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    The company "UBER" technologies are a taxicab, food delivery, sharing of the ride and a company of transportation network. The headquarter of "UBER" is situated in San Francisco, California, that operates in more than 633 cities throughout the world (Ottman et al. 2017, p1-5). The report is based on the description of the host country and the explanation of the valuable aspects of the company throughout the network. Besides these, the report depicts the activities of the team and the marketing strategies of the company. The report emphasizes the fact that company is well accessible through the websites and mobile applications and is a very beneficial transportation for common mass worldwide.

    A. Explanation of the host country

    According to the geographical view, the United Kingdom consists of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Island of Northwestern Europe. The region is highlighted with green in the map. The region is mainly surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea to the Eastern region of the country. It is among the world's 12th longest coastline. The country is a constitutional Monarchical state along with largest empire in the history. It ranks 16th in the world democracy.

    The capital of England and United Kingdom is London and belongs to the 21st century popular city, which gives us the ideas of the Roman times. It is situated across the Thames River and provides the entire view of the city. The city is the most populated among of the European country. The populated city of London has largest industries and trades in various fields.

    B. Explanation of the host company

    a. Activity and Values

    Activities and values form an integral part of the company as it revolves around marketing strategies, aims and goals (Ottman, 2017, p.445) .The Company Uberin technologies inc. is famous for it is a taxicab, food delivery and ridesharing and it is a transportation networking company. The company provides a platform for the customers for the transportation services and it is easily reliable medium. The service can be accessed through the mobile application and the websites. The focus of the company is to provide its valuable services to the common mass by using mobile application. The company with its innovative techniques wants to build the trust and attention of the community (Tham, 2016, p.393). With the help of this transportation services now people can book their cab and ridesharing instantly. This is the focus to create the attention of the public and to expand its demand in near future.

    b. The Team

    Success of a company depends on teamwork, cooperation and coordination (Lasserre, 445). Uberin is one of the demanding transportation application and used worldwide. The company was founded in March 2009 and flourishing rapidly .The host company is UK and London and its headquarter is situated in San Francisco.The founder  of the company is “Travis Kalanick Garrett Camp.The CEO of the company is  “Dara Khosrowshahi” and TO is “Thuan Pham.The product of the company is mobile application and website. Its services are hiring of vehicles through its online mobile application and websites. The total number of employees working is nearly more than 12,000 (Uber.com, 2018).
    c. Marketing Strategy
    Uberin is promoting its products to provide valuable services to the common mass by using its innovative techniques through mobile application. The main strategy of the company is to reach the customers, enhance sales volume, and bring in new innovative offers and they take action instantly for the customer's request and needs. The marketing strategies mainly emphasizes on the services because the cab service is not famous for some reasons (Zeriti et al. 2014, p.44). In most of the developing countries, people face difficulties regarding public transports due to limited knowledge of the cab booking (Truong, 2014, p.15). Therefore, the company provides its various innovative facilities to grab the attention of the public. In additional to that it provides instant booking facilities at reasonable price and in proper time (Frösén et al. 2016, p.62). They also introduce its application and reach the millions of public and has become popular throughout the country.

    C. Material conditions

    A. Task’s Summary

    In this part the marketing strategy of UBER Company, the report will be described in the context of Uber cab riding business operation in the UK. At first, a marketing analysis will be explained in terms of the company's marketing strategy. Further different marketing promotions of the company like events management, the newsletter management, and digital marketing policy in the UK will be described. At last the difficulties to operate the business and a probable solution will be included.

