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    EAT206 Manufacture Design Assignment Help

    EAT206 Manufacture Design Assignment Help

    EAT206 Manufacture Design Assignment Help


    While a certain amount of evidence exists that the global financial situation is improving, manufacturing industries are still operating extremely cautiously and monitor their cash flow figures carefully. While there are numerous strategies such a company may adopt, many of which have made world headlines over recent years, the smarter companies are looking towards more effective design for at least part of the solution. In order to become more competitive and to reduce the production costs of their products, many of the sector leaders have taken this opportunity to review their own products and the sub-assemblies which they buy in.

    Rather than focus entirely on the direct costs associated with a particular assembly and its components, an effective Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) study will realise further savings which encompass a far wider activity across the entire supply chain.

    Drawing on examples from the UPS2 pump Assembly you studied previously as a group activity, you are now required to address the 4 areas in section 2 below and make an individual submission.

    To aid you in your completion of this report, photographs of the UPS2 pump assembly and its dismantled components have been made available on Sunspace. You may also bear in mind the original data that indicates approximately 800,000 UPS2 pumps assemblies are manufactured and supplied annually plus an unknown lesser quantity in the spares market.

    Throughout the report you are to prepare, you must recognize the overall aim of a DFM/DFA exercise is to reduce costs, without compromising the function or reliability of the assembly. It is essential that any resulting modified designs are directly interchangeable with the original assembly. TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE ASPECTS, SUCH AS PRESSURES, THERMAL PROPERTIES, AND TENSILE STRENGTH ETC. WILL NOT ATTRACT MARKS.

    2. THE TASKS

    2.1 Design Efficiency

    How would the design efficiency of a complete assembly would be calculated? (Marks 15%)

    Explain how and why the design efficiency would be used to identify areas for cost reduction and/or value enhancement.(Marks 10%)

    2.2 DFM

    Note: to be awarded full marks for this section, consideration of the entire supply chain must be made.

    Often multiple sequential processes are required to produce a component to a satisfactory specification or level of quality. Using the plastic cover which houses the electrical components, as an example, describe a suitable production sequence including any secondary processes. This is depicted in the figures 1 and 2. Pictures of the component are also available in greater detail on SunSpace as Component 5.The scope of producing the plastic cover should not include the production or acquirement of raw materials. For example, you should only consider the component from its plastic granular state to completion and not discuss how the granules are made,


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    In manufacturing it is important to understand the cost of producing a component. Explain, using the plastic cover and the manufacturing process described in 2.2, why it is important to understand the process costs and the effect of increasing batch sizes. This should include as a minimum a consideration of material used, waste from the process, tooling and secondary processes.

    (Marks 15%)

    The plastic cover has an approximate volume of 29500mm3. Assuming a processing cost of £200 which includes equipment cost, operating costs, such as labour, supervision etc., calculate the cost of the plastic cover. You should determine the cost of the component using the Process Model for Manufacturing, utilizing the cost coefficient for waste. All assumptions made should be clearly documented. You do not need to consider the secondary processes, surface finish or apply tolerances. (Marks 15%) 2.3 DFA Identify 3 components which present a potential difficulty regarding the assembly of the pump. You should explain what the potential difficulties are selecting one from each of the following areas: Handling, Feeding and Fitting.(Marks 15%)

    2.4 Cost Increase

    During a DFA/DFM study, a cost increase for a single component MAY be tolerated. For example a clip could be added to the plastic cover which could eliminate the need for the screws. Suggest three reasons why a cost increase would be allowable and justify the reason for doing so.(Marks 15%)


    3.1 Report Requirements

    Your submission should take the form of a report, not exceeding 8 pages (plus appendices if required), and address the items in the above marking scheme.

    3.2 Submission Date

    Your report submission is to be uploaded to Turnitin on Sunspace no later than 25/08/17.

    Please note the following very carefully

    Whilst it is expected that you will use a variety of information sources to support your learning and complete your research, all work must be presented in your own words and not taken directly from any other source. All sources you have used in your search must be clearly and appropriately referenced, adjacent to the text concerned, using the Harvard referencing system. Using sources which have not been appropriately referenced or taking any data directly from a source and including it in your work will be regarded as plagiarism and may result in you failing this part of the module or even the whole module. It is acceptable to use photographs and/or diagrams from other sources, where appropriate, but these must be properly referenced. Text or quotations from external sources must be shown in speech marks and be less than 200 words in total for all sections of your report and referenced appropriately.

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