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    E-Commerce Business Marketing Assignment Help

    E-Commerce Business Marketing Assignment Help


    E-commerce refers to selling or buying of an organisational services and product via an electronic network. In addition to that, the business of e-commerce can gain the advantage of fund transfer through online medium. Internet is a key player in terms of e-commerce business, which helps to enhance organisational fecundity and potential. Phase of marketing has gravitated their functionality, extending from physical appearance to online presence. Introduction of online marketing has drifted the inclination of market orientation, in a positive manner. 
    This scrutiny demonstrates concept and opportunity of e-commerce marketing strategy, in respect to Lions Cricket Club. Identification of different applications and software are discussed in this discourse. In addition to that, this course study highlights on the expectations of organisation, in terms of approaching e-commerce business. This disquisition highlights on different intellectual property rights, which need to be developed by an e-commerce business. Moreover, this critique scrutinizes different risks, which might be faced, in terms of e-commerce. 
    Task 1.1 
    Internet customer’s expectation
    Company profile 
    Lions Cricket Club is a business, where it manages cricket players, in order to play cricket. The Lions Cricket Club has their own ground, where cricket is played by their selected teams. Lions     Cricket Club selects efficient cricket players extending the age between 16-21+.

    Company Expectations
     In order to expand their business and to gain high efficiency, Lions Cricket Club is expecting to amplify their business through approaching e-commerce strategy. Lions Cricket Club is expecting to provide online booking system for tickets to their audience. In order to provide online ticket booking system through online medium, the organisation is expecting to strategise and plan their e-commerce. In addition to that organisational expectation of Lions Cricket Club from approaching e-commerce strategy is to secure high profitability, and sales of their tickets. 

    Expectations of Audience
    On the other hand, expectations of the audience of Lions Cricket Club might vary from person to person. In case, the audiences might expect to have online payment options for the booking of tickets. At several times, audiences might not get ticket due to unavailability of seats or physical barrier. With approaching the strategy of e-commerce business to the audience, Lion Cricket Club can provide them to fulfil their opportunity of accessing cricket ticket, apart from the physical barrier. In the view of Laudon and Traver (2013, 27), customers might not access the products and services of an organization, if the physical stores of the organization will not be at accessible place to the customers, which ultimately can indirectly influence the sales.  
    In addition to that, the audiences of Lions Cricket Club might expect to access tickets at discounted and low price. Approaching e-commerce by the Lions Cricket Club can help their audiences to consummate their expectations of accessing tickets from different geographical place and within short period of time easily. 

    Online business risks
    Online business can help organisations to enhance their efficiency and performance. However, approaching the online medium might surface different risks and barriers. As Barnes and Hunt (2013, p.64) has commented that, approaches of connectivity with internet has aggrandized the innovation of commerce arena of e-commerce, with accessing faster internet connection. On the other hand, as the e-commerce is centralized on the business at an online medium, thus, serendipity of getting potential uncertainty are higher. 
    Different business risks, which might encounter in case of online business, are:
    As the online business stores use customer data, thus unauthorized access of the website might disclose the information of credit card which are intercepted, information about the employees and other details of customer. Defamatory statements of the online website can also lead to the situation of liability. 

    Transaction risk 
    As online business centralizes on the business at online platform, thus, the concerned transactions also take place through online medium. As Huang and Benyoucef (2013, p.252), has commented that, the online business might face uncertain situations due to cyber attacks. In addition to that, several virus, Trojans and other venomous attacks, this can harm the business in financial terms. 
    Task 1.2 
    Different e-commerce apps and their impact
    In order to establish the Lions Cricket ground ticket booking website, proper approach and implementation of e-commerce apps needs to be done. In the opinion of Galliers and Leidner (2014, p.59), different e-commerce applications can be used by the online business in order to gain efficiency and effectiveness of performance and selling. Approach of e-commerce apps by the Lions Cricket Club can help them to gain large numbers of customer, which can elevate the sales and profit of business. In addition to that, as Veit et al. (2014, p.52), has commented, e-commerce application use by an organization can help them to advertise themselves, which helps to gain an advantage of customer retention. 
    In order to substantiate the Lions Cricket ground ticket booking websites, different e-commerce applications can be used, such as:

    Social media 
    In this present social media age, it can be used as a business tool in order to enhance the performance of organization. Approaching different social media applications, such as Facebook, YouTube by the Lions Cricket Club can help them to gain an advantage of advertising themselves. As Chaffey (2015, p.68) has stated that approaching the application of Facebook for the business purpose can help them to generate awareness and disseminate information about the business. Dissemination and generation of business awareness through the application of Facebook can help Lions Cricket Club to gain brand awareness and advertise their ticket selling approach. Approaching the Facebook application can help the Lions Cricket Club to gain customer retention, through advertising their ticket booking services on social media, which ultimately can help them to gain brand image.

