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    EAT206 Assembly Design Assignment Help

    EAT206 Assembly Design Assignment Help

    EAT206 Assembly Design Assignment Help


    While a certain amount of evidence exists that the global financial situation is improving, manufacturing industries are still operating extremely cautiously and monitor their cash flow figures carefully. While there are numerous strategies such a company may adopt, many of which have made world headlines over recent years, the smarter companies are looking towards a more effective design for at least part of the solution. In order to become more competitive and to reduce the production costs of their products, many of the sector leaders have taken this opportunity to review their own products and the sub-assemblies which they buy in.

    As a leading firm of consultants in the field of Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA), our company has been approached by a well-known supplier of pumps and pump systems with a view to cut further costs of their manufacture. One of the products we have been asked to analyse is the USP2 Advanced Pump assembly which is used across a range of domestic applications. Though the client is reluctant to state the total number of units produced per annum our initial research has indicated that this may be of the order of 800,000 across the UK and Europe. A review of the Pump was carried out in 2016 and it was found that the Design for Manufacture and Design for Assembly metrics were of a high standard.


    2.1 The Task

    Your task is to review the current assembly with a view to understanding how the pump is manufactured and assembled to such a high standard. The overall aim of this exercise is to understand how costs have been reduced and further reduce those costs, without compromising the function or reliability of the product. The low level of customer complaints of the pump as a whole is something which our customer prides itself on and wishes to maintain. Your review should clearly reference the design for assembly and design for manufacture methodologies.

    Mechanical engineering assignment help

    Mechanical engineering assignment help

    In your review, you are required to consider the complete USP2 Pump assembly as provided. To understand the commercial aspects you are to review all components and processes necessary to assemble the USP2 pump and further investigate how savings can be made. This might be achieved by (but not limited to) reducing the number of components, combining parts, and/or reducing the time for accurate assembly. Where sub –assemblies are in a permanent fixed state (i.e. will not come apart into individual components) you should analyse the components that are in the sub assembly. You must also make consideration to the packaging which the pump is supplied in.

    Considering the following:

    Mounting points

    overall size of the

    pump Interface with other components

    These features should not undergo any extensive redesign. This is to enable the new pump design to be a direct replacement of the old pump design. Also beyond the remit of this project is the modification or replacement of any of the electrical components including the stator due to commercial and political reasons within the supplier chain.

    2.2 Your Submission

    Each group is to submit the following for assessment:

    A review of the existing assembly and its component parts with consideration to sub-assemblies and packaging.

    This must document:

     The design efficiency (see notes for clarification of this)[ 5%]

     An analysis of its suitability for assembly and an assessment of the compliance of the present design with DFM rules.[15%]

    Once your analysis of the DFA rules is complete, the group must identify the 3 weakest performing aspects of the pump and produce a design improvement for each aspect (1 for each identified area for improvement) in sketch format with a supporting written description as to why they are a good idea. You must also decide which concept or combination of concepts is appropriate to adopt to maximize the benefits. You should also explain and discuss why some concepts are not recommended for implementation if applicable. You must also provide layout drawings of the improvements, which must be included in the appendix to your report.[15%]

    A justification for the selection of the chosen design(s) based on an analysis of its:

     Design efficiency[5%]

     Suitability for assembly[10%]

     A critical review of the redesigned product discussing resource implications, benefits over the existing design, impact on the supply chain, environmental implications and any other factors, which you consider relevant.[20%]

     Assuming a processing cost of £500 which includes equipment cost, operating costs, such as labour, supervision etc., calculate the cost of the main housing (shown below) where the water flow takes place. You should determine the cost of the component using the Process Model for Manufacturing Cost, utilizing the cost coefficient for waste. This should include all secondary processes and the impact of the shape of the component. The results should show your working out with rationale applied and the results tabulated. All assumptions made should be clearly documented. [15%]

    Mechanical engineering assignment help

    On completing the Process for the Manufacturing Cost model critically analyse where the main costs are associated and suggest a minimum of 3 ways to reduce the given cost. [15%]

    2.3 Report Requirements

    Your submission should take the form of a report, not exceeding 15 pages (plus appendices and associated drawings), and address the items in the above marking scheme.

    2.4 Submission Date

    Your report submission is to be uploaded to Turnitin on Sunspace by TBC When submitting the reports electronically, the following criteria must be met; failure to do so will result in your work being returned for correction. Once the final report is completed, this must be sent to ALL members of the team. Once all team members are in agreement with the content and quality of the report, one team member must submit the report via Sunspace. The report should be in the form of a single Word document. The title of the word document must include Module code, Team letter, Report submission number, E.g. “EAT206 Group A Report”.

    2.5 Group presentation

    A PowerPoint presentation lasting 10mins must be delivered during weeks commencing TBC. It is expected that all group members will take an active role in preparation and delivery of this presentation. The industrial client who instigated the investigation, may be attending the presentations to evaluate the outcome of your findings. The presentation should contain the results of the analysis of the existing design, comments on the compliance with the DFM guidelines and the major design enhancement concepts your group proposes. These dates are approximate and will be confirmed nearer the time.

    2.6 Distribution of Marks

    The marks for this assignment will be distributed in the ratio of 80:20 between the report and the presentation. The overall mark for this assignment will represent 50% of the marks awarded for the module. As a reminder, a 40% average is required to pass the module in addition to a minimum 30% qualifying mark for this assignment. This is the sum of assignment and presentation combined.

    2.7 Peer Assessment

    Peer Assessment may be used to allocate marks equitably between members of each group.

    Please note the following very carefully

    Whilst it is expected that you will use a variety of information sources to support your learning and complete your research, all work must be presented in your own words and not taken directly from any other source. All sources you have used in your search must be clearly and appropriately referenced, adjacent to the text concerned, using the Harvard referencing system. Using sources which have not been appropriately referenced or taking any data directly from a source and including it in your work will be regarded as plagiarism and may result in you failing this part of the module or even the whole module. It is acceptable to use photographs and/or diagrams from other sources, where appropriate, but these must be properly referenced. Text or quotations from external sources must be shown in speech marks, be less than 200 words in total for all sections of your report and be referenced appropriately.

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