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    Customer Relationship Management Assignment Help

    Customer Relationship Management Assignment Help


    Customer service is the most significant aspect of a company which increases the sustainability and competitive advantage of the company. Thus, in the current study, the gap between mission and vision of VTI KarMart company with their delivery of services and recommendations for better practice have been portrayed.
    Task 1: 
    1.1 Development of new customer service plan
    1.1.1 Mission and vision statement
    The vision statement of VTI KarMart is becoming one of most valued rising companies for medium and large size passenger vehicle.
    a) The mission of VTI KarMart is as followed.
    b)  Making a good customer base
    c) Earn a customer for a lifetime period
    d) The inclusion of new technologies depending on recent trends
    e) Improving communities by serving in best way in locality of VTI KarMart
    1.1.2 Investigation and identification of needs of a customer
    In order to identify needs of customers' several processes will be followed which are given below.
    a)Research on existing data can give proper information on needs of customers. In order to do this both primary and secondary data will be taken.
    b) Interviewing stakeholders
    c) Mapping customer process in other organizations and in own organization also
    d) Interviewing customers will give primary data for research
    e) Maintaining feedback and customer review 
    Analyzing market
    1.1.3 Assessment of needs of a customer
    Assessment of customer needs will be done based on of several steps which are as followed.
    a) Gap analysis
    b) Identification of importance and priorities
    c) Collecting primary and secondary data
    d) Analyzing data effectively
    e) Analysing data in a rational way 
    1.1.4 Response to customer needs
    In order to respond to customer needs several steps will be followed which are as followed.
    Communicate with customers properly
    a) Maintaining a proper guideline while communicating with customers
    b)Staying responsible towards customers maintaining a proactive engagement
    c) Revising customer service guidelines with time in order to betterment of service
    d) Maintaining proper customer feedback and assisting customers throughout process even after service
    1.1.5 Requirements of legislation and regulation and customer service
    In order to maintain proper customer service VIT KarMart, will follow certain legislation for customer service in Australia including Competition and Consumer Act 2010. Competition and Consumer Act 2010 was previously known as Trade Practice Act 1974. This can help the company in order to develop effective policies and procedures to deliver services to their clients within deadline.
    1.2 Evaluation of quality customer service
    In order to maintain quality in customer service proper guideline will be maintained on basis of the Trade Practice Act 1974 and will conduct surveys on service satisfaction after completion of service. The management of the company needs to develop effective strategies to follow Trade Practice Act 1974 properly to maintain proper guideline to deliver better service to their customers.
    1.3 Development of action plan on customer requirements
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    Task 2:
    2.1 Service delivery according to customer specification
    VTI KarMart, car dealing Service Company of Australia has also been found with needs of quality delivery services. According to the Australian E-commerce best practice model, respective company has to go through market research, customer responses, training to drivers in order to provide customized service. The organisation is required to improve their delivery processes and adopt new technologies to meet customer specification. They need to implement new and innovative ideas and technologies to help their staff and employees to offer better services to their customers.
    2.2 Investigation process of evaluating customer dissatisfaction
    VTI KarMart Company may go through the following process for evaluating the customer dissatisfaction:
    The company may organise interview with the customers for collecting data regarding the service quality of the company.
    A survey of the ethical customers, as well as operating market demands, can also be adopted by the company.
    Salesperson of organisation can be used for collecting information from the present consumers.
    Representatives of customer service can be allocated for collecting information regarding the service delivery quality from the past consumers.
    A relationship can be developed between the customers and representatives of customer service to investigate the quality of delivery services.
    2.3 Development of procedure to handle customer complaints
    VTI KarMart can become able to tackle the complaints received from customers with the help of following adoptions:
    a) Customer security services can be provided by the company.
    b) Services need to be delivered by the organisation on a regular basis.
    c) Every feedback coming from customer has to be responded by the company.
    d) Chain of delivery process has to be enhanced and improved.
    e) After sell feedbacks need to be collected from the customer, which may lead the organisation to reduce the rate of complaints.
    2.4 Reason for irregular delivery of drivers
    VTI KarMart has been encountered with irregular delivery services because of following reasons:
    a) Lack of skills of the drivers
    b) Lack of introduction of new technologies in the delivery services
    c) Delivery tax issues
    d) Communication gap of the company with the drivers
    2.5 5 Actions to overcome difficulties of drivers
    VTI KarMart can overcome the issues of drivers allocated in delivery services with the help of following actions:
    a) Keeping the drivers updated with company regarding delivery of services may help the company in b) resolving the issues related to the performances of drivers.
    c) Developing knowledge and skill on the basis of delivery on time services may also be helpful.
    d) Company needs to check efficiency and skill sets of the drivers before allocating them.
    2.6 Justifications for recommendations
    Ensuring drivers with high skill sets and experience may help VTI KarMart in improving the quality of the service delivery. Handling the complaints from the customers in a proper way helps the company to perform as per customer requirements.
    a) Need to fulfil the customer’s expectation within time
    b) Maintaining Customer loyalty is important to retain customers in the market
    c) Use of effective channels to enhance customer satisfaction.
    Task 3:
    3.2 Discussions of KPI from customer service representatives
    In order to increase the revenue and sales of the KarMart Company, the manager can develop strategic management to train their employees. A proper training can increase the quality of service and time management. On the contrary, with the help of strategic management a company can develop their reputation in both national and global market. Thus, the manager can incorporate strategic plans and can train their teammates to develop a motivation for teamwork.
    3.3 Documentation of feedback from customer service representatives
    Question 1: Are you satisfied with the service of the cars from VTI KarMart?

