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    Global Business Environment Assignment Help

    Global Business Environment Assignment Help

    Global Business Environment Assignment Help



    Organization structure is considered as a system which outline that how specific activities of business are directed to attain set goals and incorporates; rules, roles or responsibilities. Main objective of business structure is to identify that how information flows between various levels within an enterprise. It’s a kind of systematic process through which CEO direct other subordinates and management team towards right path for reducing the possibilities of mistakes because structure guide the staff members to perform assigned job role in a same manner. Simply, structure explains the activities like; allocation of task, coordination and supervision are assisted towards firm attainment (Whitmore, Agarwal and Da, 2015). There are different kind of business structure are present which is used by business according to their business need or requirement but the thing is that how they are managing it for achieving its targets. For example; if the structure is properly managed by every member of an enterprise and directed in a right way then it will be successful for company but if the absence of coordination then it resultant into heavy loss. Although, every coin is having a dual influence just like that organization structure also affect the company in both aspects either failure or success. It’s a just a responsibility of managerial team, higher authority and other additional workforce to maintain a cooperation by following the set plan in order to reduce the possibilities of mistakes. Whereas, lack of management in organizational structure create problem for business in attaining set target due to the improper flow of information, resources and members are failed in accomplishing set duties (Bostock and et. Al., 2010).


    Globalization has increased rapidly in the existing market due to its efficiency and high level of profit by providing great success opportunities. Somehow, overall corporate companies are getting involved in expanding their business across the international marketplace to increase their presence and get succeeded in establishing long term relationship with foreign consumers too. At the same time, it’s not easy to get involved in a contract with outside suppliers because every nation is having their own currency rate, political situation, market terms or conditions, business requirement henceforth. Additionally, language is a major barrier which create problem for supplier of external country in understanding the concept of other nation due the differences in consideration. For example; if an Australian contractor have to deal with outsider supplier then must need to understand the concept of other supplier for reducing the possibilities of any future confusion or issue (Voegtlin, Patzer and Scherer, 2012). On the other hand, currency fluctuation is an another issue which might encountered by contractor while acquiring goods from external suppliers because countries are distinguish from each other in various aspects. Moreover, cost of labour might be minimum, fluctuating market, demand of supplier, managerial issue, export or import laws are also applied on the contractors while getting involved in a global business. However, outsourcing is positive for small enterprise because utilizing the outsourced services from external nation decreases the expenses. But one of the major drawback of outsourcing is a risk of losing sensitive information and confidentiality whereas supplier might face an issue of product damage by transporting product from one country to other. Apart from this, there is a chance of bankruptcy also while supplying goods from one place to other and off course loss of finance is also not going to be controlled in case of outside product supply (Keegan, 2017).


    Product distributing across overseas or cross border is somehow risky as well as having number of disadvantage to the companies because transporting of sensitive item is not an easy task whereas it requisite high range of attention and management (van Wijnen, Ragas and Kroeze, 2019). It is essential for companies to ensure that shipment must move in an appropriate way but still there is a high possibility of drawbacks which resultant into the loss of product or services overseas. Thus, its genuinely important for distributor to use suitable channel for transferring the product because there is a high of product damage in case of long movements (Kinkel, 2012). Therefore, some of the major drawbacks of using overseas distributor channel are-

    • If a company is physically distributing the product to distinct retailer or distributor, then there is a possibility of increase in shipping as well as service expenses.
    • Maximization of sales cost.
    • Damage risk is high
    • Manufacturing and cash flow stress.
    • Absence of control due to the overseas activity.
    • Improper management due to the presence of numerous authorities.
    • Chances of product loss.
    • Maximize the cost of production due to the presence of various members.
    • Profit is very low.

                Apart from this, there are various issues which is encountered by company while distributing goods or services across the international borders due to the distance problem as well as presence of various members. Hence, it’s important to take necessary initiatives for managing the distributing activities which has taken place overseas in order to reduce some possibilities of product loss (Moutinho, Ballantyne and Rate, 2011).


     Power is a kind of authority which is owned by an individual either in family or in a workplace on the basis of knowledge and talent. There are various sources from which leader or a person can gain power one is; legitimate reward, coercive, referent, expert and cultivating own powers. In fact, it helps an individual in managing their activity in their personal as well as professional position. According to legitimate power, an individual or leader can gain position on the basis of their role or position which is identified in hierarchy of a company such as; junior managers is liable to report to the senior managers whereas senior manager is liable to directly report to the directors (Tarique and Schuler, 2010). On the other hand, reward power is gain by leader on the basis of ability in the form of incentives and compensation in an enterprise at the time of competition. However, every source of power is having its own position and significant for leaders as a major resource but somehow position power is a much more appropriate and suitable for the success. Mainly, power is an only thing which make differences between individuals as well as provide an outstanding chance to the leaders towards success. Thus, leaders always prefer position power because it provides a numerous of success opportunity to the desired people whosever want to get succeeded in their life. Somehow, this help in creating a difference between subordinates and creative person through which management team can allocate work accordingly (Needle, 2010).


     Creative leader highlights the potentiality of leaders that how they are managing the work or assigned job in a creative way as well as make the work different from others. Leaders are responsible to manage other subordinates by using their talent and be creative to attaining set targets as well as boost the morale of juniors in a creative way (Peng, 2016). There are some useful characteristics of creative leader which is shown as follows-

    • Following high standards of personal ethics.
    • Big people without having any pettiness.
    • Having a guts and ability to work under pressure and attain the set targets in an innovative style.
    • Having an outstanding and brilliant brains.
    • Potentiality to do hard work and manage the multiple activities simultaneously.
    • Charm and impressive personality which automatically impress others with strong counters.
    • Courage to make complex judgments without any stress.
    • Creative innovators by introducing number of creative ideas which will provide a best strategy to the company in attaining their set targets.

                Therefore, creative leader is full of talent who is having a capability to manage various complex activities in a splendid way without facing any tension or issue (Rode, 2013).


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