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    Health Overview corporate Assignment Help

    Health Overview corporate Assignment Help

    Health and fitness for corporate- Overview and benefits

    Fitness and health are now considered essential for employees as it has a positive impact on the overall performance and productivity. Therefore, a range of solutions is now getting designed worldwide to address the need of fitness and health. Consider the fact that physical activities are likely to reduce the overall stress associated with the workplace. 

    Impact of long working hours on health 

    As per the ILO or International Labor Organization, more than 80% men and 65% American women spend 40-45 hours/week in their workplace. The scenario is similar in case of Japanese and British workers as well (Ono, 2018). Hence, it is clear that long working hours has a negative impact on the physical and psychological wellbeing of corporate employees. 

    I would like to mention that due to the lack of adequate exercise, workers are likely to put on more weight. Hence, the need of wellness and fitness programs has been trending. Again, our digital culture encourages us to stick to computers and other electronics throughout the day. Consequently, it results in weight-related consequences and severe cardiovascular diseases. Again, employee retention becomes an issue for big corporations and the rate of absenteeism due to ill-health increases as well. When employees feel muscle strain and work-related stress, they are likely to feel monotonous at work. 

    Benefits of being health conscious and engaging in fitness programs 

    A workplace focused on creating a fitness culture is more likely to retain workers. This is because happiness and productivity and high workplace performances are interrelated factors that influence each other. Modern workplaces understand the importance of ergonomics and employers are now taking actions to increase the overall wellbeing of employees by encouraging them to participate in fitness programs. Health-conscious workers are likely to stay alert and attentive in the workplace. By participating in fitness and wellness programs, they will be able to break the monotonous schedule and feel less strained. Nowadays, most jobs are desk-bound and it creates the need for adequate exercise. 

    You can focus on simple stretching and timely workouts as it is likely to be beneficial for your health. Fitness equipments such as Fitbit and Apple Watch are now in trend (Forbes.com, 2020). When workers engage in fitness programs the chances of teamwork and workplace participation increases as well. Workers are likely to engage in exercise together and it enhances the chance of establishing relationships. Everyone feels that they are part of the community. They can easily adopt a healthier lifestyle and create a lasting impact on their workplace. 

    Final thoughts 

    I really find the idea of putting the workplace in action or motion fascinating. It has helped in attracting and retaining the huge number of employees. Fitness, health and wellness services are offered in modern firms and consulting services are now in demand. The entire process is carried out by constant training sessions. Here, employees get the opportunity to participate as a team and make advancements. 

    The future workplace is progressive and the impact of digital workplace is now being considered across management systems (Hull & Pasquale, 2018). By bringing together the expertise and experiences of fitness enthusiasts, it can be concluded that transformation has already started across industries and it is likely to generate positive outcomes for workers. 

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