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    Emotional Intelligence Assignment Help

    Emotional Intelligence Assignment Help


    Emotional intelligence is said to be an ability to determine and manage people's own emotions as well as those people around the workplace. It has been seen that workplace stresses have become a primary concern since the globalization. However, it is not so easy to be in positive terms with each member involved in the organization. They are bound to determine the specific needs of their employees and yet exercise their rigid control for their unrestricted workflow (Mortiboys, 2013). In the cultural diversity of the workforce within the business, the chance of disturbance is harder to overcome the issues. Therefore, this project report intends to highlight various issues that employee faced as well as try to integrate the exercise of emotional intelligence as a valuable practice to overcome the problems.

    Assessment Task 1

    Part A

    Task One

    A: Self-reflection survey in (Annex 2)


    According to the collected feedback from the other to improve my inner emotional intelligence I have to understand the key aspects that are affecting my emotions. The two most important feedbacks that I got from my colleagues based on emotional intelligence are empathy and self-awareness. It has helped me to work effectively on managing these issues strongly so that future improvement can be done to overcome these emotions. These are affecting my inner potential as well as I am not able to deliver 100 percent outputs the goodwill of the XYZ Company. Thus, it is vital to take corrective action to deal with this particular feedback so that future growth opportunities could be created in the future.


    Self-reflection is related to the concept of own action, behavior, and emotion within the company. It is a reliable tool to assess the efficacy of how I have approach in a certain situation and develop a strong relationship with the colleagues. I have already discussed that self-awareness and regulation are two key elements of emotional intelligence. By using an individual could have an honest look at how they can behave in a certain condition and ask themselves regarding their right solution to handle the problems. Apart from this, it has helped me to improve my self-awareness and regulation skills some other ways that are mentioned below: 

    Increase confidence: The first thing that I gain from this analysis is the clarity. It has helped me in removing the self-doubt (Szabo and Urbán, 2014). 

    Integrity: It can also assist to take specific action against the other mistakes so that further complication can be avoided while performing any task in an organization.

    Effective workplace relationship: After analyzing the own action and feeling, I am now able to understand the situation more closely. Furthermore, it has guided me to develop a positive working relationship with the other colleagues.

    Task Two


    Emotional strengths tend to assist me to remain at a high scale so that I can improve my inner ability to perform in any specific situation at the workplace. Henceforth, it is important to identify the potential strength and weaknesses so that future changes can be done to make a reliable decision. 


    • Confident 
    • Patient 
    • Friendly 
    • Motivated 


    • Lack of decision-making ability 
    • Excessive anger
    • Inability to understand the behavior of other’s


    Being a leader in the XYZ organization, it is difficult to handle the workplace stressors other than any other employees. As Beryl, I have to deal with a certain lack of support from my teammates those belong to face diverse cultural background. It has triggered a specific situation that even if I allocate them in various sections they could be satisfied for a longer period. I have worked effectively well to communicate with them but not able to handle the situation of the employees who are working within the company. In the current situation, I should remove my emotional weakness that is affecting my behavior to deal with the employees. 


    The current emotional attachment tends to provide specific strength to the overall performance of the company. It is important to release rewards as well as a pleasure to the employees so that they can perform their work effectively in the future. However, it is vital to have a positive action to assist other workers and show certain trust in their emotions. The ability to accept and control emotion tends to play an important role in the overall development of the company (Van Deursen and et.al., 2015). Therefore, emotion serves an efficient role in workers' lives by motivating them to act quickly and take reliable action to increase their success. 

    Task Three


    It has been identifying that cultural diversity could impact the workplace in different ways. Hence, negative effects can consist of the creation of long barriers, miscommunication, and the use of dysfunctional attitudes towards others. However, culturally diverse workers have various key opinions, beliefs, customer, and tradition. Therefore, it would influence the way people learn, live, and behave with other colleagues. Because of this change, various theorists tend to believe that culture is an essential aspect of staff development. Instead of having an emotional connection, it is vital to understand the people thinking ability towards others. Moreover, certain complex emotions such as pride and other basic forms of emotion are likely to be dependent on specific cultural impact other than the basic emotions (RuizAranda, Extremera, and PinedaGalan, 2014).

    Non-verbal cues: In the regular course of business thousand of non-verbal cues as well as behavior such as facial expression, gesture, and voice tone of employees play an important role in cultural balance within the company. 

    Reservation in the expression of emotion: It has been identifying that certain emotions can be expressed verbally or through using non-verbal communication that consists of body language as well as facial expressions. According to the research, the facial changes could affect our facial expression can easily be resolved. 


    In regular business, culture might have a huge impact on the overall development of employee emotions. Self-awareness tends to be a reliable reaction to workers that are quite different from others. It is vital to hold training classes to teach them accurately regarding various cultural practices. Plenty of executives try to ignore all kinds of negative emotions within the workplace, but the techniques could be more costly. Thus, it is crucial to be aware of all kinds of differences between the culture that can increase trust, build strong relations, and manage their project effectively. It would also improve communication which is considered as a backbone to any profitable team.

