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    Foundations Information Systems Assignment Help Uk

    Foundations Information Systems Assignment Help Uk




    Reflective practices are helpful for an individual to understand own strengths as well as weakness for attaining success in professional and academic progression. There are a number of reflective cycle through which one can explore the process for developing a reflective journal. Kolb’s model of reflective cycle is such a model that can be effective for an individual to precede with effective developmental process. Me as a student of Information system is focused to understand my skills and competencies which may help me in future to utilize my learning in classrooms. 

    This report has involved reflective analysis based on three stages of Kolb’s model such as reflective observation, abstract conceptualization as well as active experimentation. In this regard, the reflective journal of module 1.1 to 5.2 has been taken into consideration and entire analysis is based on what I have learnt from my academic session and how those learning can be used in future. 

    Reflective observation 

    Through this trimester, I have learnt lots of things related to use of innovation in business field along with application of modern tools for developing the business process. For example, during module 2.2, I learnt about the “value chain model” and learnt to analyze the application of value chain in modern business contexts (Refer to appendix). Additionally, I have learnt to apply ERP technique in resource planning process. According to me, it can be helpful for understanding product capabilities of small to medium businesses and as a result of that I can be able to be a small entrepreneur in future. As stated by Singhal, Gupta & Mittal (2018), reflecting on key learning helps an individual to grasp effective information regarding the topic area. Similarly, the module has helped me to learn the ways of self criticizing through participating in a number of discussion forums. Not only knowledge, I have get a scope to develop my skills such as analytical skills, business management skills as well as team management skills.

    According to my views, development of decision making skill is necessary for an individual to lead a sustainable and effective career. In this regard, my involvement in group project and developing abilities to find out effective solutions are important (Refer to appendix). Based on the reflective journal, it seems that there is a key theme of my learning during module 1-5 which is based on development of personal understanding related to management of business resources. As per the comments of Keevy (2020), if an individual becomes unable to handle his or her personal skill development process, it can never be possible to attain effective career. Therefore, it can be mentioned that the trimester has helped to enhance both my knowledge and skills regarding the process of initiating a business process. 

    Abstract conceptualization 

    I believe that reflective practice is the way of thinking that can be helpful to consider new experiences to learn and use the learning at appropriate situation. In terms of being engaged in this module, I have gained knowledge based on how an individual can critique others’ working, so that his or her own working ability can be developed. For example, I have learnt about the ERP and Porter’s value chain model, which, I believe, can be helpful for me to manage resource management functions in future organization (Refer to appendix). Moreover, I can mention that this module has cleared my views regarding handling a project team for attaining business objectives. During the project session, I was engaged in data collection and interpreting them with the help of my group members. This has become helpful for me to develop my views regarding the process of developing business. As mentioned by Büchi, Just & Latzer (2017), modern business companies are developing by depending on modern IT skills and competencies. Thus, I think that development of these skills in me through the trimester will be effective to develop my contribution in IT field in future. 

    In addition to this, it can be mentioned by me that this trimester has made me able to solve any challenging situation in a process with effective use of my personal skills. I faced troubles related to lack of time management skills while analyzing data based on involvement of information system in business. Along with this, I also faced issues based on understanding the ways of developing IT in business primarily. Then I focused to the classroom sessions more attentively and got better result upon understanding the topic in depth (Refer to appendix). According to my views, the world around us is progressing so fast that needs to be adjusted with manpower skills. Therefore, IT is one of the crucial fields that may foster business base with greater efficiency. I think that my participation in quiz session and involving in analysis of case studies have developed my understanding skills and it can be helpful for IT alignment. As described by Patacsil & Tablatin (2017), development of IT skills is necessary to gather new knowledge regarding growth of business environment. Thus, it can be presented that being involved in this trimester; I was able to develop my knowledge and skills based on business management through IT and learnt to tackle challenges in a team function. 

    Active experimentation 

    Based on the two long term and short term goals, it can be mentioned by me that I must try applying my knowledge and skills based on IT for future career growth. According to me, this will be helpful for me to develop my thinking process related to use of IT in modern business field. I know that it is not easy to learn all things about IT that may enhance business effectiveness but if I shall be focused to my goals, I shall be able to leave a prominent career footprint in any organization in future. As per the views of Babu, Arulanand & Chandran (2020), the skill development process needs to be consistent with academic skills and knowledge of an individual, and then only he or she will be able to handle professional stability. In this regard, I can mention that I must use my decision making and problem solving skills for managing business issues related to product development or solving ERP issues in business (Refer to appendix). As a result of this my goals of being a successful business entrepreneur will be fulfilled. 

    Additionally, it can be presented by me that this new knowledge will help me to fulfill my activity goals in a business organization. It is obvious that when I shall be able to contribute effectively in the field of IT, I can get a scope to apply my learning in this trimester. I can state that during this session, I participated in a number of discussion session that provided me scopes to assess works of other students. In this regard, I got opportunities to polish analytical skills (Refer to appendix). In future, I must make effective utilization of my knowledge and skills and will try my best to grab an effective position in a IT company as well. In this way, new insights will be used properly. 


    Thus, it can be concluded that if I remains consistent in my way if learning, it will help me to foster with effective ways of career development. This reflective writing will be helpful for me to understand how I can maintain my career growth through the use of academic learning. During this trimester, I have come to know about a lot of facts regarding application of IT in business. Therefore, it is clear that maintaining consistency in academic learning will be advantageous for me to leave a prominent footprint in career. This reflective piece of writing has involved different stages of Kolb's learning cycle. Through these stages, I have discussed what I have learnt through the trimester and how my knowledge and skills can be utilized in future. In depth analysis and highlighting module activities have become the integral part of the trimester to fulfill my knowledge and skills.


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