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    Data Cloud Computing Assignment Help

    Data Cloud Computing Assignment Help




    The ultimate target of the research is to understand the importance of the data security factors in the matter of cloud storage. Understanding the advanced technologies may help the cloud storage to exist as a strong storage with high security.  


    The approach of the research serves the understanding about the matter that shares knowledge about the pros and cons of cloud storage that a company uses to keep its data secure.


    The outcome of the researches is very significant that shares several factors that create a structure to inform the different aspects to understand the faults that may lead the data to leak. Understanding the ways to keep the data in high-security maintenance helps to maintain it properly. Understanding the ways that data needs to be treated are discussed in this very topic.

    Review and summary

    Security issues have been a major issue in every kind of business field. The time when it comes to the matter of the security concern about a data handling organisation it takes a serious place from every different aspect. The topic of this journal contains the daily basis works that share the knowledge about the facts that have connected to the matter such as communication through phone, sending messages, using online transition. The cryptography formation resistance and the attacking mode are used in strong algorithm encryption by AES. All the aspects and the important factors about the matter of hybrid approach to secure the data vault are briefly discussed.

    Round 2

    Review and summary

    The idea behind the concept of keeping some data safe is a deep master that requires a lot of patience and time and different perspectives in the very matter. Internet is a thing that connects us with several points that connect people with different platforms that have been used by an enormous number of people. Inter4net connects a lot of devices at the same time. Therefore securing the data from one particular system to hijack by another system needs to be intact with the proper security that it deserves.  The presence of incomplete records and data may affect the advantages of the work that has a lot of principles.

    Round 3

    Review and summary

    Electrical clouds of an EVCM computing system share the idea about the paradigm involving among the network connections. The heterogeneous vehicular factors work by maintaining the terms and conditions in the matter of energy interactions. The security of any data deserves the ultimate solution to keep all the information together and with all safety that may be provided by the organisation that has been providing service to several companies. The security service works equally with the matter of vehicular interactions that share the knowledge about the EVCE computing facilities. 

    Literature review


    Classification of data is required to avoid malicious attackers from stealing and misusing data.  The encryption method is one of the best methods to provide data security. Sensitivity rating along with the CIA triad is used for a better outcome. Three essential parameters of security such as confidentiality, availability and integrity are taken into consideration while classifying the data. These parameters vary for different organizations as the requirements of the organizations are also different. Data classification includes coming responsibilities which will vary based on the type of cloud service model used for the specific purpose. Classification of data is done here based on the impact of data loss in the organizations. If the impact of data loss is low, the classification of data will be in a specific way. On the other hand, if the impact of data loss is high the encryption technique of data classification will also vary. The application of uniform encryption techniques will not be enough in obtaining data security. Encryption techniques vary speed and security level when used in different ways to ensure data security in cloud computing. Confidentiality and availability of data are important parameters of security and confidentiality of data is inversely proportional to the availability of data. A settled knowledge of the relations of the parameters is required to make the process of data classification smoother.         

    Key Contributions 

    Sensitivity rating of data is done based on the CIA triad so that the most appropriate data classification method for data security can be obtained. Besides this, the author has also focused on analysing the existing security mechanism in cloud computing. The sensitivity of data is determined based on the impact of the loss of data. For example, the loss of a specific piece of data for a business organization can be a huge loss. On the other hand, the same data can cause minimum loss for any other company. The author has focused on deriving the solution of various issues like a data breach, data theft and many other malicious activities related to cloud computing solutions of different organizations.   

    Existing Problems 

    Several malicious attackers are misusing the important data used in various organizations. The author has conducted the research to get rid of issues relating to data security in cloud computing. Classification of data will allow the cloud computing service providers to ensure the sensitivity of data. Various business organizations are finding it difficult to provide data security in their cloud computing system because a wide volume of data is generated. 


    Security of data in cloud computing can be ensured by calculating the sensitivity of classified data based on three required parameters of the CIA triad. Classifying data by using proper encryption techniques will enhance the scope of data security in cloud computing. Algorithms used in encryption techniques are verified by the authors based on the requirement of the cloud solutions. Security levels vary according to the requirements of information systems as well as the situation. Hence, the use of encryption techniques will also show variations in terms of its usability and accessibility in the data security of cloud solutions.  

