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    E-Business Applications Individual Assignment Help

    E-Business Applications Individual Assignment Help

    E-Business Applications Individual Assignment 


    Amazon is the largest e-commerce site in Australia. In this report, it will discuss the operation which is done by the Amazon organisation for the improvement of their business. Here, it will highlight the strategies of the organisation to make sure their position in the market where other e-commerce sites are ready to get the profit from the market. It will be highlighted on the application of automation technology in the business. It will also describe the reason to choose Artificial Intelligence in the e-commerce business. 

    Briefly describe the current operation of Amazon.

    Amazon organisation is known as one of the most established e-commerce organisation in the world. In the year 2017, Forbes ranked this organisation as a 3rd position in the list of most innovative organisations of 2017. In recent days, Amazon organisation is known as a well-established e-commerce site.  The official site of the Amazon organisation is easy to access by every user. It is the best site for online shoppers and for those who love to do shopping. There are a wide range of products which can be availed from the official website of Amazon. The organisation uses the most advanced technology for the development of their business. Amazon organisation mainly focuses on the customers for the increment of their business. The organisation uses different technologies to get maximum efficiency in the e-commerce operation of Amazon.  The organisation also believes in Quality management. It is done to maximise the quality of service to the customers. The organisation get the best output to satisfy the customer of the organisation. The main approach of the organisation is to involve the improvement of efforts in the e-commerce business. The organisation also support to have their own culture in the organisation. It supports the innovative idea of the employees and make their decisions in a collective manner. Amazon encourages its employees to get the best idea to increase their business in the market. The organisation also optimizes the production process and capacity of the organisation. It also applies extensive automation to streamline their process of business. This approach of the organisation highlights the importance of automation and it is related to the technologies which enhance the process of Amazon and the capacity in the business of e-commerce. The e-commerce business of Amazon also provides exclusive offers to attract customers. The customers know all the details of the products. The organisation can also avail the cash on delivery option where the user pays money when they get the product at home. 

    Why is the Artificial Intelligence important for your business survival?

    Artificial Intelligence is the latest technology in the e-commerce business which make sure the success of the organisation in the market. Artificial Intelligence helps to achieve the sales goals of the Amazon organisation. Artificial Intelligence technology helps to know the journey process of the customers. In this technology, it generate the forecasts regarding the incoming revenues for the organisation. Artificial Intelligence is very much important to manage the product content of the Amazon organisation. This technology enables businesses to offer the flawless experience of the customer. Artificial Intelligence helps to keep the data on track and organise it to get the outcomes. This technique is very much helpful to get the best products on the online platform of the Amazon organisation.  In this technology, it provides the path to provide the customer satisfaction of the organisation. It helps to get the brilliant customer service with perfection. AI solutions aid in presenting the brilliant customer service. Ultimately it converted in the sales department of the organisation. Artificial Intelligence helps to save the time of the customers because the customer get the products in their home. 

     How e-commerce business uses Artificial Intelligence?

    Artificial Intelligence is the latest technology which is very much important for the e-commerce business. As Amazon organisation is ready to accept the latest trends in the market. That is why the organisation choose Artificial Intelligence technology for the betterment of the organisation. They have also build different products to increase their business to a larger level. Recently the organisation launched the Amazon Prime application where the user can watch lots of movies and web series in an online platform. For that reason, the customers have to pay a money to watch those videos. In this application, Amazon organisation uses the Artificial Intelligence technology where the users can see the recommendations of movies. Artificial Intelligence technology gives a great experience to watch any movie on the online platform. The approach of the Amazon organisation to Artificial Intelligence technology is called as a flywheel. It works to store energy when the machine is not working. The innovation of Artificial Intelligence encourages energy and spread knowledge in the company. The organisation uses this technology to drive the products of the organisation. It makes an impact to make any innovative products in the organisation. Mainly Amazon organisation acts as a catalyst to implement Artificial Intelligence in the workplace. The organisation is known as the first e-commerce organisation who implement Artificial Intelligence for the product recommendation when any user is searching for any product on the official website of the Amazon organisation. As this technology is starting to grow, it shows their impacts to expand its business into a larger level. Amazon organisation has different branches in other areas of Australia. Artificial Intelligence is not located in a single office of Amazon. This technology is used to know the product recommendation to improve the product forecast of the organisation. Recently, Amazon features Alexa where the organisation implements Artificial Intelligence technology. Alexa is mainly a device where the users get the answer to the questions which is asked by the users. In this device, the Artificial Intelligence helps to remember all details which are provided by the user and then the data is stored in the device via machine learning. Mainly this device is a voice-powered assistant which supports this technology. This technology is used by Amazon to make the innovative products in the market. That is why Amazon organisation uses Artificial Intelligence technology in their business. 

