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    Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management | Human Resource Management Assignment Help by Experts 

    Q1: What data should Sky Hee plan to collect, both inside and outside the organization?

    To observe the human resources and other aspects running throughout the organization an employer or representative may collect various data. Sky Hee plan to collect such kinds of data for this particular organization.

    *      Primary or Secondary Data

    *      Qualitative or Quantitative Data

    Primary Data: Primary data are those that are collected and stored as a part of main study. This data is collected from the field from the supervision of an investigator. These data are fresh and collected from the first time(Boxall and Purcell, 2014). If the necessary data can’t be found from any internal records or any trusted sources then the original data is collected from the field level. These data are collected from some sources inside and outside of the organization.

    Ø  Direct communication with the working employees

    Ø  Communicating with the responsible workers

    Ø  A set of questionnaire that is filled by the employees of the organization 

    *      Advantages of Primary Data

    ü  The investigator collect the most recent data about the study

    ü  There is no doubt of the case of quality of the data

    ü  If required, the investigator may take several answers of the particular questions. 

    *      Disadvantages of Primary Data

    ü  The investigator has to deal with every hassle during collection of data

    ü  The responsible person is bound to collect the high standard data

    ü  Data collection process needs more expense

    Secondary Data: Secondary data is collected by someone else. It is taken for other purposes. The secondary data are collected from the following sources-

    Ø  Office Record

    Ø  Through Internet

    Ø  Different Books 

    *      Advantages of Secondary Data

    ü  No hassle of data collection as it’s already collected

    ü  It is less expensive process than primary data collection process

    ü  Investigator is not directly responsible for collecting the data 

    *      Disadvantages of Secondary Data

    ü  The investigator can’t properly decide about which data is collected

    ü  The data can’t be good enough for the study

    Qualitative Data: Qualitative data is all about the qualities. Sky Hee can plan to collect the qualitative data to identify the quality of the job and the quality of the working environment(Ivancevich and Konopaske, 2013). These data impact on the employee turnover for any organization.

    *      Advantages of Qualitative data

    ü  It represents the quality of the job, performance, working environment and so on. 

    *      Disadvantages of Qualitative data

    ü  Time consuming

    Quantitative Data:

    *      Advantages of Quantitative data

    ü  It yields the rich data

    ü  More ability to explore a range and depth the particular study 

    *      Disadvantages of Quantitative data

    ü  Difficult to analyze and compare data

    ü  Require the skilled and trained investigator 

    v  Data Analysis Process

    Data analysis process refers the inspecting, cleansing, modeling and transforming data with the goals to discover useful information, suggesting the overall conclusion and setting the decision-making process.

    The analysis process is a complex task of collecting the data and analyze. It can be performed under following steps.  

    Q2: Research and review appropriate secondary data that would support Sky Hee’s report, and design a conceptual framework that will give a summary of your literature review findings.

    Secondary data is collected by someone else. It is taken for other purposes. The secondary data are collected from the following sources- Office Records, Through Internet, and Different Books.

    In this case, Sky Hee could get help from the other sources of secondary data. Some appropriate secondary data sources could be-

    Ø  Electronic Journals

    Ø  CIPD or ILM

    Ø  FT, Economist

    Secondary data are being widely collected from other persons but these may help to the study purposes from other persons. Sky Hee could get to collect these sources and analyze them.

    *      Electronic Journals

    There have more economic journals on the internet or electronic Medias those are performed by the famous economists and other respective persons. They analyze the most recent issues and observe them. They collect the data regarding the various factors and sectors associated with the organization and other perspectives. Various websites, internet pages, Google help to find these journals.  Sky Hee could have the chance to collect the data from these journals. She could get the necessary help from Malaysia Employee Intentions Report 2012(Ivancevich and Konopaske, 2013). This report works for the FY11-FY12 to collect some information regarding employee turnover rate, what criteria a job seeker looking for, their salary expectations, and the activities that keep the employees on performing and so on.

    *      CIPD

    CIPD stands for Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. It is a well-known professional association for Human Resources Management professionals. Most importantly, CIPD runs a training program for the HR practitioners from around the world and has a proper link with European and world federation of Human Resources (CIPD, 2018).

