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    Executive summary
    The customer experience management is basically a process for tracking all the experiences that is been provided to the customers. In this study there is the god and bad experience with two pain point those are in context with the CEM concept. The two pain points for positive are good services and good behaviour and two negative pain points of bad service and rough behaviour from workers. 
    The customer experience management (CEM) is basically noted as the process which is used by the company in order to track as well as to organize an interaction between the customers. In this study, there is the selection of a poor service regarding food delivery. On the other hand, 1 good service is providing quality food. In this study, there is the good and bad service has been described of the food industry. The main goal of the customer experience management is to optimize in terms of interaction from the perspective of customers as well as foster the loyalty of customers. The customer experience management includes interaction through the medium of calls, live chats along with that other communication medium. Moreover, there has been a showcase of the proto-persona diagram in context of positive experience while identifying the pain points with the CEM concept. In addition to that, there is the proto-persona diagram in context of poor experience. There is a brief discussion of CEM concepts.  
    Proto-persona diagram (poor experience) 
    Identifying 2 pain points and applying with 2 CEM concept 
    The pain point is mainly regarded as the problems which are real or it has been perceived. The pain points are basically something that the customer is aware of and it has bothered them a lot. The pain point can be big or small. In this process, the pain point of a customer is big because the customer has the expectation of getting good service while getting the delivery of the food. Moreover, the behaviours of the person who has been coming to deliver are not appropriate as well. The customer pain point has affected the food issues with a negative image as poor service. In the opinion of Schultz, Patti & Kitchen, P. J. (2013), most of the time it is difficult to find out the pain points from the customer's point of view regarding the poor service in terms of delivering the food.
    The customer experience management is mainly a discipline that is focused on the process of the needs of each and every customer. As per the view of Saini & Singh (2017), the customer can simply transform the culture of the firm along with that it has the ability to unite all the members of the industry in order to achieve one single common goal. The experience was poor because of the concept of customer-centric; the food industry in terms of relieving did not focus on the needs of the customers that lead towards the poor service of the delivering of the food. As opined by Zolkiewski et al. (2017)the life cycle of the customer includes that the customer is busy in the schedule of work so that is the reason for ordering food but the poor service of delivering the food has ended in a bad experience for the customer.
    Figure 1: Concepts of CEM
    (Source: Saini & Singh 2017)
    Discuss 2 touch and points and 2 CEM concept 
    The pain points of the customer help to understand the prospects of the desire of the customer. The betternes of customers brings more advantages for the industry and make a good position in the competitive advantage. In the opinion of Peppers & Rogers (2016), it is important in order to define the pain point because it helps to drive the business. Sometimes the food industry it is required to solve the pain in order to get from the point A to point B. As per Wu, Yeh & Woodside (2014), in this process the customer at the beginning has gone through two pain points those are that before the positive experience the customer has gone through a bad experience which is serving of unhygienic food to the customer along with that the customer has to wait for 1 hour in the queue to get the seat which was already reserved from the starting.
    The customer is upon everything, so it is important to provide the customer the best quality so that it could have a long-lasting effect on the customer. The 2 customer experience management concept consists of the customer lifecycle and the customer centricity. In the opinion of McColl-Kennedy et al. (2015), the customer lifecycle can affect the choice of food they deliver and along with that quality, the customer prefers the most. In this process, the quality of the food was good than it was experienced before in the restaurant. As opined Sukwadi, R. (2015), by the life cycle of the customer is much intended to experiencing new foods so the quality has satisfied it properly.
    Compare and contrast the two experiences 
    In these two experiences, the positive experience is better than the negative experience the main reason is that in the positive the customer has experienced the good quality of food whereas, the customer has to deal with the bad food delivery service. In both the experience there are different life cycle as well as customer-centric. Moreover, the pain points help to get better in terms of service or quality of the food products. As opined by Homburg, Jozić & Kuehnl (2017), the customer experience management is not only regarding the words to tell the customer it is about the needs of the customers in the customer journey. Both the customer has faced issues in terms of their experience from the food industry. As per Srivastava & Kaul (2014), while the customer has faced problems of delivering bad experience food and the other has experienced a good quality of food from the services.  