    Research on the topic of the impacts of AI on e-commerce from some peer-viewed journals.

    The idea of e-commerce has been generated from the demands of the customers. In the journal “Informatics Tools, AI Models and Methods Used for Automatic Analysis of Customer Satisfaction,” it has been stated that AI has an amazing impacts in the process of e-commerce in the retail industry. The impacts of e-commerce in the retail industry are really commendable and AI falls under the sort of strategic objects of e-commerce. The challenges and opportunities come in the way of the development of the retail industry can be managed through e-commerce. AI basically hastens the growth of e-commerce by performing some intelligent works. The concept of AI is purely machine-based and the computer has the provision to promote the working capability of a human being. The manufacturing department of the retail companies is also dependent on the AI interface as SAI helps to determine the choices of the customers.

    As per the journal “The Colossal Impact of Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce: Statistics and Facts”, the impacts of AI in the e-commerce system can be accessed. According to the authors, Artificial intelligence is one of the wonderful creations of technology. The e-commerce giant like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart are drastically using the concept of AI. Machine learning is an inevitable part of technology which is related to the factor of AI in the e-commerce sector. The key areas of AI are mainly divided into three parts; Data Mining, NLP and ML. All sorts of current data are being managed through data mining, NLP helps in the interaction process between human and computer. Machine language covers all the past experiences to sort out a current problem. For example, AI has also helped in the collection of the data of training for an algorithm which is a marketing strategy of the company. Various kinds of personalization, customer benefit, filter reviews, etc. are being followed by AI.

    Analysis of the large volume data become possible through AI. These technology is being adopted by e-commerce to determine history as per relevant identity and information about the accounts of the customers. “A Study on Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce” finds that Google and Microsoft are taking initiates on the process of AI interests. AI is of two types namely Weak AI and Strong AI. Weak AI makes a computer like an intelligent human which can think, promote and do anything but all are programmed in it. On the other hand, Strong AI acts just like a human which can interpret things. The application of AI on e-commerce can be seen by following the increasing selling rate and availability of the services of the customers. Real-time products targeting, visual search, the process of hiring through AI. Conversational commerce, Virtual personal shopping, etc. can be done in the system of e-commerce. Business to business, government to citizen, etc. communications have also become easy through these. 

    “End-to-End Neural ranking for eCommerce Product Search” journal highlights the concept of searching for products in e-commerce section. The portal of e-commerce for any company uses to provide a wide range of products. The ranking of the products of e-commerce is getting developed through the neural IR and it also helps to gather proper information about the previous problems of e-commerce. The retrieval model of NIR falls under the learning where AI helps vehemently. The process is the end to end encrypted and the process of encryption helps to retrieve the previous information.  Click model helps to observe the estimated variables of the products of the e-commerce companies. The sequence of the searching of the customers and other recorded browsing interaction helps to articulate all the necessary information in weblogs. The relevance and attractiveness of the products. The e-commerce section needs the capability of the products in the market to attract more customers. The relevance of the customers is being found in the websites of the customers where all the reviews are determined and protected.