    Part B:

    Role Play

    Being a team leader I am working positively within an organization to determine the worker behavior those are involved in a certain activity. I have often ignored their negative trust and the attitude shown towards the other team members. However, I have also noticed whispering to other employees as well as I feel that this is in relation to increase the wages or working time demand from the company. The team performance is suffered a lot and they were not developing the specific number of daily units for the company. It will impact the overall performance of the workers as well as the goodwill of the company (Pool and Qualter, 2012). This particular situation is quite stressful for me as a leader. It is vital for me to examine the team performance by setting a particular target for their entire task so that they can attain remarkable results build a strong relationship with the other colleagues. Instead of this, I have found that other members of my team are creating discrimination for the other workers. I was not being able to understand their accents as well as they feel never very much enthusiastic regarding the emotion that is needed to perform any given task within an organization.

    Task Four


    In respect to the worker, those who are involved in the organization are having some kind of feeling that can affect the emotional cues such as happiness, anger that can get in a way of communication. Emotional awareness is generally helping to understand feelings that would help their team to succeed during their communication with other colleagues.

    Inclusive: The ability to determine the real emotions of the workers, it is vital to manage their emotions that consist of controlling their own feelings that can help in cheering them in the future. 

    Listening: It has been important to determine the most reliable listening skills that could impact the performance of workers within the company. The soft skills are more in demand in the current situation as it helps to increase more confidence to overcome their emotion (Mathew and Gupta, 2015). 

    Questioning skills: It happens to be the key to gain more information without any interpersonal communication. It tends to be fundamental for the overall success of the communication within the employees.


    It has been seen that project regular can change in an instant to attain business opportunities in a regular business operation. Traditionally, flexibility and adaptability within the workplace have supposed an enthusiasm to changes accordingly. However, in the modern workplace, it might have several things such as:

    • Planning ahead as well as have a backup plan in case of any contingency situation occurred within the business.
    • Be knowledgeable regarding various personalities according to the requirements of the company (Batool, 2013).

    We could see that flexibility and adaptability are considered to be the core competencies for a manager in the current business scenarios. The majority of employees does not very nature because of the change situation, because it will need a lot of energy around understanding the key factors at the role-play activity.


    According to the given case situation, it has been seen that staff are getting alert regarding the budget cut and layoffs by the company. Therefore, it is important to make an effective decision as a leader so that they cannot get affected because of the changes. It is my primary responsibility to provide accurate information regarding the cut down decision so that they can plan their operation accordingly. Similarly, it is vital to maintain a proper balance between their customer service managers so that they can get maximum benefits from the company. Apart from this, they can get a reliable solution for its specific issues that arise within the organization.

    Task Five


    In the case employees ask regarding the challenges they are facing a lot of disappointment regarding the behaviour of others. Instead it should be looked at a call for assistance a reliable opportunities to resolve their key issues need to be created. With the open discussed like meeting with an employee’s allow them to let-off certain steam as well as better method to overcome their emotion barriers that are affecting their performance within the company (Hammerly, Harmon and Schwaitzberg, 2014). Relationship performance can be increased by establishing a positive ties and good working atmospheres with their colleagues. Open communication tend to provide opportunity to share their feelings, emotion and other issues directly to the other. It will further improve the productivity of the company.


    Being liable to cultivate efficient emotion such as feeling, appreciation and calm can help the workers to improve their performance and overcome their fear of losing their role. The most interesting fact is to separate you from all kind of conflict situation so that chances of negativity could get vanished. Further, it is important to acknowledge as well as label own feeling so that further conflicts cannot exist.


    It is important an aspect of any emotional intelligence is to determine the effect of employees behaviour along with their emotions on respective colleagues so that they could not get frustrated, nervous, scared, and intimidated. It will also help them to increase more confidence to handle any specific situation with full potential without affect the dignity (Schneider, Lyons and Khazon, 2013).


    Relationship with other tends to play an eminent role in motivating the other to work with a positive mindset. Therefore, it is important for an organization to create such an environment that is suitable for the employees where they can easily perform their role. It can also help in increasing self-confidence and productivity of the company could also be attained in the future.

    Assessment 2


    Emotional intelligence is generally termed as an individual capability to determine its respective emotions along with the other feeling.  It has been seen that the principles of emotional intelligence are being designed by Daniel Goleman. It consists of below-mentioned principles such as:

    • Self-awareness
    • Self-regulation
    • Motivation
    • Empathy
    • Social skills

    Apart from the above-mentioned principles, certain other has not been included in their overall business structure. Moreover, Goleman has been connected with the implication of emotional intelligence for an effective business outcome. However, the emotional strengths would assist to reduce the pressure in the current business. Being a leader, it is vital to remove the stress from their key workforce as well as hope for a better result in the future (Côté, 2014).


    XYZ Company needs to examine that not every staff or employee is co-operating with each other, because of their cultural diversity exists within them. As a leader, they need to move some of them to other respective areas of the company so that a reliable solution can be incurred. Beryl needs to examine its emotional strength, weaknesses, emotional condition, stressor to determine the correct outcome.


