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    Diverse Culture and Conflicts in Workplace Assignment Help

    Diverse Culture and Conflicts in Workplace Assignment Help

    Diverse Culture and Conflicts in Workplace


    The report is mainly prepared to enhance the sustainable growth and development of the Philips Financial Services. The different sections of the report would provide a brief knowledge regarding the different aspects and phenomenon which might affect the company.

    Brief Analysis of the Company

    The Philips Financial Services is a medium sized organization which is owned by Nick Philips. The company is currently functioning in the different situation as it is currently facing many difficulties in the organization regarding the employees. The company was founded nearly 18 months ago and the strength of the employees have increased to 50 in the last six months which is major advantage of the company in the industry. The increase in the employee strength would help the company to increase the productivity and also the quality of the services. However, the management of the company and the motivation provided by the employers is considerably weak. 

    The organizational structure of the company is also very fluctuating which would affect the company in the industry (Rajput and Talan, 2017). Additionally, the workforce of the company belongs to the different cultures and also from the different parts of the world which would help the company to achieve the desired success within the industry. The mission of the company is to provide quality services to the customers and also become the leading financial service providers in the industry. The vision of the company is to become the leading financial organization which would gain the profits from the private and the various clients franchise.

    Brief Analysis of the Industry
    The financial sector of the country in which the company of Nick Philips is currently functioning is capable of providing different employment opportunities which includes the accounting, finance and banking, planning of the finances, insurance, pensions and investments and also the taxes of the different organizations. The description of the services which are available within the industry are provided as follows:
    Accounting: The service majorly encompasses the different accountants of the finances which are majorly responsible for the management and also the reporting of the accounts of the business that mainly functions on behalf of the organization (Barak, 2016). Moreover, the roles of the employment are also available for the firms which are belonging to the different sizes and also for the not-for-profit organizations.
    Finance and Banking: The finance and the banking sector within the industry regarding the employers (Barak, 2016). The banking and the financial sector would help the different societies along with the different individuals to manage the different monetary segments which includes the loan, insurances and mortgages.
    Financial Planning: It is essential to understand that the major focus of the job is on the advisory services which includes to support the people to achieve the desired financial futures.
    Addressing within the Proposal
    The proposal which is currently being carried out to help the company to solve the major issues which are regarding the employees. The major issues which are affecting the growth of the company are related to the lack of motivation and the increase in the stress level of the employees which reduces the productivity of the firm. The proposal for the Philips Financial Firm would also included the most important aspect which would function as the organizational structure as it would help the company to attain the desired growth within the industry (Singh, 2018). The proposal would also include the procedures which would help in minimizing the bully factor within the organization. The proposal would also suggest the company to prepare a diverse workplace with the different cultures which would help in the promotion of the ethical workplace cultures.
    Organizational Structure
    The changes in the organizational structure of the firm would help the managers and the employers to enhance the situation of the organization.

    Proposed Organizational Structure for Company
    The structure which is proposed for the firm is the tall hierarchical structure which would allow the company to attain the growth by making the proper decisions and also by implementing the better strategies which would help the company to overcome the persisting issues. The tall hierarchical structure of the company would include the different members of the organization in the decision-making processes (Rojas, 2018). Additionally, the structure would also help the company to gain a sustainable competitive advantage within the industry as well. It is also considered that the company requires the different stages of employees to understand the definite roles and responsibilities which would help the company to provide a better workplace. Moreover, the motivation level within the company would also increase and the bully within the company would be reduced.