    Achievements and significance 

    Various encryption algorithms are required to secure data in cloud computing. These encryption algorithms need the classification of data for better performance while providing data security. Security of any information network system such as cloud computing is done based on three parameters of security.  

    Further Improvement

    More sophisticated and capable protocols are required for better classification of data and the researcher must focus on the problem while collecting required data. The unavailability of protocols can be a big issue in the coming future. The main reason behind the explosion of data. Big data generated in various organizations is becoming quite problematic to manage. The author has realized that if more capable protocols could be used, the result of the research could be better. 


    This research paper highlights the direction and challenges in building a security model of EHR. Diverse cryptographic and non-cryptographic approaches have been used to ensure the security challenges in EHR. Publications from various electronic databases are taken into consideration to collect data. Large scale outsourcing of data is seen due to the massive growth of big data in different fields. EHRs and medical data are also outsourced to various cloud providers. This leads to threatening DDoS attacks. The searchable cryptographic method is one of the best ways to provide high security to medical data. Value services can be provided to the patients, doctors and health workers by taking the best approach in providing security of data in cloud solutions. ABE is used as the most efficient encryption scheme for better collection and preservation of medical data. Confidentiality of data in the health sector is a great requirement that can be solved only if the most appropriate approach is taken. Access control mechanisms are used often when non-cryptographic approaches are used by cloud computing service providers. It is used in 

     systems if the user data is highly confidential. No doubt a more reliable solution can be found using the approach as various access control policies are used to prevent malicious users from using medical records for wrong purposes.  \

    The author has found that a searchable cryptographic method is the best way to attain the value of a security that is sought in almost all health organizations. Non-cryptographic methods for secure cloud computing services in EHR are also becoming quite popular. Cloud service providers must ensure that verification of systems used in EHRs are done so that malicious users cannot take advantage of a weak cloud computing solution. Both credibility and confidence of patients are required for efficient data management of medical records and EHR systems.    

    Further Improvement

    Medical records are very sensitive and must be owned only by the database user. Hence, various common and popular techniques cannot be used in medical platforms if high data security is required. For example, biometric records are very helpful for better management in the health sector but these records can be stolen by malicious users. The research will improve the use of security mechanisms in EHRs. Deliberate actions must be generated so that foolproof privacy can be provided to the EHRs. Patients and health workers will get more privacy and will feel free to share their medical history and confidential information with the authority.


    Aim of the research 

    Understanding the cloud security factors is a critical thing. Most of the organisation nowadays uses cloud computing for their day to day purpose. Holding on to the data and understanding the necessity is an important part that a company has to understand. In the matter of running a business understanding, the cloud access and approach is an important thing. The software industry in the field of marketing is an abstract idea shared by the new generation. A large number of various surveys provide the idea of the importance of the software market. Every day companies move a large number of data into the cloud. The cloud facility comes with a limited storage facility that shares the idea about the matter that allows a lot of companies to buy more storage to keep the soft copies of the file with a high volume of protection. The research shares the knowledge about the data security factors that needs a good look after to secure the valuable data. Sometimes the highly sensitive data of any business organisation get exposed or leaked by some little movement that may throw the c

    The research methodology will come up with the different aspects behind the whole scenario. The idea regarding the matter may pave the path of understanding data security and privacy by following some factors such as the user’s concern while using the facility and the pressure of the company that has contained all the sensitive data of multiple organisations. Every service providers encrypt the data saving policies during the transfer process of the data. A several challenges company faces while providing the security service. Data breaching is one the most common factors that have made sure the security of the data that has been submitted by the service users. Controlling the data is the ultimate target of these cloud holders. Strong authentication of data that secures both outer and internal chances of data hacking is reduced. Data encryption by the service provider and having a wireless transition helps the user to hold on to data. 

    The very research shares the knowledge about the importance of data security in the matter of cloud computing. The administration of the cloud security organisation needs to understand the differences between an intact file and the broken cloud file. All the internal and external contents have been shared through the matter of business and in various platforms. The usage of the cloud is an excellent market. The ultimate goal of any business is to sell and buy products but in the matter where the valuable data have included the organisation does not take that many chances in the typical use of the cloud by stepping out and abling the outside norms of the data behaviour.

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