    Out of the various individual strengths below mentioned are the two of the most strengths that can help in contributing to that further attainment of the team as well as organizational goals. It has been seen that most people are not able to recognize their emotional strengths and limitation. If I could examine accurately my inner potential and weaknesses, I am self-aware. 

    • Self-awareness: I used to be more aware of the actions towards the workers feeling that could help me to increase my emotional intelligence. 
    • Honest and transparent: It happens to be the utmost important strength that helps me to take an individual decision on a specific matter within the XYZ Company (Corcoran and Tormey, 2012). 

    Instead of having positive strength, I do have a lack of social weakness because I have not able to understand the other emotions while working together in XYZ Company. However, I was failed to build a strong relationship with the higher management as I can not be able to handle the internal relation between their stakeholders.


    It has been determined that every people have emotional triggers. It is important as a leader to identify those triggers by exercising self-awareness as well as turn them into a positive outcome. However, it would be a mechanism to manage their responses before reacting ineffectively. My strength is that I have a good open-minded skill, so I would deal with their issues freely. It would assist them to handle the situation along with the employee’s mental situations. Thus, it is vital to have specific emotional triggers that can be used to create maximum awareness within the employees (Matthews, Zeidner, and Roberts, 2012).


    It has been analyzed that a leader is always bound to present himself as the role model to their employees. Moreover, the emotional condition of a leader could be more frustrating or full of anxiety, anger, and disappointment. In XYZ Company, I will search for the positive opportunity after evaluating the present situation. I would work hard to control my weakness and not to become nervous. However, I can also not going to discuss the organization's problems with any other employees or staffs those are also suffering from a similar kind of situation. I would be able to communicate with them effectively. I will be going to make a list of the best possible procedure to overcome the problems even if I am full of anger at a certain point in time. Similarly, I will be more respectful towards every employee and treat them equally in any kind of situation.


    It has been examined that all the communication made between people that do not have any direct verbal connection. It consists of body movements, orientation, facial expression, and choice of object. However, certain examples of non-verbal cues are the process of sending specific information without relying on spoken words. It tends to be more reliable for various things such as communicating mood as well as behavior and clarifying messages (Trivellas, Gerogiannis, and Svarna, 2013). 

    • Eye contact: It happens to be one of the most effective modes of communication without having any direct connection with the other person. The message is conveyed directly from their eye contact. 
    • Facial expression: These are related directly with the sign symbol that is used by the workers to share a certain message to their superiors or colleagues.  


    During the time of evaluating the emotion of workers, it is important to consider the adaptability to confront or change their ideas as well as preconceptions. Similarly, flexibility is another important aspect that can help in meeting the other half of the workers (Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee, 2013). Therefore, adaptable people are more bend in the initial suggestion solution that does not go well. The management needs to focus on the core value of employee emotion that has a key attribute that cannot change according to the period.


    According to the decision made by the CEO of XYZ organization regarding the cost-cutting as well as the position of some of the workers, they need to determine the emotions of the employees. It has been important to keep updated on its team performance effectively. They need to adopt a reliable strategy that can assist in managing the team overall performance by taking collective feedback from each employee. However, it is related directly to the emotion that is involved with the team for the last couple of years. It is important to improve communication between the workers as well as build a strong relationship regularly. This will assist in measuring the overall performance of a team. 


    According to the mentioned case scenario, it has been seen that Barbara is a more personable, trustworthy and always listen to other problems. Therefore, after Troy ignores the email of Barbara he was quite disconnected from the behavior. As she was full of emotion and started to determine the enjoyment in her working activity. The emotional intelligence model helps to create an effective bond with other feelings (Qualter and et.al., 2012). Henceforth, it is vital to have full trust in the other emotion so that they can become more self-motivated while performing any activity. The attitude is dismissive with the troy action that made her less confident towards others as well as the organization.


    It has been seen that Barbara's behavior was quite hard to understand because she was having problems with the troy reaction. Barbara's emotion was quite inefficient because of less confident in her ability. She was not able to digest the attitude of Troy and stay motivated and enthusiastic while working with the other. She was feeling disconnected from Troy as well as the organization (Ryback, 2012). However, it can be overcome by motivating her by taking an active part in the decision-making of the organization. It is vital to becoming more subjective to determine the corrective solution for Barbara. 


    The overall foundation of having a reliable constructive working relationship is to develop a strong manager-employee relation based on attaining individual as well as organization goals. However, Barbara needs to develop trust with Troy by increasing confidence between both people. It will assist her to advance their career as well as not exist any kind of distrust among the further working situation. It has been observed that individual relations at work can increase confidence as well as improve the relationship with the other to perform more effectively with full strength.


    Through the entire project report analysis, it has been summaries that emotional intelligence tends to play a vital role in the overall performance of an individual as well as the organization's success. Therefore, it is important to consider the strength and weaknesses of people effectively so that further implications could be avoided in the future. Thus, all the above-discussed information will be more accurately guide the employees to take active decisions to overcome their emotional barriers while performing their respective roles within the organization.


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