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    E-Commerce Business Marketing Assignment Help

    E-Commerce Business Marketing Assignment Help


    E-commerce is considered as the current business trend which is internet driven, in order to help the customers to access the service in an easy manner. With the internet driven changing world, business in this current era has transformed their strategies and trends based on the new and emerging internet age. Business in this current age has different rivals and competitors and thus maintenance of business trends with changing trend of globalized world can help the business to flourish in a proper manner. 
    This discourse demonstrates different strategies, which are used in the e-commerce systems and applications, in context of the business. This course study evaluates the use of internet driven business of e-commerce business in order to enhance the productivity and performance. In addition to that, this critique highlights different advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce in relation to both the organization and customers. On the other hand, this course study analyses the influence of incorporation of e-commerce strategy of the business. This discourse demonstrates the concept of E-commerce business in the Lions Cricket Club organization. 
    Optimisation of mobile
    One of the most important trends in the ecommerce arena is the development of a technology which is optimised through mobile rather than being mobile friendly. On the other hand, the organization can approach the mobile shopping approach in order to sell their maximum numbers of tickets. As Huang & Benyoucef (2013) has opined that, in this current trending business approaches, mobile shopping can be used in an easy manner.  In the ecommerce activity of the concerned Lions Cricket Ground this facility can enhance the performance of the ticket booking. In the opinion of Chaffey (2015), this facility can be incorporated in the organisational web activities through developing mobile apps for the ticket booking purpose. 
    Advertisement through mobile
    Advertisement through the mobile devices has become one of the significant developments in the ecommerce parlance in recent days, opines Fang et al. (2014). The ticket booking facility of the concerned club can be improved through providing mobile advertisement. On the other hand, implementation of E-commerce business in the Lions Cricket Club can help them to advertise them at a bigger platform, which can be accessed through different devices and art different places. On the other hand Wang & Liu (2016), has commented that an effective advertisement can help to gain a strong brand image, which can help them to gain a high revenue. In this way, the announcement regarding the tickets can reach broader consumers and thus the booking of the tickets might rise quantitatively. 
    Wearable devices
    The company to enhance the performance of the e ticket booking facility can target the wearable devises like GoogleGlasses. It will be a futuristic approach as this technology is in its initial stage and thus it has a long future ahead. 
    Long-form content
    The advent of long term content is potential to offer a mileage to the ecommerce services of the club. The merchants of an organization can use appropriate amount of payment without having trouble in gaining payments from different countries and thus with different currencies. As asserted by Hartono et al. (2014), the rise of long form content and long video postcads can assist the club to store more fan data and thus improve the ticket booking facility. 
    Social and search activities
    Google is making it difficult for the link marketers and hence a trend of leaning towards the social media ads is visible. As mentioned by Huang & Benyoucef (2013), in this way the ecommerce activities are being boasted. The club will be benefited through incorporating this in the facilities through reaching to more people. 
    Brand identity
    As soon as the traditional anonymous SEO will start working in a less effective way, marketer will lead towards social media and blogposts to enhance the brand image. The Lions Cricket Ground can take the advantage of this facility. On the other hand, as Hartono et al. (2014) has commented that, customers in terms of using e-commerce business of an organization can identify the availability and price of tickets online.
    Personalized experience
    Serving the consumers in a personalised way has been one of the most effective ways of doing ecommerce business in the current era. As observed by Laudon & Traver (2013), users are becoming more and more comfortable in this kind of services. In the ticket booking system, the club can also use this fragility to provide the fans a better experience. Moreover, as Veit et al. (2014) has opined that customers can gain the personalized experience in terms of using the E-commerce business services. Customers do not have to go to physical place in order to book ticket from the Lions Cricket Club. 
    Better delivery
    According to Veit  et al. (2014), in respect of the cricket ground, through ecommerce of the ticket selling, the entity will be able to provide the fans with better delivery of the services. Incorporation of this facility in the ecommerce facility of the club is potential to give extra mileage to the club. 
    Local marketing and branding
    An increasingly visible trend in the ecommerce arena is the increasing localisation of the brands. As larger ecommerce sites occupy greater market, smaller entities will tend to focus on local markets for customer orientation. Approaching website on the online platform can help the Lions Cricket Club to be identified from different customers and thus can disseminate their information via portals.  
    Automation of marketing
    One of the highlighted problems of ecommerce sites is the less numbers of conversions of potential customer into customers as customers like to surf more and purchase less. In this regard, marketing automation can serve an effective way out, states Wang et al. (2016). The concerned club can also incorporate this in their facilities to enhance the fan response. 
    The above study has shown that using the strategy of E-commerce can influence both the organization and customers in different manners. However, E-commerce business can help in terms of going with the trend of marketing. In addition to that, as approaching and implementing the strategy of e-commerce can have negative influence of internet security, thus, the organization needs to maintain the encryption and security of the websites and portals. 
    In other contrast to the study, organizations can use the e-commerce business strategy as a marketing strategy in terms of advertising and publicity, which can help them to gain high customer retention and thus high revenue generation.