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    GitHub repository assignment Help

    GitHub repository assignment Help

    Lab 4
    In this lab we will be setting up our class folder in our private illinoistech-itm GitHub repository.

    The objective is to configure your computer to connect to your GitHub account and your illinoistech-itm private GitHub repository and setup your private repo. If you already have the repo from another class you will just be adding a folder for our class to it. When you are done you will have added a couple folders and readme files to the repo and a very basic node app. We will also learn the basics of Markdown for our readme files.

    Please no spaces in any file or folder names.
    Log into github.com and make sure you can see your private illinoistech-itm repo. It should be at: 
    Let me know if you can not see it.
    Setup your computer to connect to your github.com account and clone down your repo to your local computer. You may use the CLI git client or any GUI git client.
    If you are not familiar with using git please use the following resources to learn the basics of adding, commiting, pushing, and pulling in git.
    Clone down your repo. You should end up with a folder named the same as the repo name which should be your myIIT username. Inside this folder will be your entire repo, including hidden .git files.
    This repo may be used for multiple classes so the first thing I want you to do is create a folder for our course. Name the folder after the class number you are enrolled in. For example a student in the 565 version would name the folder “itmd-565”. Please do not use any spaces in any file or folder names.
    Inside the class folder will be were we do all the work related to our class.
    Inside the class folder you will need to make a “readme.md” file. This will be a readme
    for your entire class folder and it is written in Markdown. Markdown is a very simple

    text format that when GitHub displays the file it will render in HTML. The file must be
    named “readme.md” for GitHub to use it as the main readme.
    I am looking for specific info in the main class readme.md file. Use the above markdown resources to create the file with the following details in this order.
    H1 with your real name “Brian Bailey”
    H2 with your class number and term “ITMD-565 – Spring 2018”
    A picture of you (add and host the image in this github repo too)
    H2 with the headline “Academic Interests”
    Short couple sentences describing your major/specialization and any other specific technologies you are interested in.
    H2 with the headline “Repository Contents”
    H3 with the headline “Lab 4”
    Sentences or paragraphs describing Lab 4 and what you did in your own words. This will serve as a directory for your class folder and we will add to it later.
    Inside the class folder make a new folder called “lab4”.
    Inside the lab4 folder we are going to create the most basic minimal nodeJS app.
    Make a new folder called “hello_world”
    Change into that new directory and open a command prompt
    Create the basic node package with the command npm init
    Use all the default settings when prompted to create a basic package.json file.
    Open the package.json file in your text editor.
    In the author key put your name
    In the description key put in a short description. Something stating this is a project lab 4 that contains a basic node js hello world app. Use whatever short description you want.
    Notice that the main key has index.js in it. That would be the entry point to this package if we were distributing it to the public. We will use that file as our main app file instead.
    Now we will add a script to the package.json file to run our main app file when we want to.
    In the scripts key object add another key under “test” called “start”
    The value of the “start” key should be “node index.js”
    Close the package.json file
    Create a new file “index.js” inside the “hello_world” folder
    Open the index.js file in your text editor and add some code that calls the
    console.log() function and prints out “Hello YOUR_FULL_NAME!”.
    Test your app. Open a command prompt inside the “hello_world” directory. You should be in the same directory as the package.json file. In the CLI type “npm run start” and you should see the “Hello YOUR_FULL_NAME!” printed out to the command line interface. This command looks at the package.json file for a start script and executes the command defined there.

    Once everything is working it is time to commit the changes and push to GitHub. Feel free to add and commit files as you think you need to. This is where the git tutorials will come in to help.
    Look at your repository in github.com and make sure everything looks correct there and your readme is displaying when you open the class folder.
    Once everything is working, submit your repo url to the blackboard assignment as described below.

    Graduate Additional Requirements
    If you are involved in any section of 565 you need to complete the additional requirements listed here.

    No additional setup or requirements for ITMD-565 students.

    README File
    No additional readme files other than the ones described in the lab directions.

    Due Date / Late Policy
    This assignment is due Saturday March 3, 2017 11:59 PM Chicago Time. See syllabus for full late policy. No Extensions.

    Submission Guidelines
    You must upload your submission, to the blackboard assignment by the due date. The submission must be in the following format and structure. If you do not submit your assignment exactly as specified, you will receive an immediate 5% deduction.
    Submission Format Specification: