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    Hospital Assignment Australia

    Hospital Assignment Australia

    Hospital Assignment Australia


    Pathology is the bridge that connects science and medicine. Pathology contains various tests and testing methods that help doctors and clinicians to diagnose the underlying causes of various diseases in human body. The portfolio sums up the hub-spoke model created for the purpose of developing one consolidated laboratory to enhance the pathology services and their availability for the people. A hub and spoke model is a method in which the services in one unit and the connection are established by way of ‘Spokes.’ It is like an asset pool system where in the units come together to create a hub with better facilities and services.The report discusses the details of the three hospitals involved in the integration and the current assets that they have asit is important that we understand the resources that are available. The report then discusses the effects of the integration on the pathology services, budgets, staff, training, workload management, etc. the portfolio then suggests the use of modern technologies like Automation and total integration to support the integration model of the laboratories.


    Pathology is the bridge that connects science and medicine. Pathology contains various tests and testing methods that help doctors and clinicians to diagnose the underlying causes of various diseases in human body. The healing system of pathology is committed to the comprehensive investigation of illness and its manners along with figuring out ways for the precise determination of disease since pathologists investigate the clues to infections and wounds through the inspection of glands, muscles, the fluids of the body organs, cells, and molecules. Clinical Pathogeny, or you can say the Laboratory Medicine, is the therapeutic pursuit primarily concerned with diagnosing conditions formed after considering the laboratory examination of different body liquids, for example, the blood plasma, muscle fluid, mucus secretions, saliva, urine or the cerebrospinal liquid. Many of these experiments are conducted with the help of automated procedures, with the notion of having a clinical pathologist who is in charge of the lab to be accountable for commanding lab specialists. Clinical Pathologists conduct various processes to guarantee the quality of tests and examination and they further, render versions of more complicated investigations such as movement cytometry (microscopic analysis of cell particles in fluid samples through light waves) and attend as specialists to clinicians to manage the suitable experiment for the determination or the evaluation of a particular individual’s condition. The importance of laboratory experiments and pathology in development of medicine and medicinal practices cannot be denied.

    In this portfolio we have developed a pool proposal of pathology services with the help of a hub and spoke model based on the Carter, (2014), a report that reviewed the NHS pathology in England. Based on the aspects of the report a new pool with the three laboratories will be developed. The three hospitals that have joined hands for the hub creation are the St David’s University Hospital, St Martin’s Hospital, St Jude’s Hospital. The portfolio will first shed light on the details of the three hospitals with respect to a numerous things such as workload, staff, occupancy rates, availability of bed, number of beds available, etc. The portfolio will then demonstrate the laboratory pool model where one consolidate laboratory pool will be discussed the portfolio will shed light on details of the instruments, staff availability, state of the laboratory, expertise of the professionals and much more. The portfolio will then discuss the equipment that will be proposed each site to handle the change in workload and to optimize the investigation procedure of the samples that have been collected or will be collected. The portfolio will then end with a short conclusion that will summarize the key points of the portfolio in brief.


    Details of Three Hospitals:-

    Before we go on to develop the hub of the laboratory services, it is important that we understand the resources that are available. With a clarity on the available assets it will become much easy to develop and streamline these resources into one. Once, the resource availability has been collected, a plan to put them to the right use can be developed to understand the capacity to handle the workload, and to develop the plan where maximum asset optimization can be conducted.

    Saint David’s University Hospital:-

    The hospital comes under the patronage of the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board. The hospital is a teaching hospital. The hospital is located in Cardiff, Wales. It is one of the oldest hospitals in the region who has been actively engaged in taking care of the patients.

    Current Laboratory:-

    At present the laboratory of the hospital is running quite smoothly. The laboratory needs a substantial upgrade of its work procedures. At present the existing capacity of the laboratory is to provide with the services that can offer a combined blood science. There is also a facility to provide the investigations related Siemens track chemicals, haematology related tests, virology, blood transfusion, Microbiology related tests, the cells pathology and forensic services.