    CIPD data can be chosen as trustable secondary data. Sky Hee could collect the necessary information from CIPD. It sets the statistics on every financial year of a particular organization or particular community. As MalaysiaInc is medium sized but Asian organization, so Sky Hee could get the help from CIPD Survey Report (November 2012). This report signifies statistics regarding recruitment and selection process criteria, Recruitment difficulties and retention of various countries in Asia.

    *      Conceptual Framework

    A conceptual or theoretical framework is the collection of possible theories and models from the literature of a particular study which underpins the study.

    We can design a conceptual framework associated with the working employees and those may motivate the employees to extend the performance. Sky Hee can use three reports for providing the report to the CEO.

    • CIPD Survey Report (November 2012)
    • Malaysia Employee intention Report (2012)
    • In 2003, the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) annual survey

    Specialized firms are generated secondary data and this is sold to the business or organization to eliminate problems and getting solution to the problem. For talent management practice, improve the quality of the employees, the Resourcing and Talent Planning survey report provides HR professionals and their business with essential data. This is essential secondary data for Sky Hee to analyze employee salary and improving their quality (CIPD, 2018). First, she needs to focus on recruitment and selection process that staff retention for analyze the performance of the employee the last year and also for providing recommendations on what the organization should focus.

    Recruitment and selection process

    Human Resources are the most important factor for an industry. A successful recruitment and selection process can help the organization to identify the most talented employees from a large number of candidates.

    Figure1: Selection method use (CIPD, 2018).

    To increase the productivity it's very important to recruit the skilled and knowledgeable employees in every department. Human resources department is always working to select the best candidate from thousands. The report says that there have more methods to attract the applications. From them "Recruitment Agencies (40%) and Employee Referral Scheme (39%) is more important methods than others.

    Figure2: Most appropriate way to attract staffs (CIPD, 2018).


    Besides, respondents report that their organization uses specific selection methods by following new strategies. They practice interviews following contents of CV/Application forms (62%, General ability test (41%), Competency-Based test (41%) and so on.

    Organizations from various countries may have different recruitment and selection criteria and methods to evaluate the process. Sky Heel could have the chance to analyze these statistics to use for her organization.

    Staff Retention

    This study will help the Sky Hee to observe the issues that affect the stuff retentions and the way to develop the facts. Study overview that in 2012 retention problem was a challenge for the organizations of Asia Area.  Staffs in technical (41%) and managerial (38%) positions are mainly difficult to retain. 

    Fgure3: Staff that was difficult to retain in the past 12 months (CIPD, 2018).

    The other staffs are also forced to adopt some uncertain issues. This retention implies effect to the large organizations, the small organization faces fewer problems than the large and medium organization.

    After analysis, some ways are developed to improve employee retention in the workplaces. Statistics say that improvement of pay affects most (50%) and then another way to improve retention is improving other benefits (45%). Some other ways make chances to improve work-life balance, improve employee involvement, improved selection techniques, improved induction process and so on. Sky Hee can analyze these secondary data to develop her report for the organization. 

    Market Outlook: Employee Conditions for 2012

    The study had development in the year of 2012 on account of Asian countries. It mainly studies the several facts of Malaysian employees and their outlook. After analyzing on the Malaysian employee, it was found that 68% employees had an observation that employment condition will improve, 7% voted that it will significantly improve(Malaysian-inc.com.my, 2018).

    This report also found that in the 58% employees were interested to work outside of Malaysia and rest of them interested to work within the country.

    Figure4: Employee salary expectation (Malaysian-inc.com.my, 2018).


    Q3: What key points should Sky Hee cover in the report?

    Sky Hee should cover some essential points in this report. She should analyze the overall working performance of the working employees.

    3.1 Staff retention

    Staff retention is the ability of the organization to retain its staffs. Sky Hee need to use static data of CIPD for analyze staff retention.

    3.1.1 Most popular and effective method

    There are several strategies that contributed employee retention. Onboarding and orientation, Mentorship programs, Employee compensation, Recognition and rewards systems, Work-life balance, Training and development, Communication and feedback, dealing with change, Fostering teamwork and, Team celebration all are the appropriate and effective method. Sky Hee need to analyze all of this strategy. Among the most appropriate one is Training and development. Training and development

    As we know that, employees or working labor forces are the best assets for the organization. So organization should take the proper training and development process for the employees. Sky Hee needs to collect these data and cover the points of training and development procedures. Employee compensation

    The employee works for the benefits. The wages should be well distributed by the organization. Sky Hee should cover the salary ranges, compensation, reward distribution etc.