    Search Engine Options Ranking 
    Different search engine options can also be used as an e-commerce application, in order to identify the market rank of them. Different organizations of e-commerce use the ranking search on the search engine options in order to evaluate their organisational rank in the market place. Approaching the application of SEO ranking helps the organisation to compare their effectiveness with their rivals, and thus can help them to identify their barriers. 
    On the other hand, SEO search rank app of e-commerce can help Lions Cricket Club to enhance their business strategy with continuous improvement, through identification of their barriers using comparative and ranking application. 

    Different Blogs, such as Word press and others are used by the business organisations in order to disseminate their organisational information to the customers. In case of Lions Cricket Club, blog applications can be approached by them, in order to spread the information on launching of websites, which can be used to book tickets online. In the opinion of Turban et al. (2017, p.432), in order to run a business successfully, an organisation needs to deliver their information of products, services and other essentials to their customer. Thus, Lions Cricket Club can disseminate and deliver their information to their audience successfully, which can help the customers to know about the e-commerce business, which will be launched for online booking of tickets. 

    Google Analytics 
    Google Analytics app is a free app, which is used by several business organisations, in order to identify their conversions in relation to marketing strategy. According to Mazzarol (2015, p.85), Google Analytics can help the businesses to gain the idea of effectiveness of the business strategy, thus helps to make changes in a concerned strategy if required. On the other hand, Lions Cricket Club can use this application of E-commerce in order to track the efficiency and effectiveness of their strategy. In addition to that, approach of Google Analytics app can help them to track the website views, searches, pay-per-clicks and other data, which can help them to improve their performance. 
    Task 2.1 
    E-commerce strategy plan
    Executive summary
    E-commerce business can help to expand the market orientation at a global level, with providing an opportunity of escalate their business performance. In order to establish an e-commerce business, proper application and strategy needs to be implemented. E-commerce business uses the online transaction technique, in order to exchange the buying and selling of products and services. However, doing online business might encounter different risks, in relation to legal, technical, operational, shipping and other other risk determinants. 
    In terms of doing e-commerce business of sports club, proper website will be created, in order to deliver the online appearance of the club. In addition to that, as the Lions Cricket Club will have their very first physical appearance on online medium, thus, proper applications of e-commerce will be used in order to disseminate the information on online ticket booking website of the club. Audiences of Lions Cricket Club will be provided with the option of online ticket booking, through their website. Social media applications will be used for advertising the online website of Lions Cricket Club of ticket booking, which can help them to gain customer retention. Moreover, Lions Cricket Club can gain   high brand image through advertising them on social media sites and other applications of e-commerce. 

    Company description
    In order to approach the strategy of e-commerce business, Lions Cricket Club will include their stakeholders, who will be spectators, amateur participants, governmental authorities and bodies, financial stakeholders, communities and audience. 
    On the other hand, Lions Cricket Club gains their business operations from the sports commission, charity and governmental support.  

    Lions Cricket Club manages the cricket players to play cricket in the ground. However, they have faced issue of mismanagement of the ticket bookings for game. As they have physical appearance in terms of business, thus, they have faced unavailability of  cricket tickets a lot of times, which have lead the business towards  dissatisfaction of audiences. In order to manage the ticket bookings, Lions Cricket Club have approached the strategy of e-commerce in order to develop their websites, where the audience can book their tickets through internet and online transaction. In addition to that, audience do not have to stand in queue to book ticket. 

    The concerned objectives of Lions Cricket Club are:
    To evaluate business effectiveness with approaching the strategy of e-commerce for online tickets booking.
    To enhance the profitability and sales of Club
    To surface the business at more expandable marketplace

    Project scope
    Approaching the strategy of e-commerce can help the Lions Cricket Club to gain efficiency and profitability in enhancing the business. On the other hand, it can help the audience of Lions Cricket Club to access tickets in an easy manner through website. In addition to that, e-commerce strategy can also help Lions Cricket Club to expand their business in product selling of cricket accessories.  Proper fund, advertisement, website managers needs to be allocated, in order to establish the website properly, with reference to gain profitability through online ticket booking. 