    Number of Tests:-

    Not much testing related procedures are available. At the moment the hospital has Separate Roche system for Chem, haem, virology, Blood Transfusion, Microbiology and Cell path.

    Saint Jude’s Hospital:-

    The hospital is focused on primary healthcare only and thus the hospital does not supplant many facilities like the other two sites of the proposed model. The hospital is currently offering very less services to the people of the area and the prime focus has been on the child care and pediatric services.

    Current Lab:-

    The hospital is not providing many tests but it however provides the following- Separate Roche system for Chem, haem, virology, Blood Transfusion, Microbiology and Cell path.

    Current Staff:-

    The hospital is running on very limited resources and hence cannot offer a good remuneration to many professionals. The bed capacity of the hospital is 600 beds and therefore not many services are provided as the capacity to house the people is not much. The staff comprise of-

    • Hospital Board

    • Chief Physician

    • Nurses

    • Hospital Aides

    Details of new hospital:-

    There are plenty of examples that demonstrate the strength of hub and spoke model in the field of pathology. A hub and spoke model is a method in which the services in one unit and the connection are established by way of ‘Spokes.’ It is like an asset pool system where in the units come together to create a hub with better facilities and services. Creating a hub and spoke model between Saint David’s University Hospital, Saint Martin’s Hospital, and Saint Jude’s Hospital is great idea because it will help in creating the model that will prove beneficial to the patients as well as to the healthcare professionals. The development of this model is an essential step towards modernizing pathology by creating a pool that allows workforce reform in terms of services and payments made to these professional while at the same time optimizing the pathology networks around the region.

    The background of the proposed portfolio is to streamline the operations of these three sites- Saint Martin’s Hospital, Saint Jude’s Hospital and the Saint David’s University Hospital. The proposed model hub is as given in the diagram below-

    The proposal is to first combine all the operations that are running in all the three hospitals. Combining the operations imply that there is going to be a combination of different work staff. What happens in the sites with lesser resources, staff is often overburdened with work. In the proposed model each network is going to have a hub lab (Hospital Lab) and several spokes (The three hospitals and their assets). The spoke labs of the three hospitals will offer vital facilities only, encompassing all non-urgent graft being delivered to the main hub.

    Lessons learnt:-

    There are without a doubt NHS and worldwide instances of fruitful united administrations. In any case, there have likewise been a few ineffective endeavors at solidification. The Pathology Partnership (tPP) in the East of England is a model – this collapsed with noteworthy obligation regardless of being founded on the proposed model. The East of England organize depends on the old tPP (in addition to Peterborough) however there I nothing to clarify why the result will be any extraordinary this time. It is significant that experience is shared; both best practice and 'how not to do it'. So as to help bolster effective combination the College has distributed a progression of articles sharing individuals' understanding of solidification, especially concentrating on the exercises learnt. It would likewise be advantageous to gain from the experience of pathology modernisation in the lapsed UK nations, every one of which had adopted a marginally unique strategy.

    Automation & Digitization:-

    At the moment the field of Digital pathology is untapped and it is an open door that is being missed to empower interest in advanced pathology? The acquisition of new LIMS gives a chance to consider how this innovation can be misused and would counterbalance probably a portion of the difficulties of expelling nearby histopathology arrangement from the spokes.


    Dependable transportation is unmistakably essential however not in every case simple to accomplish. An excursion from talked to center that takes an hour at 3am can undoubtedly accept twice as long during the day. The extent of ESLs ought to reflect neighborhood framework, which might be one-hour turnaround for a spoke close to the center point and 3-4 hours for one further away.

    Economies of scale:-

    The phrase of "Economies of Scale" have been referenced as one of the fundamental favorable circumstances of the system model however our experience is that the anticipated reserve funds are not generally figured it out. The cost, bother and attainability of shipping a large number of examples should be addressed, particularly when that testing is generally easy to convey from neighborhood robotized stages for a peripheral few pence per test for example clinical direness isn't the main factor to be thought of.


