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    E-Commerce Marketing Assignment Help

    E-Commerce Marketing Assignment Help

    Task 1.1

    Introduction to the company
    E-commerce is a kind of transaction related to buying or selling. It draws different technologies like mobile commerce, supply chain management, internet marketing and so on. Lion’s playground is located in Canada. It was established in the year 1974. It has two experienced teams and training schedule is fixed in this particular field. Different programs are organised in this playground. The programs are summer and winter program. Membership is given to the new member by President of it. Payments are performed by credit or email transfer. Adequate training is given to the member in order to increase their performance level in sports.  Most significant game played on it was Lion Roaring team defeated Bhatha by many wickets.
    E-commerce strategy for online ticket booking system 
    Systematic planning increases the demand for e-commerce. The aim of the business needs to be very much clear. Bazia (2013) has demonstrated about time management model helps the management team of the playground to perform an outstanding strategy that meets the current demands of their target customer. Combination of the strategy and team management with the technology increases the interaction with the customer. This communication increases the publicity and helps to maintain a perfect management strategy related to a playground.
    Expectation of the customer 
    Park & Ginarte (2017) illustrated that maintaining a high and quick performance website is not enough in order to satisfy their target service user. Recent users are much more connected, smart, tech and web savvy. A good relationship is essential to the customers and the management to create a successful business strategy. Basic expectation of service users from the E-Commerce service of Lion's cricket playground are as follows: 

    Simpler purchase procedure for tickets and speed of the website:
    Customers expect a fast purchase procedure and instant access. Sattar (2013) opined that recent customers feel irritated to wait for a long time.

    Support related to self-service:
    Customers’ believes in self-service instead of email or telephonic support. Therefore, a wide range of information is essential to create an image of the playground and this gives all the answer to the user's queries by themselves only.

    Bazia (2013) has commented that service users make their purchase from anywhere, any device and anytime. Mobile shopping is much more user-friendly because of smart phones. Therefore, management makes their site user-friendly and a user can easily get tickets of Lions cricket playground.

    Customer’s security and data protection like credit card numbers, mailing address increases the demand for tickets. Management team need to make their strategy in such a way that improves their trust related to online ticket purchase.
    Risks involved in online business, data protection related  to personal details and security of payments 
    Information risk:
    Information risk related to personal details exposure decreases the demand for an online ticket. Park & Ginarte (2017) mentioned that authorization is very important in order to perform web-surfing of lion's cricket field website.

    Transaction risk:
    Good antivirus protects the risk related to a business transaction. Different types of malicious attacks increase the risk of a transaction. Malicious attacks include virus, Trojan horse and worms.

    Operational risk:
    Lion's playground focuses on the function of the management. Gould & Gruben (2016) has mentioned that this risk deals with the management strategy and overall cost of it. Systemic strategy and proper market analysis diminish the risk related to an operation of the playground.

    Unauthorised access:
    Private Information related to the playground is searched by the authorised personnel only. The public website is open to all. This policy allows the playground to keep their secrets smoothly and prevents business risk.

    Technology risk:
    Pennock (2014) demonstrated that copying information increases the chance of technology risk. Therefore, the management of playground does not save the information and makes their website much more trustworthy.
    Task 1.2
    Various app of e-commerce and its impact and application on e-business of lion’s cricket club 
    Ship Robot App:
    This app focuses on the day to day need of the customers. It gives great offers on a variety of things. This increases the demand for it in the recent market. The outstanding services increase the positive feedback of the users and recognition. It generally meets the business demands of the organisation.

    Shippo App:
    It is a free app and helps to purchase different materials related to hospitals goods, cricket kits and so on. 

    Shipstation App:
    It helps to connect different app and within a short period of time users can easily connect with another app. Gould & Gruben (2016) stated that this app is increasing day by day due to its outstanding performances in services and user-friendly in nature. Starting from shopping goods to household goods everything is available in this app. Thus, it meets almost all the demands of the users in recent market.
    Application of the App in the case study:
    ShipRobot App:
    This app needs to be used by the management of Lion's playground. This gives a huge idea of the recent business needs and helps them to perform a perfect market strategy. The systematic strategy increases the customer satisfaction. The services and quality of goods are outstanding and it user-friendly in nature. Pennock (2014) has stated that it diminishes the operational and transactional risks of e-commerce.