    a)  Marketing summary of Uberin 

    It can be said that Uberin is able to make a large cab riding vehicle transportation chain in various routes of London city in UK within a very short span of time. It can be said that company gives a smooth cab riding experience to each and every daily passengers. In respect to the market strategy company organized several events in the renowned location of the country to grow the interests of the customers towards company (Keil 2017, p.457). It can be said that company invests near about $3 billion capital money to construct a lucrative marketing promotion plan. Company also constructs a digital and social media marketing plans to increase the brand identification of the company.
    b) Company event programmes  
    As mentioned earlier it can be said that Uberin Company organizes some roadside events in many sub region of London. Company organizes a cab fare events to offer the customers own driving experience by hiring the cabs from company (Keil 2017, p.225). In this event company offers the customers to hire some renowned brand company's and lucrative designed cars to grow the interest of customers. However these initials taken by the company got a huge success. Passengers of the company increase their requirements to book a Car from Uberin.
    c)  Constructive digital Marketing strategy 
    It can be said that Uberin Company proposes some good digital marketing policy to sustain in the transportation business industry in UK and also to extend their business chain in various region of London. In this respect company builds a digital application to provide an online cab transportation service towards its customers (Wirtz and Tang, 2016, p.626). Further it is observed that company marketing managers are very active to construct creative digital advertisements in popular social media platforms in UK. Further company decided to imply SEO marketing plan instead of Ad word marketing plan in Google. In the SEO marketing plan company reduced the cost of displaying the contents of the digital advertisement of the company.
    It can be said that in spite of implementing several successive journey and tours with the customers Ubein Company faces several problems and issues. The first major issues comes with the company after exposing the personal information of the customers and the drivers after the hackers can be able to access the company official website without any authorisation. After that Hackers claimed ransom money of $100,000 to retrieve the data information again to the official website and application of the company (Chan et al. 2016, p.445). In this respect it can be said that company used the Greyball software to identify the drivers and the employee’s information that will violate the law and regulation of the company and also the name of identified drivers name who will refuse to a take drive of a passengers of the company. But it can be said that this initiative taken by the company goes to in vain completely. As a result an environment of dishonesty is completely mixed up with the organisation employees' cultures of the company. Further, the situation became worse when the cybercrime brunch authorities of London could not track the suspicious activities of the hackers who used this software and violated the law of Apples company's rules and regulations. So any actions could not be able to take at that time against the hackers (Uber.com, 2018).
    The second vital issues generated by the company when the safety hazards and procurement of ensuring passengers safety options failed completely.  In some incidents, it is observed that passengers of Uberin several times expressed their dissatisfaction with regards to the behavioural issues of the drivers. It was further observed that woman passengers of the company could not feel comfortable in riding experience while entertaining a journey or trip with Uberin. In that case, the worse incidents have happened when a group of female passengers in London became rape victims while driving with Uberin. It can be said that this tarnished the company image completely towards its customers (Uber.com, 2018).
    Thirdly another issue generated with the company when the passengers became irritated after not being able to access the company's website or application due to the congested traffic networks. It can be said that Uberin Company uses a low range bandwidth digital communication channels to operate their websites. As a result of it at the peak time of transportation service requirement, several office employees and students could not open their accounts due to the irregular and interrupted service of company application or official website.
    In respect to finding a solution, it can be said that Uberin Company can design a technical advancement in their operating software named as Greyball. It can be said that company can be able to make a strong encryptions process to prevent the cybercrime activities. It can be said that company can start to make a two ways authentications process for the customers to access their accounts within the company's website and application (Tussyadiah et.al. 2016, p.36 ).
    It can be said that that company's technical division can include a proper located digital map to show the nearby police enforcement divisions. The further company also can use some shortcuts precaution like dialling the emergency toll-free numbers without opening the home screen windows of mobiles or digital devices with what the customers will use at the time of being victimized.  A further company can make digital applications to make instance connectivity with the nearby police stations.
    In this respect, it can be said that company has to use a broad array channel of digital communication to provide a traffic-free website and application. It can be said company can implement the design of making an SEO website. After implementing the SEO management in the official website of the company, customers of Uberin can be able to provide a traffic-free and network congestion free website and applications (Tussyadiah 


    From the above report it is concluded that the Uberin" company is one of the most popular transportation app through which we can book our cars and have a joyful rides. It also depicts the marketing strategies of the company and their growth rates. It is also concluded that the mission of the company is to bring transportation for everyone and everywhere. It also proves better services as compared to lifts drivers and at reasonable prices. This service is quite impressing with affordable price and instantly we can get the services wherever needed. In comparison to the yellow taxi, the Uber cabs are for comfortable and luxurious. It reduces the congestion and feels more reliable to travel throughout the journey. It also provides e-commerce service for hiring of the transports. Additionally it highlights the natural market demands for this service in comparison with the yellow taxi. The application is so reliable to access that we can book our ride and they will pick up instantly in no time. It works worldwide throughout the networking and increasing demands is so large as compared to left taxis. Even with these positive sides, if any harassment occurs regarding the drivers we can also lodge complaint against the driver with the car number in nearby police station. This is another positive aspect of the Uber Company.

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