    What follows a collaboration is a significant combination of the brains. With existing noteworthy enlistment issues for certain staff bunches specifically in some parts of the nation, and the general opposition of staff to move area, there is a danger of losing important experienced staff. Agreement issues will additionally muddle things. Will all business contracts be held by the center trust? What are the TUPE suggestions? Many staff are probably going to accept the open door to leave or resign. With the accentuation on scaling back the remaining task at hand to the "base" profile and ability blend required, there is a hazard that crucial "included worth" administrations will be lost, particularly in the medical clinics with just an assigned ESL.



    The process of the entire migration of the outstanding workload and staff over some unique, and beforehand serious Trusts, it stays hazy how the costs will be shared; this is probably going to be muddled and will set aside effort to sift through. We know about at any rate one union endeavor that fizzled in light of the fact that a subsidizing structure couldn't be concurred.


    Clinical understudies on pivot are routinely instructed in talked trusts, and many get the main part of their clinical pathology preparing there. Pathologists are ordinarily ordinary supporters of fantastic rounds, mortality gatherings and case conversations. When we are attempting to advance interest for pathology administrations by improving understudies' and junior specialists' comprehension of pathology with the goal that they demand tests suitably and can decipher the outcomes, it appears to be a retrogressive advance to expel the little handy pathology instructing they get.


    In the event that the foreseen economies of scale are acknowledged, there will be decreased preparing limit in the center point, especially for clinical students. ESLs ought to be dependable for site-specific preparing as well as for giving experience of working in an ESL, similarly as students at present pivot to DGHs from their primary educating clinic. The most ideal approach to enlist future staff to an ESL is to prepare them there.



    Pathologists are key individuals from research groups. How might investigate programs in talked clinics be upheld without on location pathologists? Specialists in preparing in non-pathology claims to fame frequently compose their first case reports in a joint effort with pathologists following presentation to fascinating pathology with regards to MDTs and different gatherings. It is significant this is proceeded.


    Isolating pathology the executives from all other trust the board, remembering leaving their present directorates for most trusts, could endanger comprehension of neighbourhood administration prerequisites. Center point based chiefs may not value the difficulties and nearby conditions of talked labs.

    Laboratory governance:-

    While it bodes well to utilize a similar quality administration framework, wellbeing and security guidelines, mistake announcing instrument and so on over the system, it ought not be accepted that the center point medical clinic's framework and gauges are the ones that ought to be utilized. Spokes may have grown increasingly powerful frameworks and the best ought to be picked.

    Managing the redundant workload:-

    It is difficult to envision how investment funds can be made if spokes need to hold the ability to process their own work in the aftereffect of center point disappointment. IT disappointments and street terminations because of street car accidents or upkeep work are generally basic in certain zones. Keeping up limit and mastery in the spokes will essentially lessen the plan to bring together administrations and limit cost reserve funds.

    Short-term pressures:-

    During this procedure talked labs may hope to see 'arranging curse', with trouble holding staff and selecting to jobs that will in the long run be brought together. This can possibly risk previously overstretched pathology administrations. The unfavorable impacts are probably going to be quick yet the change is probably going to take quite a long while – in what capacity will administrations be given meanwhile?

    Clinical biochemistry:-

    More detail is required about the test collection to be given in the spoke labs. There is an absence of detail, legitimization, proof or expert agreement contribution to this – collection would to a great extent rely upon the neighborhood conditions for such assigned ESLs and the administrations they offer/anticipate. The lab administration couldn't be relied upon to characterize this without the assessment of the more extensive emergency clinic, and much obstruction is to be foreseen from.


    Creating a hub-spoke model for integration of the pathology services is the need of the hour. With advancement in digital pathology and research conveyance centers, the objectives of such hubs have become much more achievable that they were ever before. In this portfolio, we studied the need of the integration of the three Hospitals- Saint David’s University Hospital, Saint Jude’s Hospital, and Saint Martin’s hospital. We studied the effect of the model based on the NHS guidelines, reports and documentation. We also studied the new technologies that we need to introduce in order to make the workload more efficiently manageable.

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