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    Health care Systems Assignment Help

    Health care Systems Assignment Help


    Most of the health care systems that are present today have been created through a series of connection and acquisitions, which occurred over many years through a cost, based system environment. These connection were often mission based and were usually based on the assumption that clinical and financial approach could be improved by influencing corporate resources. This approach is perfectly appropriate in the present payable environment resulting in health care system owning a portfolio of hospitals and related facilities in the market. Crucial dedication  of corporate resources are represented by facilities portfolio investment decisions. In the following study, underlying practices of healthcare professionals are discussed appropriately. 
    Representation of yourself
    Health care professionals are considered as those persons, who enlighten the life of suffering people. I have chosen this particular field for my further study as it would help me to know about ailing people and support them suitably. In my practice, several values have to be considered with serious concern. Proper clinical decision making along with enhancement of lives of several sick people needs to be considered. Moreover, healthcare professionals have to be aware regarding the health of the support users. They need to be supportive and caring so that sick people is recovered within a specific period. Interpersonal skills need to be present within this practice as it would help in understanding the health problems properly and take proper steps towards that service user properly. I consider all these facts and try to amalgamate these features within me correctly so that uplift myself in this field within a notable time. Rolfe, (2014, p.1183) has commented that success is not a dish that is served in everyone’s plate. We need to attain success by hard work and strong will power. I follow this strategy and try to incorporate the values of health professionals within me for my enhancement. 
     Figure 1: Health care values
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    In this portfolio, I will demonstrate the process of progression, will collect private document, and will provide evidence for the public evaluation. These are widely used in the early years of health care’s training. These portfolios will encourage self-directed learning which is based on a real experience. Portfolio helps the task of moving from a detail of an experience to the recognition of learner derived from the experience. Here, we will illustrate the profession of a health care assistant. These will contain everything that is meaningful to you and will represent the growth and understanding in health care in general. This will also include proofs and documents that together suggest the scope and quality of accomplishment. Portfolio analysis is a very important tool for appointing capital resources. The aim of the health system is to move its hospitals in a proper way. Eaton, (2016, p.166) has stated that the criteria which are used to fulfill a health care portfolio are market opportunities and ten year capital requirements. 
    I, being a health care assistant suggest people to take proper care of their health by providing the right medicine and suggestions. It is my duty and job to examine all the users, who comes to me in my clinic for the checkups. Being a health care specialist I am supposed to observe, monitor and record the condition of every patient by checking temperature, respiration, pulse and weight. My duty also includes communication with the patients and assisting them with the clinical duties. The main objective of every health specialist should be to provide personal care, which includes infection prevention and control along with the food, personal hygiene, and overall comfort, safety and reassurance against any disease. The health specialist should also promote positive mental, physical and nutritional health to the patient. We work in an hospital or in the mental health centres along with the nurses.
    Reflection of an event in your practice using the Rolfe model
    Rolfe’s Model can be considered as one of the strongest models of reflection and it is completely based upon three questions namely, what, so what and Now what. Each of these phases has its own way of interpreting the event thereby, reducing hindrances largely. Rahman et al. (2017, p.3) has mentioned that initial description of the event is given in the first stage that is what. In this particular stage, mere explanation of the event is stated along with the personal experience. After entire process of explanation, self-evaluation is necessary. People are required to question themselves what type of experience it was and what does the situation notifies. Concluding step will be none but the approaches of improvement are required to be seeked. This will assist in taking suitable action based on the evaluation that has been done. This stage is very crucial as people needs to take an appropriate decision based on the findings. A true researcher goes through every fact in a detailed manner so that they execute their research work without any constraints (Cushion, 2016, p.13).
     Being a health practitioner, I need to be very polite and strong in my nature. At the same time, I had to be very strict with my words and take a decision based on reality. Emotions needs not be a barrier while taking my decision because it is my duty to provide my utmost care to the sufferers. However, I too have undergone an inauspicious situation where I had to be very particular with my decision. A very old-aged person, suffering from cardiac arrest was admitted under my supervision. The woman was very fond of milk, cheese and butter. She used to demand for these high cholesterol food items whenever she was asked to complete her lunch or dinner. She was suffering from cardiac arrest and she cannot be provided with such fatty food items. If she was not provided with the demanded food items, she started to scream, which might be hazardous to her health. I was very particular with my decision and could not allow her to eat such items. I started to think what the underlying issue was and how it can be recovered in a proper way
    Then, I went to the woman and provided her with every sort of care so that she can forget her eating habits slowly. I used to talk to her whenever she sat alone. Rather, I cheered her up for going out and making new friends with other people. In addition, I made her understand suitably what could be the impact upon her health if she intakes such food items. I made her realise the real meaning of life and its importance. Such caring attitude of mine has moved her a lot. She recovered at a rapid rate than initial times. This event made me feel very proud of my decision. Corrall, (2017, p.53) has mentioned that humanity is the best attribute that needs to be present within common people. Rolfe’s model has assisted a lot in taking proper decision towards own betterment, whose reflection could be seen in the atmosphere where I live in. I had experienced a big trauma when I could not find any way out for making the woman feel better and stop her from getting an attack second time. My self-evaluation paved the way towards my success.