    Question 2: Do you think the product or service quality of the company has deteriorated than before?

    Question 3: Do you recommend others to use the product of KarMart?
    3.4 Development of customer feedback strategies
    Actionable feedback to make better customer service strategy: The feedback from the customers especially the criticism about the company's service quality can help to make it better by taking actionable strategies. 
    Strategies to handle the ‘at risk’ customer: The feedback from helps to identify the customer's satisfaction with the company's product quality. It can also help to identify whether a customer would use the company's product for future or not. Hence improvement in product quality by manufacturing cars using latest technology can help to handle the at risk customer.
    Strategy to enhance customer satisfaction: By providing a better quality service by increasing the efficiency of the workers can bring back the satisfaction of the loyal customer. Along with that, the loyal customers can influence others for using products from KarMart.
    3.5 Importance of documenting retaining and managing customer complains
    The customer feedback form can be considered as a written plan for making action strategy for the future to improve the service quality and efficiency of the product. The careful storage of the forms as a record can help the organizers to compare their service quality with the previous and present year. It is important for the company to make the customer complaints procedure easily accessible. This can help to identify the loopholes which are acting as barriers to satisfy customers as per their requirements.
    3.6 Requirement of technology implementation
    a) The use of Autonomous technology in driving a car can give some pleasure to the rider in a long run which can increase the demand for such kind of product.
    b) The use of Biometric entry technology for entering in the car could make it more secure to travel in the car.
    c) Tracking technology can help to make a journey safer for the rider by being in connection with the relatives always. 
    3.7 Requirement of resources for supporting quality customer service delivery
    The three important human resource which can make the service quality better are a 
    a) customer relationship manager with a better skill
    b) Efficient drivers 
    c) Well organized business
    The 5 different physical resources to improve the product and service quality are 
    3.8 Resolving of conflicts between resources and customers
    The customers are key asset for any business. The conflict between the customer and a team member can be avoided by identifying the customer's need from the particular team member. Then an effective conversation of the team leader with the team member to help him/her to handle the customer's need can help to build a good customer organizer relation.
    It is important to allow the customers to share their problems
    The employees and staff needs to be neutral while solving problems
    Stay silent is the best way to help the customer to know the way of getting better service
    Henceforth, it can be concluded that in order to look after the customer satisfaction module the company needs to follow some basic strategies for good service, quality products and many more. Thus, with the help of these strategies, VTI KarMart can increase their sustainability and retention of potential customers.