    Shipstation App:
    It will allow the online advertising of Lion's playground. This helps to promote the playground globally with a minimum amount of cost. Park & Ginarte (2017) commented that this app is user-friendly and low operational risk increases it demands globally. Online ticket and sports goods are easily available here with outstanding services. Therefore this app can easily increase business strategy of the playground.
    Task 2.1
    E-commerce strategy plan 
    Mobile advertising and its optimization:
    Use of mobile is increasing day-by-day in the recent market. Mobile advertising is online in nature and it increases the attraction of the users. This global mercerization through online attracts new service users thus it will help the Lion playground to sell the tickets of their match easily. Mobile advertising helps to increase the recognition of the playground, selling strategy of tickets and profit margin. Advanced antivirus needs to be implemented to diminish the e-commerce risks and boosts their user loyalty. Gould & Gruben (2016) opined that mobile advertising increases the efficiencies of the strategy made by management team of the playground and it reduces cost for advertising. This mobile will increase the flexibility along with scalability of the playground.  It helps to increase the interaction with their stakeholders and the management act accordingly to solve the negative issues in their planning and performances.
    Executive summary 
    Negative issues of the club are identified and all the steps which are required by the club to increase their recognition are explained. Business operation of the club is focused on the administrative system and their stakeholders. The negative issues are taken into account by the management to diminish the negative issues of the stakeholders. The management team need to keep themselves all time updated about the modified business law of Canada's government. This will prevent the chaotic behaviour of the club.
    Description of a company
    Customers are the main stakeholders of Lion's club. Governments of Canada and local political parties always create a pressure on them in order to increase their profit level and solve their negative issues. Players of the club are also the important stakeholders of the club. Savale & Savale (2016) commented that players performances increase the recognition of it and also the profit margin.  

    Business operation of the playground:
    Operation management focuses on the business administration of the club. It is highly concerned with converting the strategy in practical works. Thus, it increases the profit margin of the club. Management of the club tackle all the challenges against it and takes all the necessary steps to solve the issues. Bazia (2013) stated that business operation helps to transform the input to outstanding performances of players. The input includes the perfect training of the players, optimum use of resources like training equipment helps to increase the execution level of the players.

    Existing resources:
    Existing resources include the training equipment, well-trained players and trainers help to increase the conduct level of players along with club's recognition. Volunteers manage the stakeholders in order to prevent the chaos in the club.
    Issues faced by the company 
    Uncertainty in global economy increases the maximum discomfort of the club. Zhao (2016) mentioned that decrease in recognition means a decrease of creditor's funds, profit margin and identification of the club. This decrement helps the competitors to compete with the club easily.

    Ginarte & Park (2017) commented that to increase the identification of the club globally online advertisement is the best tool. However, the e-commerce risk decreases the club global market recognition. This risk affects their services to new customers, new players and diminishes their profit margin and global recognition.

    Government rules and regulation:
    The government of Canada changed their rules and regulation according to the need of the country. This creates complicacy relate to club policy. The management team of the club always perform market analysis in order to prevent government penalties. Thus, it wastes a lot of time in understanding the new laws and changes their policy by following the governmental rule.

    Park & Ginarte (2017) has mentioned that technology improvement diminishes the chances of a long-term strategy created by the management of the club. The strategy is created in such a way which needs to be compatible with the recent developments of strategy. Therefore, the management team performs constant research about the market analysis.
    To identify the potential risks of the strategy made by the management.
    To identify the development of the technology and government law before creating and implementing the strategy.
    To provide a recommendation in order to analyse the potential risks of e-commerce.
    The scope of project and resources needed for case scenario 
    The project deals with the goals of the club along with its risk which increases their uncertainty. Ding et al. (2014) commented that to minimise the risk adequate market research is required to create a strategy. This perfect analysis decreases the negative issues of club and increment of the identification will occur. Perfect online marketing diminishes the potential risks and increases their services and stakeholders satisfaction.
    Cost benefit analysis   
    Glass & Saggi (2015) mentioned that when the management sets their goal by performing adequate market research and cost-benefit analysis which help them to create a systematic strategy. Simple cost-benefit analysis helps to analyse the budget of the club and the funds that left out for further implementation. Charts need to be drawn related to the negative issues and positive issues along with the club’s profit margin. This chart helps to identify the issues easily and management team can work accordingly to increase their recognition globally. Cost analysis needs to include all the training equipment, training cost, technology and advertisement cost and so on.
    Key features of   proposed e-commerce solution 
    Ease of use:
    User- friendly website increases the identification of the club and focuses on the user experience by providing comparison criteria. Bazia (2013) mentioned that online advertisement diminishes the cost of a club and increase their identification in a global market.
    High-resolution videos and photos:
    Photos and videos help to create an idea about the club and this boost their recognition in the recent market. These expansions of club increase the number of players in the club and raise their profit margin.