    Cost benefit analysis
    Approaching the cost benefit analysis can help the Lions Cricket Club to estimate the transactions, business activities, operations and other costs of the business, which might influence performance of business. 
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     Figure 1: Cost Benefit Analysis of Lions Cricket Club
    Features of e-commerce strategy
    The proposed key features of e-commerce strategy, which will be accented by Lions Cricket Club, are:
    The website will offer the physical view of cricket ground, in order to choose their seats through booking tickets. 
    The audiences will be shown ticket prices with the selection of seats. 
    Audiences, who will prefer the pavilion seats, will get extra offerings from the sports club. 
    Website service will be available 24*7 hours for the audiences. 

    Identification of platform architecture of e-commerce
    In order to base the e-commerce business for Lions Cricket Club of online ticket booking, proper platform architecture needs to be planned. Platform architecture of e-commerce relies on three basic pillars of storefront, administration system and data management. However, these concerned three pillars of platform architecture include other sub-architectures. 

     Architecture Platform of E-commerce
    Review policy
    Organizational policies need to be reviewed properly, in order to make necessary changes and develop new strategies.  Policy review can help Lions Cricket Club to enhance their business performance by reviewing and identifying their potential barriers. 
    Task 3.1
    Business-internet link risks   
    Types of risks
    Operational Risks
    In the viewpoint of Turban et al. (2017, p.256), online business might face the risk of  hosting, in the closure hours of website. As the most preferable search engine options for the organisations are gained from Google, thus, change in the search engine option algorithm might drop down the website traffic of particular online business. 
    On the other hand, the online business might face the shipping delivery risks, due to custom changes of the country or shipping policies. In addition to that, as Cavusgil et al. (2014, p.63), has stated that, the online business might face the risks of profit, if the high sold products are extracted from the marketplace. 

    Technological Risks 
    In the view of Sweet and Maggio (2015, p.672), online business might face uncertainty in terms of technological risks, such as, server crash, software designs and other IT applications. 

    Information risk
    In terms of online business, the online site of organisational business is subjected to maintain the rules and regulations of that particular country, where it is situated. In the opinion of Armstrong et al. (2015, p.73), the online business might have the risk of facing legal issue, if their creative innovations, such as names violated the rules of any international country. 
    Unauthorized access
    Unauthorized access might harm the e-commerce business to access the details of customers, employees and other business information, which might be used by the hackers to their personal benefit. Proper firewalls need to be implemented, in order to reduce such potential risks. According to Bowie et al. (2014, p.13), authenticated password needs to be encrypted with the use of VPN, in order to be protected from unauthorized access. 
    Types of Virus
    There are different types of viruses which might attack the e-commerce websites, in order to harm and gain data, such as:
    Direct Action virus
    Multipartite Virus
    Overwrite Virus
    Polymorphic Virus
    Antivirus software needs to be installed in the systems and websites, in order to protect the websites. 

    Cyber attacks
    Cyber attacks are done by unauthenticated and unauthorized hosts, which access data and information of business and might do financial harm. Proper encryption of VPN passwords and   proper network configuration needs to be done to have protection from cyber attacks. 
    Task 3.2 
    Identification of intellectual properties
    In order to establish the E-commerce   business, implementation and consideration of intellectual property rights are important factor, which needs to be considered. Different intellectual property, which needs to properly implement by Lions Cricket Club are:

    Copyright can help Lions Cricket Club to ensure the legal rights and originality of  products and services. Copyright helps to protect and use their intellectual property by other people or organisations. 

    In e-commerce business, trademarks indicate a certain design for business, which uniquely indicates towards the business. Trademark design of Lions Cricket Club will help them to gain certain recognition by development of unique design. 

    Domain Names
    Domain names are the licensed property of a business, which are purchased by the businesses for a certain period of time. Moreover, the domain names are  unique names of business which helps to have retention about a particular  organisation. Proper domain name of Lions Cricket Club will help them to gain online identity. 

    Passing off 
    Lions Cricket Club can use the pay-off in order to evaluate their intellectual property right. 
    Intellectual property plays an important role in e-commerce business to provide uniqueness, validation and legal revelation of the business, which can help Lions Cricket Club also to enhance their brand image. 

    From the above study, it can be concluded that approach of e-commerce business can be fruitfully to a business, in order to enhance performance of the business. However, on the other hand, as the e-commerce business are centralized on the concept of online business medium, thus, it might encounter and face several risks related to organizational processes and procedures. 
    In addition to that, in terms of e-commerce business, the intellectual property rights needs to be properly managed. As the e-commerce can encounter the threats of logo and trademark copycats, thus, the legal privilege needs to be maintained by the business. 
    On the other hand, e-commerce business might face the situations of cyber attacks and disintegration of cyber security, which needs to be protected through approaching and implementing different antivirus software and proper system configuration.