategies are that kind of strategies which is constructed to achieve proper growth rate such as revenue, sales, and assets. Growth strategy of any organization is implemented to increase the business both locally and globally. Local growth strategy is basically based on all the internal factors and that can be achieved with the help of internal economics scale. Organization like Atlassian and the HR managers of this organization can use this strategy to increase the annual revenue generation and can increase the sales rate. That are one of the most important principle of corporate strategy and HR managers can imply this. According to this strategy HR managers select all those employees, who have sound knowledge on software developing. In order to increase the growth of the business employee efficiency is most required.

    Concentration strategy: with the help of concentration strategy the organization can produce the actual product line with accurate growth potentials. Apart from that with the help this strategy it increases the employee participate according to the requirements. The particular organization Atlassian applies these strategies to increase the employee involvement to develop new software. As a result this kind of involvement increases the learning ability and make them more efficient towards their job. Besides that this kind of participation also increased the scope of interaction which will bring positive impact on the employer's mind.

    Stability strategy:-

    This corporate strategy basically focuses on that strategies by which the organization is gaining appropriate profit. Therefore stability concept suggests the existing strategies. This stability concept is applicable for every organization. The HR manager plays most important role to sustain the specific strategies by which the organization is gaining profit. A strategy can be considered as a stable strategy only when it provides proper growth in the business (Alfes et al. 2013). It is possible only when if the appropriate employees are selected for the specific post according to the employer’s capability. If the performance of the recruited employers is appropriate then they increase the sales of the particular product. HR managers and higher authority can use that strategy as a stable strategy. If the outcomes of the implemented strategy are not effective then HR managers change the existing strategy according to the local and global requirement.

    Profit strategy: it is a subpart of stable strategy. With the help of profit strategy any organization can increase the sales price and can cut the excessive cost. After making an effective training the organization can increase their sales price. If the performance of the particular software is developed then automatically it will increase the demand of the product. If the demand is high then sales rate will also increased.

    Retrenchment strategies:-

    it is another part of corporate level strategy. It suggests when a particular organization performs poorly and the quality of the product line gets deteriorated. Apart from that this strategies are implied when the market condition of the particular organization also get deteriorated stand in a poor competitive position. In order to overcome that phase the HRM of any organization provide some effective strategies that can reconstruct the position of the organization. That is mentioned below Turnaround strategies: This strategy is particularly adapted to make reverse the procedure of decline. In case of Atlassian this organisation provide effective training so employers can develop the performance of the product. Beside that to avoid the poor performance the organization can introduce new software product so that it can revive their market place. Apart from that new product development process also motivate the employer and increase their willingness.

    Divestment strategies: This strategy suggest a procedure where an organization sales their product for different goals to increase their attention. These strategies are very helpful to reduce the loss making elements of a particular product. HR manager of Atlassian imply this strategy to motivate and separate the employers according to their expertise skill. With the help of strategy the organization can develop software for various sector such as security software, gaming software, application related software. It will help the organization to grab different market sector. Apart from this, it will increase the performance level of the employers because they can perform according to their specific skills.

    Identify the HR manager’s responsibilities for the international aspect:-

    The HR managers maintain their responsibility according to the global and local approach. It is important for any organization to expand their business area locally and globally. In order to expand the market for the business the HR managers need to focus on various sides. Not only efficient employee selection is the proper option because apart from that there are many sector where the HR managers need to focus to meet the international aspect. In case of Atlassian international aspect is most effective because as software enterprise the organization deals with global market therefore the HR concept need to reconstruct according to this manner.

    Organizational behavior theories for international aspect:-

    In order to increase the international market and to motivate the employees most of the organization focuses on the organizational behavior. Organizational behavior theories are dependent over some factors and that are Scientific leadership: Main concept of organizational behavior theories is to execute the job more efficiently. For this kind of performance the organization need to construct scientific leadership that will lead the team and can construct more relevant strategies. For that the organisation can obsolete all the old strategies. This leadership concept suggest all the workers must need to assign their according to their background. As a result, it will increase the performance of the employees. According to the scientific leadership, it represents a standard time for a particular job. With the help of this leadership policy, HR managers of Atlassian increase the workflow. Apart from that domain specific separation makes the employers more efficient and the outcomes are more developed and updated version software production. The result is increase international market is increased for their software product.

    Motivational theory:-

    The concept of motivation theory is introduced by Maslow and according to the theory it can be identified that basic requirement that motivate and individuals are food and shelter. Develop this strategy the in current seba nario all the organisation motivated the workers. One of the key concepts for any kind of business growth is directly connected with the workers. If the workers or employees of any organisation get properly motivated then automatically structure of the particular business will get improved (Jabbour et al. 2013). Lack of motivation destroys the working environment and at the same time it will destroy the workflow of any organisation. In order to motivate the employees any organisation provide healthy relationship between the managers and worker, provide motivational speech and monetary increment. With the help of this kind of activities most of the organisation motivated their employees. In order to make some or to increase the market space for the respective organisation HR managers of Atlassian motivate their employees. In order to motivate the organization follows some steps like:

    Encourage contribution:-

    By this approach the employee contribute their opinion and if HR managers or higher authority encourage for performance then it is possible to make them motivated.

    Keep employees informed:-

    With this approach the HR managers of an organisation provide all the information to the workers. Therefore it makes the employees happy and it will improve their performance. This approach helps to increase the confidence level of the workers.

    Workforce satisfaction:-

    HR managers of Atlassian provides proper healthy environment for the workers. This approach attracts talented workers, who actually want to work in the organisation. Besides that if the environment of any organisation is appropriate then it will encourage the workers towards their work.


    From the above discussion it can be suggest that international Human resource management(IHRM) is considered one of the most effective policy to reach the goals of the organization. Apart from that the discussion focuses all the corporate approaches that make an alignment with the organisational strategies. In this section the discussion focuses all the corporate approaches that are related with the employees and organization. The discussion focuses light on all the approaches and that are growth strategy, Retrenchment strategies and stability strategy. From the discussion part it can be understood that with the help of this strategy any organisation basically identifies all the marker scope and to increase the sale of the product the organisation provide proper training to improve the performance of the workers. The next part of the discussion of the focuses light on the identification of HRM responsibility in the international level. From the discussion part it can be deduced that corporate policy of any organisation helps develop the performance of the employees and at the same time it also make proper marker space globally. With the help of proper HR responsibility the organisation can increase their business growth and also provide proper infrastructure for the organisation which is one of the most important responsibility of any HR managers.

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