    From the above study, it is found that the of CEM has an effect on the customer experience in terms of good as well as bad experiencing. In the CEM it is required to properly take care of the customer needs because it can affect the food industry.
    Reflection essay 
    Customer experience is an essential factor that determines whether the industry will rise or fall. In here, I have experienced two types of experiences one is bad and the other one is good. The customer experience is mainly regarded as the process of interaction between the organizations as well as with the customer.  In this reflection part, there has been shown the reflection of the experience that is based on good and bad with poor service of delivering food and bad experience of providing good quality food serving.
    The thesis statement of this essay is to show the CEM concepts in respects of the making one a positive experience and the other one is a bad experience.
    I had a poor experience with the service of delivering food from the restaurant that I have ordered is not at all appropriate and provided me the wrong food items. The food items I have ordered were all non-vegetarian items but instead of that, I have received all vegetarian food items. When I open the delivering food item packages it has the poor quality of food items and it was rotten. I had even complained to them but did not respond properly. The experience that I have faced has made me dislike the servicing quality along with that in the further process I will never recommend the serving quality to any of my friends.
    On the other hand, I have a positive customer experience as well as when I had visited a restaurant for the first time they had provided me the good quality of food. The food that I was eating is hygienic and it was properly decorated before serving me. In the future, I will for sure recommend this restaurant to all of my friends because of various reasons. The reason for recommending is because firstly they had good behaviours for every customer from VIP to common people and second the food looks good, as well as it, taste good as well.
    The first serving of poor food delivery is because of the main reason that they do not care about the needs of customers but they mainly it focuses on making popular. As opined by Burton et al. (2017), the fulfilling of the customer needs is the main factor behind gaining popularity in the food industry. The servicing centre has probably forgotten that customer is the main source of income and if a customer does not respond properly then it could affect their brand image. Apart from the poor serving quality of food, it has a poor customer service as well because first, they do not respond to the query and second the number is hard to find. I have also experienced a poor quality of customer service where I was told them to change the food item but it did not respond.
    In here the two pain points are the customer care and the servicing team. The customer of the food delivery shop is not responding at all to the Quarry that have been asked along with that it did not have any intention to solve as well. This has forced me to change the decision of recommending as well as ordering food on any other days. Moreover, the delivery shop has no intention of interaction further for their mistake as it was expected from them. In addition to that, it has led back to make a customer evidence story for the shop. Moreover, the two concepts of CEM are the customer lifecycle and the customer centricity. As per the view of Blázquez (2014), the customer lifecycle will mainly involve the valuing of their customer along with that the developments of customer service. The customer-centric will lead towards the focusing of the needs of the customers by providing the better quality of services for food items. Thus, this denotes that there will be a good quality of customer service as well as it will affect in their in terms of providing good quality service to the customers.
    In the second experience there is the friendly behaviour with the customers and along with the quality of the food was much better. The workers of that restaurant were able to make a good ambiance and provide better quality food. Moreover, the price of the foods was also reasonable and can easily be affordable. The workers of that restaurant were ready to provide their level best service and this is my best experience with the component. The positive pain point is the positive care service for them and they are ready to listen to the customers.
    Relationship between good and poor customer experience 
    The good customer experience is effective for the winning the hearts of the customer where as the poor customer experience has always given a negative image of the organization. The customers will automatically love the food service if it is provided properly along with that if it has a good customer service then also helps for a positive image.  Moreover, the more good service they provide the more recommendation they will get from the customer. In addition to that, good customer experience will automatically attract other customers as well as it will increase the brand image in the competitive advantage. As per the opinion of Ab Hamid & Akhir (2013), it is easy to happy the old customer rather than attracting new customers. Thus, it is important to maintain the old customers more properly and provide them better service quality. The good customer experience will bring god realization whereas the bad customer experience will bring bad relation with the organization as well as with other 
    From the above study, it is found that the thesis statement has been proved by showing the concept of CEM as well as the relation of good customer experience and bad customer experience. The good customer experience gives positive effect whereas; the bad customer experience provides a negative image of the organizational services. The feedbacks from the services provide better effects on the customers. The good experience makes the relation good with customer and organization.