    The relation between customer communication and artificial intelligence is stated in “Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology: Neural & Artificial Intelligence” where it has been clearly stated that a rapid increase in the e-commerce section has become possible through AI. The interactive session with the customers has also become easy after the implementation of the AI system in the review section of e-commerce. The customers are also happy to use the system. It is really convenient for the companies to follow the previous data of the customers regarding queries and doubts. The fake reviews can also be weed out through AI by determining the authenticity of the addresses of the customers. An organised wellspring of the administration of the clients is accessible. Emotional intelligence, accession to the customers’ language, responding to the bulk of emails have also become possible through AI. E-commerce section actually helps to get the products of a company in an easier way, but there are some hassles in the way of booking and selling. AI has made the process easier by giving filter choices, suggestions, to the customer and also uses to take records of the data of the customers.

    Key points in the journals

    Kumar, T & Thakur, and M THE COLOSSAL IMPACT OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN E-COMMERCE: STATISTICS AND FACTS. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET), 6(5)

    In the above journal, the key points are AI, the satisfaction of the customers, the production department, and technological operations which have been discussed above. It has also helped to figure out the way of measuring the level of satisfaction. 

    Shyna K and Vishal M (2017). “A Study on Artificial Intelligence in ECommerce”,

    International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Scientific Research, Volume 4, (Issue 4,

    The above journal consists of Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce, and Machine Learning key points which have highlighted the implication of AI on e-commerce.

    Brenner, E.P., Zhao, J., Kutiyanawala, A. and Yan, Z., 2018. End-to-End Neural Ranking for eCommerce Product Search. Proceedings of SIGIR eCom, 18.

    Ranking, Kernel Pooling, Neural IR,  Relevance Model, e-commerce,  Embedding, Product Search, Task Models, Click Models which are all applicable to the processing of the AI in the e-commerce section. Those process mainly helps to measure every kind of necessary information about the customers along with proper identification of the problems of them. 

    Alzahrani, H., 2016. Artificial Intelligence and Customer Communication. Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology.

    The above journal deals with the satisfaction of the customers. The main keywords are artificial intelligence, customer interaction, chatbots, emotional intelligence which are related to the terms of technology and globalisation. All the details have been discussed above which will be helpful in further research of the topic. 

    Kovács, G., Bogdanova, D., Yussupova, N. and Boyko, M., 2015. Informatics Tools, AI Models, and Methods Used for Automatic Analysis of Customer Satisfaction. Studies in Informatics and Control, 24(3), pp.261-270

    Quality management; decision support system, customer satisfaction research, sentiment analysis are the keywords of the above-mentioned journal which have reflected on the quality maintenance of the products of the company. It has been elaborately discussed above in the research for the further betterment of the research of the topic.

    Conclusion and Recommendation

    In this report, it highlighted on different aspects of the Amazon organisation in e-commerce. It discussed different operations which affected its business. It highlighted the implementation of artificial technology in Amazon organisation. It also described the importance of Artificial Intelligence technology in the e-commerce business. It also mentioned different approaches to use this Artificial Intelligence technology in the organisation for the business of e-commerce. This technology used in Alexa for the betterment of the organisation. Here the user gets the solution of their problem. It conducted research in the journal articles which are peer-reviewed.  


    The recommendation in this context can be the point that the Amazon can predict the preferences of the customers so that it will help the organisation to move their business more smoothly. Amazon organisation can implement the Evolutionary algorithms which is a part of the Artificial Intelligence technology. It will help to increase the experience of the customers and will improve their business more smoothly. It will upsurge its profit from the market. After that, new groups of the potential solutions will get developed automatically. So, this part of Artificial Intelligence should be adopted by the Amazon organisation for the betterment of the organisation. It will constantly create better options to find the best solutions for the organisation. This type of algorithm will give a better experience of the customer when they will search for anything on the official website of the organisation. It will help to increase their business into a larger level in future. These recommendations will help the organisation to move their business into the next level.  

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