    A website that is mobile friendly:
    Gould & Gruben (2016) illustrated that mobile-friendly version of the website increases the identification of the sites. Thus, the club can easily expand their identification through their own website. The mobile-friendly website of the club can easily adopt any changes related to technology advancement.

    User feedback:
    User feedback is essential to perform any kind of changes in club. The management team can produce an effective policy in order to create a systematic policy. Pennock (2014) mentioned that players and the customers of the club are the main stakeholders. Thus, the negative issues need to be solved in order to raise their identification in recent market.
    E-commerce platform  architecture 
    Web pages of the club are designed to meet the user and players requirements. Club website has the potential to give an idea about it to their stakeholders. This increases their versatility and flexibility in the global market. Different components are present which gives a clear view of the club. Ding et al. (2014) stated that components include menus, table, videos, and images and so on.
    Review policy   
    Review policy covers all the area related to business. It focuses on the customer's satisfaction, player’s advantages, governmental laws, political party’s rules and regulation. The Lion’s club follows all the rules and regulation in order to prevent the governmental penalties and chaotic behaviour in the club. The prevention of chaotic behaviour increases the satisfaction level of all the stakeholders of it.
    Task 3.1
    Types of  risks 
    It has the capacity to hide from the antivirus detection. It destroys the victim's computer. Thus, the management of club needs to prevent the unauthorised surfing to their personal information through a website. Glass & Saggi (2015) demonstrated that password is given to authorise a member to access the information.

    Virus and worms:
    It replicates itself and destroys the victim's computer easily. The club needs to apply the advanced antivirus detection in their system to diminish the rate of virus and worms. Scanning of the system can be performed by the club to make their site much more secure.

    Scareware and spyware:
    Ginarte & Park (2017) mentioned that attacker cases the victim's technology in order to access the information related to their activities. Therefore, the club needs to give a password and lock their information which essential to them to run a systematic business. Only the authorised member of the club can access the information.
    Unauthorised access   
    An unauthorised member can only access the information of the club which is public information. This practice can increase the club's security related to their information. The public can access the open information of it. This can increase their identification in global markets and also secure their personal data.
    Different types of viruses 
    Macro virus:
    This virus affects the attachments and files of the computer. Thus, the club needs to perform the antivirus scanning in order to identify the files and delete that from the system. This makes their system much more secure.

    Viruses of boot sector:
    Glass & Saggi (2015) stated that this virus affects the master boot record of the club's hard drive, in order to prevent this problems club need to take backup of the record and save it in a systematic manner.

    Email virus:
    This virus transfers to the host system through the mail. Therefore, the management of the club needs to delete the entire virus affected file in order to make their system secure.

    Cyber attacks   
    Ginarte & Park (2017) mentioned that cyber attacks target the computer systems, computer networks, and infrastructure from the anonymous source that steals, destroy and alter the data by hacking. Therefore, the club needs to authorise their system to cyber crime department in order to prevent the cybercrime. The club needs to share their data with another system in order to create their data much secure.
    Task 3.2
    Intellectual property right 
    Ding et al. (2014) mentioned that it is the exclusive right given to the character for their original work in a limited period of time. Strategy created by the club is original work of the management by performing market analysis. Thus the company need to register to a government in order to enjoy the copyright policy.

    Trademark is the sign, expression or design to recognise any product, services and organisation. Therefore, the sign of the club raises their identification in a global market.

    Domain name:
    Management of club controls the administrative system of it through internet. Therefore, it helps the club to register their name in the Domain Name System (DNS). This DNS gives an Internet protocols to it in order perform their administration safely.
    The above study includes the e-commerce potential risk and its remedy to diminish the club's potential risk. The decrement of potential risk increases their recognition in the global market. Trademark, domain name and copyright is explained along with the case study. The decrement of internet and e-commerce increase their customer satisfaction and profit margin.