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    Ancient History




    Understanding the question

    What kind of assignment is it? (e.g. essay, research report, case study, reflective journal, law case notes)

     Does my faculty recommend a particular structure for my assignment?   What is the topic? Can I explain the topic in one statement? 

     What do I have to do? (e.g. discuss, summarise, critically analyse, compare)

    Do I understand the assessment marking criteria?  Structure

     Does the introduction provide my thesis statement (main argument) and a summary of what I will discuss? 

      Does the body of my assignment:

    link together well between sentences and paragraphs? 

     provide clear headings? (Headings are generally used in reports, not in essays)

     provide clearly structured paragraphs? 

    One main idea for each paragraph 

    Clear topic sentences (usually the first sentence)

    Other sentences that support the topic sentence (elaborate, explain, give examples)

    Does the conclusion of my assignment link back to the topic area/question?   

    Does it summarise what I have said and re-state my thesis statement?  Content

    Are there enough ideas to answer the question fully? Could anything be added? 

    Are all the ideas relevant to the assignment question? 

    Have I taken a position? Can I justify it with examples and evidence from my reading? 

     Have I demonstrated a critical approach in my writing? (Is this relevant? Is this important?  Is this valid?) Reading/Referencing

    Are the sources that support my ideas current, relevant and reliable? Are they academic? 

    Am I able to use more than one source to support some of my ideas?

    Are in-text references correctly provided using appropriate referencing style? (e.g. Harvard UTS, APA, Footnote)

    Is a complete reference list or bibliography provided? 

    Are all the in-text citations included in the reference list?  For referencing conventions and use of EndNote/Refworks go to: http://www.lib.uts.edu.au/help/referencing    (Version: 28 June 2015) 1 

    Academic style

     Have I chosen formal vocabulary? (e.g. lots of = a considerable amount; bad = unfavourable; stay the same = stabilize)

    Have I used an appropriate academic style? 

    Avoid the use of contractions (e.g. don’t/do not)

    Avoid over-use of ‘etc.’

    How certain do I want to be? (e.g. It is certain that…. / It appears certain that… / It is possible that...) Avoid the use of personal language (e.g. Everybody knows… = It is generally accepted… / I think that… = It is likely that...) Grammar & vocabulary

    Does my writing make sense when I read it aloud (to someone else)? 

    Have I used any incomplete sentences? (e.g. Because the study is limited.)

    Have I used correct and consistent verb tenses? 

    Is there subject-verb agreement? (e.g. the studies show/the study shows)

    Have I used singular/plural forms correctly? (e.g. study/studies)

    Have I checked word forms? (e.g. study (noun); studied (verb); studying (noun or verb) 

    Have I varied my vocabulary to avoid being repetitive? (e.g. The research shows that… / It also shows…  / It reveals…) Proofreading

    Have I checked for typing, spelling and punctuation errors?   

     See the punctuation guide at http://www.uts.edu.au/current-students/support/helps/self- help-resources/grammar/punctuation

    Have I used the correct spacing, margin, font size and other presentation requirements? 

    Has the word limit matched the assignment requirements?  Writing guides and online self-help assistance Some faculties have guides to help you with your writing, including: 

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