    Smith, (2016, p.150) has demonstrated that failures are stepping-stones to success. I clearly, remembered this phrase and tried my best to get a success in this particular case with heart and soul. When I have chosen this career as my profession, I have to be very strong as well as supportive to every service user. This will help me out in saving numerous lives and provide people with inner peace. My feeling for the women has forced me to take a step towards her enhancement. If I was reluctant of my duties, I could never lead to achieve success and gain appraisal from my subordinates. This can be considered as a positive point for my career in the field of healthcare. Old aged people always live in the quest of proper care because they possess very delicate feelings. They want nothing from people except the support of surrounding people. I, being a health professional, need to be true to my profession and support the people without hesitation. Such approach and outlook will assist me in excelling in my career. Rolfe’s Model has aided me in developing values regarding my work within myself.
    This particular model has helped me in cultivating a positive value and proper work culture within me so that I can shine gloriously in the following years in this particular profession. Scaife, (2014, p.45) has stated that confusion regarding taking any decision can be removed when people discuss with expertise. Similarly, I did the same when I had to take a decision regarding the woman. Suggestion of experienced people is always welcomed because it will pave the way towards taking proper decision. I follow this strategy very well and make perfect use of it. This model is very simple and easy in analysing one’s own merits and demerits in an effective way.
    Analysis of a current media article related to healthcare issue
    It is very challenging job for me but I enjoy it a lot and it is very rewarding. It was my dream to help people with proper medication and to cure the disease they are suffering from. As a health care specialist, I got a chance to check support users and provide them with the best treatment.  I talk with every service user, listen to them, who come to me for their check up, and help the people who have difficulties in moving their position in bed. I calculate the weight of the people and record BMI. We also deal with the emergency patient who has sudden heart attacks. Ghaye, & Lillyman (2014, p.89) has mentioned that People put a lot of trust to a health care assistant as this is the largest group of clinical support workers. Our focus is to keep patient at the centre of all we do by providing high quality of care and safety. There is a section called maternity care assistant. Their role is also vital because they provide support to the women before and after giving birth to their baby.
    From a current article, I have to know that developed countries are experiencing increasing pressures on their primary and secondary health care services. There are various issues such as extending longevity and demographical shift to an ageing population. The rate of population is increasing day by day and as a result, it is becoming very difficult to check and provide standard treatment to all the patients. Scaife, (2014, p.45) has stated that one way of changing these issues is to changing role boundaries  all the staff groups by increasing, delegating, substituting the present roles or by recruiting new ones. In UK, nurses are doing the task that was previously done by the doctors. More support staff should be introduced in order to relieve the nurses of the daily health care tasks. 
    Currently, the political and economical development and other changes in the practice and delivery of health and social care have lead managers and professionals to identify the importance of relation between the problem solving and decision making capacities. These strategies are used to diagnose the issue to that the organisation needs to address. All the service users should be equally treated and no discrimination should be done while providing them medical treatment. Every human being is the gift of god so there should never be any partiality between him and her. Nowadays, corruption has also entered in these health care sectors. It has wider international and national perspectives. The first priority of the public health policies must be in the favour of the public interest. It is important to keep public health policies to keep np contaminated from the interest to health care industry. 
    Health care is likely to be one of the growing industries in the near future (Corrall, 2017, p.53). It is a schematic attempt to display how politics is connected to the expansion of the welfare state, reflecting the degree in which the society takes care of the people. Many countries have been governed by the parties and committed to the market force in which the capital class is strong but the labour force is weak. The people whose income is not so high cannot hire the proper treatment for themselves because of the monetary issues. There should be a free check up provided for these people otherwise lots of people will be suffered. The family and mainly the women are supposed to be provided with social services. 
    Evaluation of how the portfolio process and the items that has been presented demonstrate a coherent approach
    If you want to remain healthy then you need to check your body on a daily basis. Ghaye, & Lillyman (2014, p.89) has commented that people, who fits in the society are likely to be more conscious and as a result they remain fit both physically and mentally. Some aspects are there which might affect lifelong importance of health determinant in the early stage of childhood. Socioeconomic in health care is a vital term that has an adverse effect, which is used to describe a person’s lifestyle including occupation, education, income, food. It is essential for the researcher to consider the socioeconomic status while conducting the health studies. Political and economic issues should be eliminated from these health care sectors so that every people get proper treatment. 
    It is high time to reduce these social issues from the society otherwise; these will lead to the sensitivity health to the social environment. Poverty, social exclusion has a major impact on the health. The main job of every health care assistant should be to provide the best treatment without doing any partiality among the support users. Corrall, (2017, p.53) has mentioned that good health should be the personal and individual goal of every person, but the broader effect of the nation’s health on its social and individual well being should never be underestimated. It is the duty of every nation to provide the best treatment to its citizens. Being a health care assistant, I try my level best to provide the best medication to all the people without doing any discrimination. 
    Therefore, from this portfolio of health care it is cleared about the duties and the significance of a health care assistant. The goal of every health specialist should only focus on to restore the health of every patient. They should be very punctual with their occupation and should remain honest towards their job. The team members of all the health care centres should work united. They should do their duties carefully. Each patient should be examined properly so that they are cured as soon as possible. From this overall portfolio, it is cleared that the role of a health care assistant is very significant. Without the proper health care sectors, the condition of the entire patient will become very worst.