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    Excise taxes on tobacco have made a significant change in the dependable variables with the revenue sources. There are considerable things that have to be paid attention towards the tax and the public health objective. Apparently it is important to have a concern towards the improvement of health of people so as to reduce the level of disease in the economy. The economic condition of the country has a significant factor to be considered such as health of the people in the country. A prominent instance is been carried along with the approach of having a success towards increasing the taxes over the country for tobacco and alcohol (MacKillop et al., 2012). There is a basic idea that explores the issues regarding the use of tobacco with virtuous spending on health. The project will have a major analysis and research towards the research question indicating the increase in taxes of tobacco that impacts the health improvement and increase in revenue. 
    Project objective 
    The project aim and objectives are described so as to have a research on the basis of the higher tax and influence of health. The main aim of the project is to analyse and examine the impact of high tax on tobacco and the improvement of health care systems with the increase in the revenue of the country. 
    a The project objectives include;
    b To understand high tax on tobacco with health improvement 
    c To understand the economic impact while increasing the tobacco tax 
    d To understand the rise in the tax on tobacco price
    Project scope 
    It is important that the country’s policies are to be understood and this may have a context towards the increased rate and an increase in revenue. There is a cater information that leads to improvement in health and this is mainly with the tobacco taxation and the increase in taxes on tobacco. There are several strategies to be applied to increase the health care system in the country and to adopt the health norms so as to save people from tobacco use and can extend the life of the people (Jha et al., 2006). This project mainly emphasizes the government steps that are taken to reduce the demand of tobacco and increase the tax so as to impact towards the revenue. 
    Literature review 
    Taxes have a major tendency as such it does more towards generating the revenue. Apparently there is an affect towards the allocation of economic resources and improve the economic condition of the country. Governments use the revenue by collecting tax whereas tax collection is towards raising the revenue and tends to increase the policy goals with the economic development and tends to include the improved health condition of public (Chaloupka, Yurekli and Fong, 2011). There is a dual role that helps to give taxation clearer towards the excise duties that are on tobacco (Bunn, 2006). The tax system exists from a long time and this seems to be increased towards the implementation of the tax policies and to create the environment with administrative capacities with political environment. There are taxes that reach towards the approaches for health concern and tend to generate the revenue with these strategies. There is health concern approach that tends to have a major role for increase in the tax collection. 
    Public health approach 
    Considering the public health approach, taxation is an essential goal so as to cope up with the issues of society. The attributable consumption has a major problem with health problems. The average consumption of tobacco has led towards a high demand and supply for the same whereas to reduce the consumption of tobacco, price can be increased with the aim of tax improvement in the system. Increase in tax leads to increase in the price of tobacco and eventually the demand of the product is decreased (Ahmad, 2005). This approach is accepted towards some products by the government and this tends to decrease in the use of tobacco. Unfortunately there are people who may not be concerned with the high price of tobacco and they smoke and drink as per the occasion essentially there are ways in which these can be considered with the consumption choice. The main message for the people is to decrease the use of tobacco and tend to improve health of the people as a major outcome to be considered apparently with the product usage (Chaloupka, Yurekli and Fong, 2011). There is an aggregate use of these products while it may reduce the consumption at a certain point. Apparently there are several benefits for reducing the consumption of tobacco and this may apply towards the strong connection towards the government’s revenue.  The social cost is mainly associated along with the health argument and this seems to have a taxation approach in the developed and developing countries. 
    Economic approach 
    There is a clearer guide that will impact towards the economic approach in which the economic approach has a general difference with the particular concern of public health approach in a major way (Jha et al. 2014). There is a narrow view that tends to have a business approach and considers this in respect towards the externalities and the business concern with social and economic cost. With the use of tobacco in a heavy manner and in a routine, it is estimated that life of the people is at stake and considering this the number of death in the country may increase. Apparently the record towards the economic condition is disturbed and this may have a major focus towards paying attention to public health approach and economic approach (Chaloupka, Yurekli and Fong, 2011). 
    Since there are various public health issues that are concerned, the tempted response is towards the improvement of the health of people which will have an impact towards the irrational decisions that are made towards the economic externalities with imposed taxes and increase in the revenue of government (Hill, 2013). There is a socially relevant activity that is considered with the context of institutional factors and cultural dimensions to be engaged upon. There is a general sense towards a rule that apparently, people are rational while making decisions and tend to obtain a balance towards the health and cost concern. 
    Research questions and hypothesis 
    The research question is been emphasized while it states the impact of higher taxes towards influencing the improvement of health care systems and increase in revenue of government.
    Does increase in tax of tobacco tend to affect the health of the people?
    What are the steps that should be carried on by government to decrease the consumption of tobacco?
    These are complimentary questions that arise towards the government strategies to imply towards increase in tax of tobacco and decrease in the demand apparently the government revenues are continuously increased at the same time.  
    Research design and methodology 
    The research methodology used in the report is quantitative and qualitative techniques. Thereby a mixed approach is been used so as to pertain the economic sights and decrease the consumption of the tobacco for health care and increase the revenue of the government. The strategy is been used while having a random sample of 25 respondents in general and take interview for obtaining the results of the report (Adhikari et al., 2008). The research emphasizes the primary and secondary data analysis while having a result of primary data with the help of interviews and analyzing the secondary data in the system while referring to books and journals that give an idea of different authors and their point of view.  
    Research limitations 
    The research report was conducted with a medium sample random respondents were selected in the research. Apparently the information that is on primary data can be irrelevant and cannot be accurate while having a result. 
    Time schedule 
    The research is conducted in a month while a Gantt chart is prepared with the detail of activity datech 
    The study has a major highlight towards higher taxes on tobacco and improvement of health of people. Apparently there are various other methods that are used so as to initiate towards the social approach and the public health approach. There are government strategies that are taken to pertain the research while increasing the tax on these products like alcohol and tobacco. Several factors may affect towards the decline of the strategy but an improvement from the government side is a major way to decrease the use of tobacco and increase the health consciousness among people. 
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