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    Developing a critical Assignment Help

    Developing a critical Assignment Help

    Developin g a critical analysis of an online media article over public policy i 'hich has bcen rclcascd bi thc Qiiccnsland goi’crnmcnt ii ill hclp to idcntifi propcr implcmcntation of thc policj This analysis i 'ill also help to find out thc issues rclated to tlic rcspectivc policy. This study i 'ill furtlicr gcneratc a comparison bet» een thc got emmcnt release and also tlic selccted articlc oi’cr thc rcspcctii’c public policy

    Idcniification of a nc» s›aJier or onlinc media article v ith rest›ect to issues in Jiublic policy regarding social worl‹
    It has been found that health and safety measurements at u orkplaces are current issues in the present period. Especially for AiisJlia. has ing a diversified u’orking culture in the market. it is extremely important to take care of the issues related to health and safer at the u orkplaces. Therefore. for developing the respectii’e study here the chosen article is Australia: Work Health and Safety New’s (inondaq.com. 2tJ18).

     Pur}iosc of the assessment
    Main aim of selecting the article oi’cr the health rind safety measure at »’orLplacc in Australia is to find out the relati e issues, This has also intended to identify relatii e strategies to omit the gaps of the policy ii ith rcspcct to proper implementation, Dci’cloping the comparison botii ecn the media article and the announceiiient of the go eminent, corrective measures can be taken to mitigate tin issues This has also intended to identify » hether there are safe and healthy » orking culture at the »’orkplaccs in Australia or not.

    Co• i›arison v ith thc announcement rcleased by the actual rcsi›cctivc go› crnment
    Undcr thc contcxt of industrial deaths. Australian Goi’crninent has put an inqii in oi’cr the damages of inanpo» er. This has led the respectii e got emmeiit to announce the policj of Workplace Health and Safety on March 2fi, 201S As per the statements of Burke (2016). it can bc said that in thc public policy oi’cr hcalth rind safetj mcasiircs at »’orkplacc can introduce pajout after accident at » orkplaces. This can hclp tlic employees to gencrate positive imprcssioii regarding the opcration systcm of thc rclatii’c business According to thc goi’cmincnt policj’ it has becn know n that penalties for breaches of health and safety at » orkplaces has to be chccked
    rcgarding as an offcncc From the ii ords of Caiano & Morrow’ Hines (2016). it can bg said that related associations has been appointed to make sure » hether the due diligence is being paid according to thc obligations.
    Thcrcforc. it can bc said that the goi’crnincnt policy has bccn focused on thc paymcnts and other re lative operations of the got erning bodies i ith respect to the hazards at » orkplaces. » hich affcct the safc and hcalthy ii’ork cnx’ironmcnt. Ho»’ci’cr. as pcr the choscn article it can bc said that the goveniinent has not focused on mitigating the issues related safe and healthy » orkplaces. Goveniinent bodies hat e been found focussing on the measurements after the issue appeared in thc rcspectii’c context Tas pcr the ii’ords of Chcn & Yu (2010). his has shoii’n ii’caLnesscs in building properly planned infrastructure  in  the  scenario  of licaltli  and  safetj  measures  at ii orkplaces

    Contrast and iliscussion os’er the issues related to the comparison
    According to thc governmcnt policy on the iiieasurcs of licaltli and safcti at tlic ii orkplacc, it can bc said that there arc i’arious issucs due to impropcr planning to stop the actions of broaching safe and healthy i orkplaces As per the » ords of Daj’ & Nielsen (2017). the issues hat e been identificd as risks and hazards diic to ii rong ii orking practiccs. faults of the top inanagemcnt in managing thc risks. impropcr iinplemcntation of proccdures and policies. Due to lack of monitoring. there may  appear  different  hazards  related  to health  and  safety  measures  of ii orkplaccs (Tax lor ci o/.  2017). Thc issiics ii ith  respcct to health  and safety  measiircs of  ii orkplaces can be of i arious tj pes These are smaller space for i orking. psychological issues, biological hazards. add erse effects of radiation, issues related to excessii e heat and cold. risLs arise diic to dust. chemicals. gases. liquids. fumes. i’apoiirs. and mam more As per the statements of Kent ci o/ (201fi), it can be said that ei’entually these risks and hazards lead any ii orkplacc in losing the manpoii cr of a rcspective biisincss.
    Issues occurred duc to breaches of health and safctj mcasures of ii’orkplaces can lcad the respectii’e to be taken off from being operated in market This is because haxards related to the ern’ironinent of ii orkplaces refer that the policies of government regarding the business operations have not been follow ed by the management. In that scenario, the respectii‘e goi’erninent can prosecute the entire management teaiii of the respectii’e business Government bodics hat c becn found focussing on the measiircmcnts after the issue appeared in the context of
    hcalth and safctj of ii orkplnccs issues Lack of monitoring oi’cr the actii’itics of thc goi’crning bodies regarding the safe » orking culture. there iiiaj appear different hazards related to health and safcty measures of ii’orkplaccs

     lilenlification of strategies
    Issues appcarcd in thc incasurcincnt of safc and hcalthi ii orking crn’ironmcnt can bc rcsolx’cd by taking spccific measurement (Toes-Roiisc & Longinorc. 2015). To reduce thc counts of issues the inanagcment has been encountered as the main body to take care of thc issues (ion Thiele Sch»’arz. Hasson & Lindfors. 2010). Rclatii’c challenges can be rcsistcd bi applying proper inanagcment programme for managing  the  hazards as » elf  as  the  risks that appear  in  the ii orkplaccs. By installing alcrt programme for safctv as ii cll as has.ards the risLs can be prci’cntcd at thc ii orkplaccs (Wi att er of. 2015).
    With the hclp of critical analysis of an online media articlc oi’er public policy which has bcen released by the Queensland goveniment has helped to identify proper implementation of the poIicj Jr this coiicened study, the article represents the gaps of got emment plans regarding the issues related to heolth end snfety measures at ii orkplaces This analj sis has also led to find ont the issues related to the respectii e policy This studj has generated a comparison beta een the got ernment relcase and also the selectcd article oi’er the respectii’e public policy.