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    Global warming impacts Assignment Help

    Global warming impacts Assignment Help

    After the clear discussion of the natural aspects of climate changing, it can be said that the geographical standing of Nepal also involves in changing the climate tempemture than the other developing countries of all around the world. According to Stem et of. (2014, p. 259), the longitudinal presence in the country also affects the tempemture rising. Apart from this. some other natural causes of temperature rising or climates changing are

    a) Volcano eniptions
    b) variation regarding the solar radiation

    movements of tectonic plates under the surface of the Earth

    Through all these, the climate temperature has been changing in recent times which affect the ecology severely.

    Global warming impacts

    The most un-conquerable challenges of the world in recent times are global warming. As a result of this. the temperature of the earth surface increases gradually at un-natural rate. Global warning alters the natural climate factors ratio and affects the ecology and systems involving in biophysical. These un-conditional changes actually affect the human life greatly. After analysing the statistical figures, it can be evaluating that without the greenhouse gases (carbon-di-oxide, Nitrous oxide), the temperature of earth surface can be 60 degree Celsius cooler than now. Global warming impacts on Nepal

    After discussing the bad effects of global warming, it can be said that the condition of Nepal in respect of this context is much more deadly than the other parts of the world.

    Climate and weather patterns: The Himalayan countries like Nepal gmdually experience higher rate of tempemture rising than the other regions of the world. But in recent times, Nepal faces a higher rate of temperature change which is 0.5 degree Celsius, lot higher than the normal mte.
    Snow Melting. Because of higher temperature rising. the snow of the great Himalayan has been melting every day. According to Martens (2013, p. 79), this incident of melting snow and retreat of glacier is alarming for Nepal. According to Aryal et af. (2014, p. 521), the reports from various studies regarding this context, it is proved that the snow of Himalaya will be disappearing by the end of 2035 without a proper strategy taking.
    Flooding. As a result of glacier melting. the risks of severe flooding gmdually increase in Nepal. According to Zomer et al. (2014, p. 447), the devastating power of this flood can seep out the whole settlement without much effort.

    After discussing the detailed negative effects of Global and climate change overall, ’Lt can be said that there are some certain ways to fight against the climate changing. In this context, the comment of Pokhrel et af. (2013, p. 107), can be mentioned.
    a) To improve the climatic condition of Nepal, the citizens would get the engagement of themselves regarding the proper steps taking to fight against this temperature rising.
    b) Another important way to cop up the bad effects of climate change is becoming energy efficient.
    c) Apart from these two, another important strategy is to find renewable energy sources rather depending on the limited energy resources like coal and other fossil fuels.
    d) In order to reduce the global warming affects. re-use of the wastes is another important aspect.
    e) Turn the locality into green is another useful strategy to fight against the climate changing process.
    f) Along with all these, the government of Nepal would concentrate on their term and conditions to fight against the bad effects of climate change in recent times.